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A white 2024 Toyota Camry XLE is shown parked on a sunny city street.

Three Packages You Should Consider Adding To Your 2024 Toyota Camry

Since it first hit dealership lots in 1983, the Camry has been a midsize sedan that drivers turn to over and over again when they demand consistency. The Camry delivers excellent value to drivers, combining a comfortable cabin with rockstar fuel efficiency and an always-evolving suite of standard features. The Camry has been the best-selling midsize sedan in the US for over two decades, famous enough that almost anyone can spot a Camry or have been inside one. When the people speak, the Camry always delivers on its promise of stellar features at an affordable price point. The 2024 Toyota Camry continues the vehicle’s legacy with a dynamic and well-planned trim lineup and several terrific engine choices.

The base-level Camry—the LE—is a solid choice even without the added bells and whistles. It will get you where you’re going comfortably, safely, and in style. However, suppose you would like to upgrade your model with some features that make long commutes more enjoyable and day-to-day life more manageable. In that case, the 2024 Toyota Camry is available with several excellent packages. These packages can give you the VIP experience in an affordable vehicle. Between comfort, convenience, entertainment options, and more, there are several impressive features to explore. Here are three packages to consider adding to your 2024 Camry.

A blue 2024 Toyota Camry XLE is shown driving on a city street.

Audio Upgrade Package

Available on the LE and SE trims, the Audio Upgrade Package is a terrific package for commuters to add because it can provide entertainment on the road, help you stay in touch with friends, get directions, and so much more. When you don’t have a co-pilot playing DJ or looking things up for you, it can be helpful to have a package like this one.

The Audio Upgrade Package will include Toyota’s Audio Plus, which has a 9-inch touchscreen, six speakers, smartphone compatibility, and a three-month SiriusXM19 Platinum Plan trial subscription. If you like to use your commute to work to get in the zone with some great pump-up tunes, or you like to use the drive home to unwind with relaxing music, you’ll like the surround sound you get from the six speakers in this package.

Meanwhile, the SiriusXM Platinum subscription will get you access to thousands of channels featuring a massive variety of commercial-free content, from music to news to sports and more. This turns a boring long commute into one that can be entertaining or even educational.

When you use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you’ll appreciate how large and easy-to-view the graphics are on the 9-inch touchscreen. From turn-by-turn directions to playlists and podcast episodes, you’ll be able to clearly see and interact with your favorite apps right there on the screen.

As for charging your smartphone, the Audio Upgrade Package includes a Qi-compatible smartphone charging pad. This wireless charging pad lets you leave the cords at home and have a tidy, spacious dash area.

Convenience Package

The Convenience Package has several features that make life feel more seamless, the first among them being the Smart Key System. With this system, so long as you have the key fob on you, you can do things like lock and unlock the vehicle as well as open the trunk without an actual key. In fact, you don’t need to take the fob out of your pocket or bag. The vehicle will sense it on you, and then you just tap portions of the door handle to unlock the vehicle or a rubber piece below the tailgate to open the trunk. If you’re usually riding solo, you don’t have an extra set of hands around to open the trunk for you, so this feature can be beneficial when you’re carrying several items.

One feature in this package that’s especially useful to busy individuals— particularly those who live alone—is the HomeLink universal transceiver. This transceiver communicates with Radio Frequency devices, so you can use it to open and close your garage door or front gate, turn lights in and around your home on and off, and even activate certain home appliances.

If you aren’t quite sure whether or not you remembered to leave the porch light on when you left your home, and nobody is there to check, you’ll be glad you have the HomeLink transceiver. You’ll find your Homelink transceiver buttons in the overhead console. The system can be programmed to operate up to three garage doors or front gates, which is convenient for those who enter a gated building for home and work life.

This package also gets an auto-dimming rearview mirror. It has sensors that detect the lighting inside the vehicle and adjust the lighting on the mirror accordingly. This is helpful for those last-minute hair or makeup touch-ups before going into a meeting or date.

A close-up of a rear taillight on a blue 2024 Toyota Camry XLE is shown.

Cold Weather Package

Nobody likes to get into a freezing cold car on an equally cold day. If you live somewhere with severe winters, consider adding the Cold Weather Package. It’s only available on the SE trim of the 2024 Camry, adding several heated components that will feel like a treat on chilly days.

First, you get a heated steering wheel, so you can immediately warm up those digits and get ready to drive. No more blowing on your hands until they’re no longer frozen stiff. Second, you get heated outside mirrors that will melt away any ice build-up, giving you a clear view of your surroundings. Driving with iced-over outside mirrors is very dangerous, so this package nets you both a comfort and safety feature. This package also adds a Blind Spot Monitor to your exterior mirror to notify you when someone is in your blind spots.

Finally, this package gets you heated seats, so you can warm up your backside and get cozy for your commute. If you’re tired of getting in a cold car and rubbing your hands together until you finally feel warm enough to drive, you’ll enjoy this package.

Customize Your 2024 Camry To Fit Your Needs With A Great Package

The beauty of the Camry is that its starting trim already has so much to offer. It’s a timeless model that appeals to a vast demographic. However, drivers always have the option to customize their Camry with terrific packages and make a vehicle that truly appeals to their unique needs. Suppose you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. You’ll want that part of your day to be as comfortable as you can make it, and there are just some little touches that can make daily nuisances or regular inconveniences easier to handle. Some features can even make your ride something you look forward to.

The Audio Upgrade, Convenience, and Cold Weather Packages are all worth a look if you’re shopping for a 2024 Camry. They’re loaded with features that will make you enjoy your commute, not sweat the small stuff, and keep you comfortable. Because the Camry boasts such a wallet-friendly MSRP, many drivers know they have wiggle room in the budget to add these great packages. On vehicles that already start at a high price, upgrades can make you sweat a little, but the attractive cost of the Camry allows tons of breathing room for making your model uniquely your own.