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A blue 2022 Toyota Corolla is shown driving on a road after visiting a used Toyota dealer near Fair Oaks.

Toyota: Built With New Drivers in Mind

From the minute your children are born, your concern for their safety takes center stage, and while they grow up and become independent, that concern truly never fades. In fact, it may increase at times as certain milestones pass by, including the day they start driving or when they head off to college—and in both instances, knowing the vehicle they’re in is both safe and reliable is crucial.

The good news is that there’s one brand that’ll guarantee you peace of mind, as their vehicle lineup continuously shines in each of these areas and more. Of course, we’re talking about the Toyota family, which provides everyday drivers—both old and new—with vehicles that stand the test of time, and you can find a variety of options at any reputable used Toyota dealer.

This article will explore why Toyota is the go-to choice for teenage and college-age drivers, as well as what options might fit their needs best. From safety to cabin tech to comfort and more, Toyota is a brand that truly understands what today’s drivers need and want.

Putting Safety First

Over the years, Toyota has established a reputation for putting safety first. This is seen throughout their lineup and confirmed through testing from agencies like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

In fact, you’ll find that the Camry, Corolla, and RAV4—all viable options for teenage and college-age drivers—have continuously ranked high in safety testing. Toyota’s collection of driver assistance features is called Toyota Safety Sense, and within this suite, you’ll find a range of arrays like TSS 3.0 and TSS 2.0, which was the second generation of the collection that debuted in 2018.

The Toyota Safety Sense suite provides this brand’s lineup with cutting-edge driver assistance technologies that improve the general safety of a vehicle with features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert, and pre-collision warning.

In addition, advanced airbag systems—which provide an extra layer of safety for passengers in the event of a collision—are standard across Toyota’s lineup. Last but not least, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is especially useful for newer drivers as it reduces engine power and applies brake force to individual wheels as needed to help prevent skidding and loss of grip.

A white 2022 Toyota Camry XSE is shown parked near two people.

Legendary Dependability

Toyota has long been known as a dependable brand with exceptional longevity, given proper preventative maintenance and care. This is why this brand is heavily sought-after in the used car market, and it’s also why they’re a great choice for your teen or college student—and not just for your peace of mind.

These age groups already have enough stress in their lives; they shouldn’t need to worry if their car will get them where they’re going. Additionally, the durability and resilience that Toyota’s vehicles offer make them a great choice for everyday use.

When considering longevity, you’ll also want to look at the cost of ownership. Since used Toyotas combine affordability, dependability, and safety to provide exceptional value for the money, they’re a good choice—but what does that truly mean?

First, Toyotas tend to hold their value better than cars from other manufacturers, and their depreciation and maintenance costs are usually reasonable over the course of ownership. In fact, according to Kelley Blue Book, the Toyota Camry is in the top three when it comes to the lowest five-year cost-to-own figures. Add to that the fuel efficiency of Toyota’s engines, and you gain value in reduced gasoline costs as well.

Toyota’s reputation for dependability is a result of careful design, stringent testing, and a dedication to excellence. With a used Toyota, you can be sure that it will continue to run well and require little maintenance, which lowers the risk of unplanned repairs or expensive breakdowns.

Which Toyota Models Should You Consider?

Toyota provides a wide variety of cars to accommodate various tastes and requirements, which means there’s a used Toyota model to meet your teen’s lifestyle, whether they want a dependable pickup truck like the Tacoma for hauling gear, a versatile SUV like the RAV4 for weekend adventures, or a small sedan like the Corolla for city driving. Consider the options below to see which might work best.

Toyota Corolla

A used Toyota Corolla is a great option for teenagers and young adults attending college because of its reputation for dependability, affordability, and usefulness. In addition, the Corolla is a cost-effective choice for students on a tight budget because of its reputation for inexpensive maintenance costs and excellent fuel economy.

Furthermore, the Corolla’s small size helps drivers easily park and maneuver in urban settings, making it the perfect vehicle for students traveling to and from university or negotiating congested city streets. Essentially, if you’re looking for a safe, affordable, and practical vehicle, the Toyota Corolla offers a trustworthy option with an emphasis on safety and durability.

Toyota Camry

For a number of reasons, a used Toyota Camry is a great option for teenagers and young adults. First and foremost, students can rely on their Camry without having to break the bank on repairs, thanks to Toyota’s stellar reputation for dependability. Another appealing aspect of the Camry is its fuel efficiency, which makes it an affordable choice for students on a limited budget.

Its roomy interior makes it ideal for road trips and transferring between dorms, with plenty of space for both passengers and cargo. Furthermore, young drivers will have confidence thanks to the Camry’s safety features, which include stability control and an innovative airbag system. Plus, it’s been at the top of the list for both satisfaction and sales since it was introduced, often lasting well beyond fifteen years and 200,000 miles.

A gray 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD is shown driving off-road.

Toyota RAV4

A used Toyota RAV4 is another great option for your teenager or college student. While it offers the same dependability and many of the standard features you’ll find in the Camry and Corolla, its design makes it stand out from those choices. Not only does it offer more cargo space—which is essential for college students moving back and forth—but it also offers an elevated driving position and expansive windows for better vantage and safer maneuverability.

Another benefit is its fuel efficiency, which allows students to travel without needing to worry excessively about fuel costs. Additionally, with the Toyota Safety Sense suite, your younger driver will gain confidence as they go from Point A to Point B, which also improves their driving abilities.

Toyota Tacoma

Last but not least, a used Toyota Tacoma is a great option for teenagers and young adults attending college because of its unique combination of rugged appeal, adaptability, and dependability. The Tacoma offers a sturdy design, making it able to easily handle off-road excursions and tow sporting equipment, but it also helps your teenager or college student navigate the roads when faced with poor weather during their drive.

Additionally, its small size makes it easy to maneuver in confined parking spaces and urban settings, which is perfect for students adjusting to campus life. Plus, the Tacoma guarantees both practicality and enjoyment thanks to its exceptional safety features and solid performance history. With a wide range of trim levels and configurations available, you can choose one that’ll ensure your younger driver gets the support they need.

If You’re a New Driver, Invest in a Pre-Owned Toyota

For your teen or college student, a used Toyota offers a great balance of price, dependability, safety, and mobility. Even better? The Toyota brand will give you peace of mind thanks to its long list of driver assistance features, a solid reputation for long-lasting vehicles, and affordable ownership costs. When you add it all together, it’s easy to see why a used Toyota is unquestionably a great option if you’re looking for the ideal transportation for your teenager or college student.