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A blue 2024 Ford Ranger Sport is shown parked near a person on a bicycle.

The New and Improved 2024 Ford Ranger

When the first Ford Ranger came out in 1983, it was a big deal in the compact pickup market. The Ranger was built to meet the growing demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient trucks while still providing drivers with the cargo capabilities they needed. The Ranger quickly became popular among those who wanted a strong, steady workhorse because of its square body and strong construction; its engine choices—a four-cylinder or V6—gave it a good mix of power and fuel economy; its small size made it great for both city driving and off-roading, and its comfy interior made it a pleasure to drive. Over time, the Ford Ranger has become a mainstay in the pickup market, but as trucks have increased in size and performance capabilities, fans of the Ford Ranger wondered what more their beloved truck could be…

There is no need to wonder anymore. As the new model year drifts toward us, you might have heard about some changes to the Ford lineup—specifically, a bigger and more powerful 2024 Ford Ranger. What was once the runt of the Ford truck line, the Ranger is coming into its own in a dynamic way. To understand the changes, we need to look at the 2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger in a side-by-side comparison. 2024 isn’t the first year the Ranger has metamorphosized, but it may be the most impressive year to date. Keep reading to learn more about this redesign in both the base model XL and the high-end Lariat.

A red 2023 Ford Ranger STX is shown parked near mountains after competing in a 2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger comparison.


A Tale of Two Ford Rangers: XL SuperCrew Comparison

To get a true comparison of the 2024 Ford Ranger and the 2023 Ford Ranger, we will look at the base Ranger XL SuperCrew for both years and then the Lariat model for both. The 2024 and 2023 versions of both trims offer seating for five and have several exterior paint choices, so you can get the Ranger that best fits your personality.

Powertrain Options

The 2024 and 2023 Ranger XL SuperCrew offer a standard 2.3L EcoBoost Engine with Ford’s Auto Start-Stop Technology. They also come standard as a 4×2, with part-time 4×4 for the XL, XLT, and Lariat models. Their Independent Front Suspensions make the ride smoother with improved handling, whether on the highway or off-roading. This suspension is a proven arrangement for Ford, letting each front wheel move independently; this allows your truck to handle bumpy roads, absorb shocks, and improve traction. Electronic-Locking Rear Differential is optional on both Rangers.

Equipment Package

The 2023 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew has various optional packages, including the XL Chrome Appearance Package, which showcases the exterior angles of the truck with chrome bumpers, fog lamps, and more. There is also an STX Appearance Package with Carbon Black Bumpers and 17-inch aluminum wheels. Meanwhile, the 2024 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew comes standard with an all-new STX package that the 17-inch aluminum wheels, a 10.0-inch center display, and an 8.0-inch instrument cluster, as well as an STX Fender Bage, Dampened Tailgate, LED Reflector Headlamps, Fog Lamps, and Premium Cloth Bucket Front Seats.

Interior Features

Speaking of seating, the 2024 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew is the utmost in comfort, with an eight-way adjustable driver seat that includes lumbar support and a six-way manual-adjustable passenger seat. Additionally, both recline for maximum repositioning and increased comfort for longer drives. You can also get adjustable seating when opting for the 2023 version without the benefit of reclining.

When comparing infotainment and instrument panels, the 2024 Ford Ranger has the previous year’s version beat by several inches, thanks to the inclusion of the STX Package. For 2023, the center stack display is only 3.5 inches compared to the 2024’s 10.0-inch touchscreen mentioned above.

For ease of entry, use of the tailgate, and safety, the 2024 Ford Ranger SuperCrew has Remote Keyless Entry with Remote Tailgate Lock. This is a step up from the 2023 version, which only offered Remote Keyless Entry as optional, with no Remote Tailgate Lock.

Entertainment Kit

While the 2023 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew has a lot to offer regarding connectivity, the upgrade to the new SYNC system with the 2024 version is a nice perk. SYNC 4A—a standard for the 2024 Ford Ranger—has an Enhanced Voice Recognition Communications system that allows you to focus on the road while using the system to keep you connected. You can also enable Applink for a better mobile experience by enabling apps to work with SYNC 4A. Each compatible app has its own commands available through this system.

A silver 2023 Ford Ranger XLT FX4 is shown off-roading on a forest road.

2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger: Lariat Model

Now that we’ve looked at the base trim of the Ford Ranger, let’s look at the Lariat, which was the topmost trim in 2023. For 2024, Ford’s top-tiered Ranger is the Raptor, boasting a 3.0 V6 EcoBoost engine with Class-Exclusive 2.5-inch FOX Racing Shocks with Live Valve Technology—but that beautiful beast is so florid it’ll need its own article!

Powertrain Options

While the differences between the 2024 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew and the 2023 version might have seemed minimal, you’ll notice a bigger difference in the Lariat models when compared side-by-side. The 2023 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew has the same powertrain and engine as the XL SuperCrew detailed above; however, the 2024 version offers more power with a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine. Both years offer the same Independent Front Suspension and the functionality of 4×2 driving, with the option of part-time 4×4.

Equipment Package

For 2024, the Lariat offers a push-button start, a Sport Appearance Package that highlights the best the Lariat exteriors offers with 18-inch Machined Aluminum with Dark Pocket Wheels, LED Project Headlamps, and a Power-Sliding Rear Window. You will also enjoy power-folding side view mirrors that include Power Glass with Heating and painted body-color Skull Caps to complete the rugged and impressive exterior of the 2024 Lariat. A standard Manual-Sliding Glass Rear Window is offered for the 2023 version, as well as an optional Sport Appearance Package.

Interior Features

Both the 2023 and the 2024 Ford Ranger Lariat offer leather-trimmed bucket seating for all occupants, as well as a ten-way power adjustable seat for drivers and an eight-way adjustable passenger seat. You and your passengers will also enjoy Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control and easy connectivity. Like the 2024 Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew, the 2024 Lariat boosts that connectivity with an upgrade to SYNC 4A.

There are differences in the infotainment system, with the 2023 version giving you the details you need via an 8.0-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen in the center stack, while the 2024 Lariat increases the ease with which you interact by giving you a 12.0-inch touchscreen.

Entertainment Kit

Differences continue with the entertainment and driver-assisted systems that come standard with the 2024 Lariat. You will enjoy a Bang & Olufsen sound system with HD radio and ten speakers, including a subwoofer, as well as zone lighting and built-in navigation. The latter is available for free three years with your new purchase.

With the 2023 Lariat, you can also get the B&O sound system as an option with the SuperCrew trim. Also optional is a voice-activated navigation system with SiriusXM Traffic & Travellink.

An orange 2024 Ford Ranger Sport 4X4 is shown parked off-road at night.

2024 Ford Ranger vs 2023 Ford Ranger: Review

As you can see, Ford has made changes from the base model all the way through the Ranger lineup. While the spirit of the Ranger remains the same, the new and improved versions offer more chances for fun and adventure during the drive. If you’re a strong supporter of the Ford Ranger, consider test-driving the 2024 versions to see the improvements for yourself.

With a long history of reliability and customer service rooted in the backbone of American car manufacturing, Ford has the truck for you. No matter which 2024 Ford Ranger trim you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the freedom of the road.