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A white 2023 GMC Acadia for sale is shown parked off-road near a river.

Top Features in the GMC Acadia You Won’t Want to Miss

The Acadia occupies the slot between the compact Terrain and the hulking Yukon, offering drivers the perfect blend of maneuverability and comfort often found in the midsize SUV segment. If you’re looking for a GMC Acadia for sale, you probably prioritize versatility, innovation, and performance, and from families to adventure-seekers, the Acadia can bring an impressive level of excellence to any type of journey. Over the years, the Acadia has enjoyed its fair share of enhancements to further impact the ride in unimaginable ways, and this year’s model is no exception. When it comes to features that drivers can’t wait to experience, these reside at the top of the list.

Adaptive Ride Control

Imagine being cushioned from the bumps of the road, no matter where you travel. Well, you can experience just that when you opt for the Acadia Denali, which can be armed with Adaptive Ride Control, adjusting its damping forces every two milliseconds to ensure the smoothest, most refined ride possible. Utilizing Continuous Damping Control, this state-of-the-art system can not only adapt to changes in the road instantly but can provide one of the most controlled rides on the road.

This is a major benefit, especially when traveling with youngsters who like to catch up on some sleep after a hard day at preschool. Enjoying the ride, whether you’re stuck in traffic on the interstate or taking a detour through some rough patch of roadway, means everything for drivers who prioritize the feeling of the journey and want to enjoy every second they’re on the road.

Sophisticated Camera Tech

It’s no secret that the Acadia takes safety very seriously, and you’ll notice this instantly through its arsenal of helpful camera tech, designed for anything that greets you out on the open highway and beyond. Its available High Definition Surround Vision system uses multiple cameras to provide you with a bird’s-eye view around your vehicle, which comes in handy on the highway, the trails, and beyond.

A Rear Camera Mirror is also available, which displays crystal clear views behind you as you navigate through packed city streets and dense traffic on the freeway. Opting to add Hitch View allows you to add confidence and control when hauling your camper into the woods for the weekend, zooming in for maximum precision with the hitch-up process. From front to back, the Acadia can be equipped with groundbreaking camera tech to ensure heightened safety and control, no matter what you’re tackling next.

The black interior and dash of a 2023 GMC Acadia is shown.

Flexible Interior

There’s a reason why more families are drawn to the Acadia, and that’s because of its adaptable interior cabin space. Not only do the second and third-row seats fold flat to make room for more gear, but Smart Slide second-row seats also make it easy to access the rear of the vehicle. The Acadia offers an expansive cargo hold capable of handling up to 79 cu.ft. of gear, and with seating for up to seven, accommodating more passengers is no sweat for this accomplished family traveler.

You’ll also find that the Acadia includes a LATCH system to make installing car seats easy, allowing you to have premium peace of mind that your precious cargo is safely seated in your vehicle at all times. A covered storage area under the floor stows extra items seamlessly, and with an available hands-free programmable power liftgate, you can effortlessly load your Acadia so that you can be on your way to your next adventure on the road.

The Traction Select and Active Torque Control AWD Systems

For those who regularly find themselves off-road or in unruly environments, the Acadia’s standard Traction Select System can make your time on any terrain more thrilling in every possible way. A variety of modes allows you to tailor your ride to whatever terrain is beneath your tires, offering an exciting and controlled ride for all on board.

If you want to amplify your experience off-road even more, opting for the adventure-oriented AT4 will do just that, with a standard Active Torque Control AWD System. This cutting-edge system improves traction and control in a host of dangerous environments from front to back and side to side. No need to brake firmly when you’re trying to send traction to the wheels that need it; this system handles that for you, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Dominating Displays

GMC is known for designing vehicles that are not only beautiful but also exceptionally tech-savvy. Drivers appreciate that they can harness some of the latest in vehicle innovation in the Acadia through its host of helpful displays. Its 8-inch multi-color infotainment display showcases all the connectivity tech you desire in your ride, allowing you to access your contacts, make voice-activated calls, listen to your favorite tunes, and more.

Its available 6-inch Head-Up Display produces helpful information right on your windshield, including incoming calls, speed, navigation prompts, and much more so that your eyes can remain on the road at all times. Not only do these displays make your time behind the wheel more enjoyable, but they also add unmatched safety to your drive, which is a priority, especially for busy families.

Denali Excellence

You won’t find any vehicle as luxurious as a Denali, so if opulence is on your mind, you’ll want to take a closer look at this model. From pristine, hand-crafted details to a breathtaking design, your experience will undoubtedly be elevated inside the Acadia Denali. Real ash wood accents, French-stitched leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seating, and more refined elements make the Denali models highly sought after by drivers who desire ultimate luxury on the road.

The Acadia Denali is also loaded with plenty of tech, and much of it comes standard, making your drive more dialed in, no matter where you’re heading. Its captivating presence stuns you at first glance, with its 20-inch machined aluminum wheels, chrome accents, and distinctive Denali badging throughout, making the Denali a true superstar in the Acadia’s lineup.

The interior cargo space and sunroof of a 2023 GMC Acadia is shown.

V6 Power

Another aspect of the Acadia that drivers appreciate is the option to upgrade to a more powerful engine to add a level of intensity to the drive that you won’t find in rivals. Choosing its 3.6L V6 engine, paired with a smooth-operating 9-speed automatic transmission, will make your drive more exciting and capable, whether you’re venturing to the campsite for the weekend or just taking on your daily drive to the office. With 310 hp and 271 lb-ft of torque, this powerful V6 can tow up to 4,000 lbs, making it easy to take on more tasks. When you want to take advantage of the Acadia’s maximum potential, opting for this spirited V6 is a good way to accomplish this.

The Alluring Acadia

There are many reasons why drivers flock to the Acadia, and whether your priorities lie with tech or capabilities, safety or style, you’ll find it all on board this three-row midsize SUV. The list of appealing features is long, and it encompasses such versatility that it makes the Acadia perfect for any driver in existence. Perhaps this is why it’s such a popular GMC model that continues to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of today’s busy drivers. From the trails to the streets, the highway, and beyond, the Acadia can effortlessly deliver an energetic, safe, and comfortable ride, which makes it a top pick if your goal is to enhance every moment you’re in the driver’s seat.