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A silver 2020 Honda Passport Elite is shown parked near a desert campsite after leaving a Honda Passport dealer.

6 Practical Used Honda Passport Models To Consider

The 2022 Honda Passport has received a much-needed boost to the effect of being a very sought-after midsize SUV. An all-new exterior design featuring a completely rugged-looking front fascia has helped make the latest model year Passport stand out from the herd. However, if you don’t need the latest, greatest, and most expensive model on the market, there are actually quite a few iterations of the midsize SUV you can grab used from a Honda Passport dealer that not only accommodates your feature wishlist but also go easy on your bank account.

A lot of crossovers and SUVs out there are very heavy on special features and functions, but what about those drivers who just want something they can buy that doesn’t promise the moon and more? The objective here is to outline some of the more practical entries in the Honda Passport’s recent history that might appeal to those who want something reliable and cost-effective. That’s the benefit of lists like this that give observant SUV shoppers an opportunity to scour various models of the Passport that simply focus on getting the job done for a practical price.

A 2019 Honda Passport Elite is shown speeding down a desert road.

2019 Honda Passport Elite

Practicality probably doesn’t seem like the first thing that comes to mind with the 2019 Honda Passport Elite trim because the Elite is the top-of-the-line trim available for the Passport. However, if you’re able to find the right kind of Honda Passport dealer with a 2019 model year in stock that also happens to be an Elite trim, you’ll find that it can be cheaper than the MSRP of a brand new base model in some cases. That’s not a bad bargain.

As far as practicality is concerned, you get all of the benefits that come with the Elite trim, but for a lower price than what you would pay for a new model year Passport. Obviously, it’s going to be a few years behind the curve in terms of features and appearance, but it still comes with a lot of luxury-themed items: leather-trimmed seats, a one-touch moonroof, and satellite-linked navigation available through Honda’s network. You have to admit that it’s a pretty good purchase for a used version of one of the Passport’s most prized trims.

2020 Honda Passport Touring

Newer model years have replaced the Touring trim with the TrailSport, a more rugged iteration of the Passport. The Touring trim sort of fits into that category as well–being more rugged than the base entry. With the leather trimming for the seats, heated front seats, and the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, it’s a prime pick for someone who wants some of the more upper-end trim benefits but for a more passable price.

The 2020 Honda Passport Touring is now old enough at this point where you can find used iterations of this SUV for much cheaper than when it was originally made available. You visit the right kind of Passport dealer, and you can get one for less than the MSRP of some of the newer base trims. While it may not be as practical as an older, base trim Passport, if you did want extra luxury features but for less than the entry price of buying a new model year TrailSport, an older model year Touring trim is the way to go.

2019 Honda Passport Sport

The Honda Passport Sport is the base trim for the 2019 through 2021 model years of the Honda Passport. It makes for a great way to get your feet wet with the midsize SUV. The entry-level trim for the first model year return of the Passport makes for a choice selection for a number of reasons, especially if you’re looking for the most financially practical entry in the Passport line-up.

You can get the 2019 Honda Passport Sport for a fairly low price from most Honda Passport dealerships. A used Honda Passport Sport offers a lot of the basic amenities for the lowest price available on the market. The downside is that you lose out on a lot of standard features that are now basic amenities for the Passport since the Sport has been replaced as the entry-level trim with the EX-L. However, if budget is your biggest concern, then the most practical option is still the 2019 Honda Passport Sport.

A 2021 Honda Passport Sport is shown driving on a desert path after leaving a Honda Passport dealer.

2021 Honda Passport Sport

If you want a slightly newer iteration of the Passport, maybe because you want something with lower mileage and Certified Pre-Owned warranties, then the 2021 model year of the Honda Passport Sport makes for a pretty good option. The 2021 model year makes for a specifically good option because, unlike the 2019 model year, the base infotainment screen has been updated for the 2021 model year. Instead of being a 5.0-inch touchscreen display, it’s an 8.0-inch display.

Going with the 2021 Honda Passport Sport may not net you the luxury features of the other trims, but as far as price versus features is concerned, you do get more out of the newer 2021 model year Sport with a large touchscreen. As mentioned, if you opted for a used or Certified Pre-Owned Passport, it also means it’s a newer model year with fewer miles, and it means you get more out of the warranty coverage. It makes for a very practical solution for those balancing between price versus features.

2019 Honda Passport EX-L

When you’re judging your purchases on what’s practical and what’s not, model years definitely come into play because the older the model year, the fewer the features. However, this also has to be weighed against the trim selections as well. Just because a vehicle is from an older model year, it doesn’t mean that it’s bereft of key features if you shop for a higher trim. In this case, even though the 2019 base Honda Passport Sport lacked certain infotainment accouterments and luxury items, the Passport EX-L made up for it.

One of the reasons why the 2019 Honda Passport EX-L makes for a practical choice for those willing to pay ever-so-slightly more for a midsize SUV is because, with a used 2019 Honda Passport EX-L, you gain access to more luxury items than you would with the Sport, without breaking the bank. It’s that nice middle ground where you get to own a Passport for less than the MSRP of a brand new vehicle, but with some of the luxury and comfort amenities that the upper-trims offer.

2020 Honda Passport EX-L

On the line of the Honda Passport EX-L being a good choice for those looking for a perfect balance between the practical and the feature-rich, the 2020 Honda Passport EX-L is a year removed from the first model year of the newly rebuffed and resurrected 2019 Passport. This means that any quirks or hiccups that were present during the re-released Passport first outing were ironed out, and it also means you get everything that the EX-L has to offer.

The 2020 Honda Passport EX-L basically makes it the most practical choice because it’s old enough to be cheaper than a brand-new model, and at the same time, you still have access to a lot of the accouterments people expect from something above a base trim. This includes an 8.0-inch touchscreen as a standard feature, Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, the Honda Sensing safety suite, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All your basic amenities, safety, security, and driver-assist features are here, along with all your key infotainment needs. The benefit of buying used from a Honda Passport dealer means that you get the EX-L for a much lower price than buying brand new, and there’s nothing more practical than getting what you want for a low price.