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Truck Bed Liner

The Truck Bed Liner You Shouldn’t Live Without

Most truck owners couldn’t imagine life without their truck bed liner. It sounds funny, but honestly, it’s less a luxury and more a necessity. Think about all of the things you can do with your pickup truck: traveling, work, camping, biking, tailgating, moving. Most of them probably involve getting dirty or hauling a lot of heavy cargo. But think about it. Isn’t the whole point of owning a truck that all-too-necessary truck bed? That’s why it gets a ton of use. Why not keep it in the best shape possible?


The Importance of Using a Truck Bed Liner

Truck owners put their heart and soul into the machine. Whether for work, play, or both, you shouldn’t think twice about the surprisingly inexpensive investment of an all-important truck bed liner. You might want to save money and go without, but that could end up being a mistake after costly repairs.

And the leading bed liner companies would agree. Like Bullet Liner, who insists a bed liner is the only prevention for daily wear and tear. They believe that the fitness of the truck relies of course on the performance of the brakes and tires and regular engine tune-ups. But it is also important to have that extra TLC of a truck bed liner. Because, as you know, the truck bed is doing most of the work.

Truck beds carry your equipment, tools, and gear if you are working. They carry your feed, tackle, backpacks, swimming gear, etc. when you are playing. That truck bed is always carrying something!

With all your expensive gear and tools in the back, do you really want it banging around ruining, scratching, damaging and denting, both it and the truck bed? I hope I’ve convinced you how irresponsible not having one would be.

But if you’re still not convinced that you will actually save money by investing in a truck bed liner – consider your truck’s resale value. Any damages made by hauling, might not be so easy to bang out, and they are noticeable. You might have buyers pass you over if the truck you are selling looks like it wasn’t treated as well as it should have been.


The Top Truck Bed Liner Options

So now that you are convinced, here are some examples of ways to line your truck bed to provide that necessary protection of your cargo. There are many different types of liners you can choose from to ensure you get the best fit and the right liner for your needs.


One-Piece Drop-In Liners

One-piece drop-in liners are what most people think of. These are great first and foremost for dent protection, and they are usually custom fit to a specific vehicle and year of production. They are made from fitted plastic and just as its namesake suggests it is dropped into the bed and bolted in place. If you purchase the wrong-size sometimes things can fall between the cracks, but they are an inexpensive go-to option.


Roll-On Liners

Roll-on liners are new but gaining popularity. They are another inexpensive option. The thing about roll-ons, however, is if you DIY them there is room for error and it might not turn out right. At least, that’s what the experts say. But if done right, this can be a great option.


Spray-On Liners

Spray-on liners seem to be the most popular and fail-safe option. This liner again is exactly as its namesake suggests. Users can create the seal-coated lining themselves using the spray nozzle applicator and spray directly into the truck bed. The beauty of the spray-on liner is the airtight seal. This seal-coating prevents the elements from leaking in much better than a typical drop-in liner. That means no sand, water, salt, dirt, or any loose materials will make any direct contact with the truck bed. And if you know how easily trucks can see wear and tear, you’ll know that rusting, and corrosion can be a problem, but not with the tight seal of the spray-on liner.

Truck owners who use the spray-on bed liner often state the many benefits of them. They will fit any truck bed and can be tailored to your specifications. The application can be easier and even less time consuming than the installation of other truck bed liners. And the best part: it will never move. Other liners may come undone as many experts suggest, over time and therefore will no longer prevent subsequent damage. And the experts also suggest that there are absolutely no drawbacks to a using the spray-on liner. They’re tough, flexible, low-maintenance, and overall a crowd-pleaser.


5-Piece Liners

However, many experts swear by the new 5-piece liner option. These liners attempt to address the issues that arise when the liner still isn’t providing all of the protection your truck bed needs. Many buyers do not want to alter their truck bed by spraying on the liner permanently but instead opted for the 4 UV treated hard plastic. This comes also with outer walls that do not shift in transit and also do not fade over time in direct sunlight. Other liners will eventually fade after a few summers in the sun. Combine all of this with the rubber mat that does its best to provide that airtight shield and solid grip, and the 5-piece is definitely a contender. And experts say installation clocks in at 30 mins and does not require any special tools.


Alternative Truck Bed Liners

There are of course other types of liners, but they aren’t as effective. Carpet adheres to truck beds, and that can be considered semi-protective, but experts say rubber is a better alternative if buyers are looking for a “soft” option. And the ultimate DIY option, building one out of wood, is an option most experts do not recommend for withstanding extreme weather conditions.


Final Considerations

Finally, there are some benefits to truck bed liners you might not have considered. Not having one is a safety hazard, first of all. The inevitable slip and slide of your cargo during transit ensure that somebody is going to get hurt or your cargo or truck will be damaged. The liner also provides necessary UV color protection and the extra grip that keeps everything in place. If you’re interested in any of these truck bed liner options, visit your local dealership to learn more.