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2018 Chevy Traverse

Trips To Take In The 2018 Chevy Traverse

Where do you go with a true SUV that can take the entire family along with some extra toys/cargo? The answer is limited only by your imagination. An SUV like the 2018 Chevy Traverse can take you virtually anywhere. Countless families have discovered the benefits of the Chevy Traverse’s size and performance when going on a family vacation.

The Chevy Traverse excels as a great vacation vehicle due to the balance of performance, fuel efficiency, cargo and passenger space, and the overall comfort of the interior. The Traverse feels like a home away from home. It can be challenging to get everything you want out of a large SUV in terms of space and performance, but the Traverse makes it easy to do just that.

Where will your 2018 Chevy Traverse take you?

Weekend Camping


Do you want to escape the city for a little bit but don’t have the time or funds for an extended road trip? Don’t worry. The Traverse can take you on that much needed escape without breaking the bank. The best way to get out for a little bit of R&R is with a weekend camping trip to a local state or national park. Get outside, sleep under the stars, enjoy some adventures, all while remaining close to home.

The best weekend camping trip removes you from the feeling of your normal daily grind. While many cities have small, local camping grounds you can use in the spring and summer months, these may not offer the same level of seclusion or adventure you crave. State and national parks, however, often try to preserve the feel of nature. Freedom and the outdoors is offered in abundance in your local state or national park all while maintaining an affordable price. Better yet, you might be surprised at how close some of these parks are, making a quick getaway all that much easier

Pack up your Traverse with all of the equipment and toys you may need to get the full camping experience. A good camping setup includes the necessary tools and equipment like tents, cooking gear, and basic supplies. Many parks offer hiking/biking trails or lakes so be sure to pack up your bikes or kayaks via a roof or hitch rack. The Traverse has more than enough power to transport you and all of your equipment to the campsite with room to spare.

This type of vacation is the best way to escape the daily routine and spend less money at the same time.

An Extended Road Trip


Think back to a time when you were actually on the road, going somewhere hundreds of miles away. A proper road trip is unlike any other experience in a vehicle. Even when compared to flying, there’s something special about getting from point A to point B while seeing the sights of everything in between. A road trip is one of the only ways to truly see a country like America in the fullest detail. Some people even take road trips just for the sake of driving without any destination in mind.

The Chevy Traverse makes it easy to enjoy a long road trip while staying safe in the process. Combined with an outstanding safety rating, the SUV comes with plenty of passenger and cargo room to carry everything you need on the road. Large, spacious windows open up to reveal the outside world as you drive, meaning you can take in the sights and sounds of different locations all at once. Best of all, you won’t be paying an arm and a leg while driving thanks to the Traverse’s excellent fuel efficiency rating.

What is the best way to take a road trip? You have a couple of options.

  1. Plan out every little detail about where you go and what you see on the trip. Create a detailed itinerary to know exactly where you will be at any given moment during the trip.
  2. Avoid any plan whatsoever. Get behind the wheel of your Traverse, get the family loaded up, pack up some basic supplies, and hit the road. Taking a trip without a destination in mind is one of the best ways to truly experience the feel and excitement of somewhere new without getting caught up in the details.

Either way you approach a road trip, the act of escaping for a few days or week will be emotionally and physically rejuvenating.

Take It Off Road


To experience something unique on your road trip, you might consider abandoning the pavement all together. Check out some less explored options in an off-road adventure that will allow you to experience life off the beaten path. Off-roading trips require a unique vehicle capable of handling more difficult terrain and road obstacles. That is where the Chevy Traverse has the advantage.

Depending on the engine and drivetrain combination you choose, the Traverse is quite a capable off-roading platform. All-wheel drive is a great option to have when conquering challenging terrain since it can intelligently apply more power for better grip to different wheels. This means you will have the traction you need where you need it automatically. There is simply no better SUV of this size, for this price, that can handle those types of challenges.

If you find yourself wanting to take the road less traveled, be sure to take the appropriate steps and equipment. First and foremost, you need the proper supplies and equipment for the loose, difficult terrain you are likely to encounter. Have the appropriate tires on your Traverse with a spare just in case you encounter a flat. If you plan on spending on time overnight, take a tent and food/supplies to keep yourself and your family happy during the camping experience.

Exploring The World Around The Traverse


However you use the Chevy Traverse, you are in for a great experience. The SUV is capable of handling many different types of trips. The only real limitation is your sense of adventure. How far are you willing to journey to see something new or to escape the routine and mundane? Wherever your imagination leads you, the Chevy Traverse will be up to the challenge of getting you there safely, in comfort and style. That is the true advantage of a large SUV like the Chevy Traverse.