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A grey 2023 Honda Passport Trailsport is shown parked with a kayak on the roof next to a lake.

Top Ten Factory Accessories for the 2023 Honda Passport

So, you’re getting a new Honda Passport for sale. You know which trim has the features you’re looking for, you’ve picked out your favorite color, and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line and get those keys. But wait, there’s more! Just like a hat or sunglasses can be what you need to feel just right, there are tons of optional accessories that will enhance the Passport to your liking. Most accessories offered by the manufacturer can be found on the aftermarket, but if you order it through your dealer, they’ll install everything for you, saving you time and potential headaches. There are dozens of different accessories to choose from, but here are my top ten favorites that I think add the most value.

#10. Lighting

While pricey, adding decorative lighting to the Passport will make it look and feel more luxurious. Lighting is also the sort of thing that’s difficult to install yourself aftermarket and get a polished result, so if it’s something you really want, it’s not a bad idea to have it installed by your dealer. There are a few different options for those who want to add ambiance to their Passport. Welcome lighting can be added to the side and tailgate, which will project light onto the ground when the car is unlocked, or the doors are opened. There’s also the option to add an illuminated Passport script to the door sills, which lights up whenever the doors are open as well.

#9. Door Visors

Door visors, known as rain or weather guards, are plastic panels attached to the top of a car’s doors above its windows. Not everybody likes the look of door visors, but they do come in handy in a very specific scenario. Imagine you’re driving in precipitation, and you want some fresh air. When the windows are cracked, the door visors will prevent rain, snow, and what have you from getting in the vehicle. Honda’s door visors are made of polycarbonate plastic that promises to resist fading. They’re also installed without drilling, so there is less wear and tear on the vehicle.

#8. Bike Rack

If you’re an avid biker, chances are you want a bike rack on your vehicle unless you’ve got a pickup truck or a massive SUV. There are tons of aftermarket bike racks out there, but I like Honda’s for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s roof-mounted, so the bike will be stored on top of the vehicle rather than behind it. I personally think this looks better, plus your bike is better protected from damage. You also don’t have to take your bike into account when reversing into a parking spot, and the rack won’t interfere with your rear camera view. Secondly, installing bike racks can be a pain, especially if they’re roof-mounted. If you don’t mind spending the extra cash, it’s a major convenience to have the dealership do it for you.

A man is shown opening the rear liftgate on a grey 2023 Honda Passport Elite.

#7. Other Rooftop Attachments

If biking isn’t your sport, Honda offers a variety of different rooftop mounts to easily accommodate different equipment. There’s a rack specifically for skis and snowboards, one for kayaks, and another for a surfboard or paddleboard. There are other ways to safely store this type of equipment on your Passport’s roof, but if hauling around this equipment is something you expect to do regularly, it may be worth getting a rack for it.

#6. Fender Flares

Fender flares are commonly found on pickup trucks and SUVs, basically, any vehicle that is going to be driving on anything besides a paved road. They’re attachments that fit over the wheel well, and their purpose is twofold. Officially, they protect a vehicle’s body from damage when the tires kick up rocks, dirt, or debris. The real reason many people go for them is liking how they look. The added width fender flares make for a more aggressive look, which really suits pickups and SUVs.

#5. Rooftop Box

A rooftop box can be nice to have if you need extra space for things you don’t want exposed to the elements. They also protect gear in the case of an accident as an added bonus. Honda has two rooftop box sizes for the Passport, short and mid-size, and I’d personally go with the mid-size because it’s not that expensive. It has 16 cu.ft. of storage versus the short box’s 13 cu.ft., and it’s long enough to store something like skis or a snowboard. Both boxes have a payload capacity of 110 lbs.

#4. Protective Film and Guards

Honda offers several different protective films and guards for the Passport, all of which prevent damage to the car’s body. Film is going to be thinner, almost like a sticker, and will be less visible, while guards are made of thicker, tougher materials, so they offer more protection. There are both films and guards that can protect the doors’ edges on the Passport, preventing dings. There’s also film for the door handles, which are prone to scratching over time from things like keys and rings. The best part about Honda’s protective film and guards is that they’re fairly cheap to add on and can help retain your vehicle’s value down the road.

A close up of the rear storage in a 2023 Honda Passport for sale is shown.

#3. Interior Cargo Management

Organization makes my brain hum, which is why I like accessories that help keep the interior space of a car in order. There are several different options for interior cargo management offered with the Passport, but my personal favorites are the cargo tray and cargo net. The tray fits perfectly on the floor in the back of the vehicle and helps prevent damage from sharp or messy cargo. It’s made of tough plastic and can be easily taken out and washed. The cargo net is mounted on either side of the interior walls and can help keep tons of differently-shaped things in their proper place. It also takes up barely any space when it’s not being used, unlike storage bins or boxes.

#2. Roof Rails and Crossbars

Roof rails and crossbars are two separate accessories for the Honda Passport, but they both offer flexible storage solutions for items that don’t fit inside the vehicle or would otherwise make a mess, like sandy beach chairs or a Christmas tree. With some bungee cords or ratchet straps and a little creativity, you can safely fasten a lot of stuff to the roof rails and crossbars on top of a Passport. They also look good if you’re into the outdoor recreation aesthetic.

#1. Tent

The tent is my favorite Passport accessory for a lot of reasons. This tent has advantages over your typical tent because it’s designed with the vehicle in mind, meaning it attaches to the Passport to allow access inside. It also has an extendable rainfly for a bonus shaded area and can sleep up to six people. At $400, it’s really not even that much more expensive than a nice tent. Finally, the Passport is exactly the type of vehicle you’d drive to go camping. It’s decently capable off-road and has plenty of space for gear. Basically, a tent goes hand in hand with the Passport, so why not get one specially made for it?