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A popular 2021 Honda Hybrid, a grey 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid, is parked in an empty lot with a cityscape in the background.

The Honda CR-V Hybrid Has Space and Style to Spare

When hybrid cars first hit the marketplace, there were two things you could count on about them. First, they tended to have a cramped interior with little cargo space since automakers needed to use interior space to house the car’s battery while reducing vehicle weight to improve overall performance. Second, they usually cost a great deal more than comparable models with standard internal combustion gasoline engines. In short, if you bought a hybrid, you were paying a premium for what amounted to an experimental car that gave exceptional fuel economy while reducing your vehicle’s emissions. Thankfully, all of this is no longer the case with the latest 2021 Honda Hybrids.

Honda was one of the key automakers that pioneered the hybrid car, and the 1999 Honda Insight was the first hybrid publically available in America. Today, Honda’s 2021 hybrids are cost effective, provide plenty of passenger and cargo space, and are truly stylish vehicles. Today, you can choose from the Insight, CR-V Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. What’s more, the hybrid vehicles are powering Honda’s performance in the American market. Sales of these models have been picking up rapidly, with nearly 65,000 Honda electrified vehicles sold in 2020 alone.

Growing Support for Hybrid Vehicles

It seems that people throughout the United States are coming to embrace Honda hybrid vehicles in general and the CR-V Hybrid in particular. This is due in part to improved fuel economy as drivers want to get some control over the costs associated with fluctuating gas prices, one of the most uncertain parts of anyone’s personal budget. It also reflects a growing public concern over the environment and an understanding that hybrid cars are more environmentally friendly with reduced carbon emissions. Finally, as hybrid technology has become more universally adopted, there has been a concomitant reduction in price for hybrid vehicles.

Honda has made it more affordable than ever to buy a CR-V Hybrid. You might not believe this when you see that the base MSRP for a gas-powered CR-V is $25,350 while the CR-V Hybrid starts at $30,560, but those starting prices don’t tell the full story. The gas CR-V begins with the more basic front-wheel drive LX trim, while the CR-V Hybrid starts with an all-wheel drive EX trim. The comparable all-wheel drive EX gas hybrid begins at $29,360, which is only $1,200 less than the CR-V Hybrid. When you consider that the hybrid is more powerful and will save you money at the pump, it really is the higher-value option.

A dark grey 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid is shown from behind with luggage and sports gear in the trunk.

Hybrid Power in the CR-V

Honda has equipped the 2021 CR-V Hybrid with a truly powerful combination of a gas engine and electric motors. The gas engine is a 2.0-liter I-4 design that produces 181 horsepower and generates 129 lb-ft of torque. That would already be a solid powerplant and isn’t far behind the 190 horsepower of the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine found in the standard CR-V. However, the Hybrid gets additional power from its electric motors. Altogether, the Hybrid system puts out an impressive 212 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque, providing remarkable performance for a compact SUV.

The transmission on the 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid is an electronic continuously variable transmission (eCVT). This replaces standard gear speeds with a transmission that constantly adjusts its gear ratio to suit driving conditions. As a result, the overall performance of the CR-V Hybrid is more efficient, while the coordination between the gas engine and electric motors is more fluid than on older hybrid vehicles. One of the complaints that many hybrid drivers had was that they could tell when the electric motor shut off and the gas engine kicked in at higher speeds. This clunkiness is thankfully a thing of the past on the CR-V Hybrid. As for engine efficiency, drivers can expect to see 40 MPG in city driving, 35 MPG on the highway, and a combined 38 MPG – that’s a 26% improvement over the standard gas CR-V.

Exterior Styling With Interior Comfort

The 2021 CR-V Hybrid has the same sporty exterior styling as the standard gasoline-powered CR-V. This aerodynamic design is reflected in the CR-V Hybrid’s exceptional fuel economy numbers. It also helps the CR-V Hybrid go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 7.6 seconds with an impressive top speed of 103 miles per hour. This is not your stereotypical sluggish hybrid. This is the type of acceleration typically associated with only the most powerful gas-powered SUVs. In this way, the 2021 CR-V Hybrid reflects a quantum leap in hybrid technology, combining efficiency and performance in a way that was previously unimaginable.

Unlike the original hybrids to hit the market, the 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid has plenty of passenger and cargo space. There is a full 105.9 cubic feet of passenger space, comparable to the standard CR-V with a gasoline powertrain. This translates into 38 inches of headroom, 41.3 inches of legroom, 57.9 inches of shoulder room, and 55.1 inches of hip room in the CR-V’s front row. The back row is just as comfortable with 39.1 inches of headroom, 40.4 inches of legroom, 55.6 inches of shoulder room, and 49.5 inches of hip room. That is not an error; the 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid really does have plenty of legroom for your three passengers sitting in the back. As a result, you are sure to avoid fights among your passengers over who gets to ride shotgun since there is plenty of room for everyone.

The cargo space numbers are also very impressive. The 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid has a full 33.2 cubic feet of cargo space in the trunk, which can be easily expanded to 68.7 cubic feet of cargo space by folding down the rear row of seats. This is slightly less than on the standard CR-V with the gas engine since a portion of the trunk is used to hold the CR-V Hybrid’s battery and electric motor. But the difference is barely noticeable, and you still have plenty of room for all of your things, including luggage for when you decide to take your Honda CR-V Hybrid on a family road trip.

A close up is shown of the fog light and wheel on a dark grey 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid.

The 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid Is a Crossover for Everyone

Whether you are looking for a vehicle for your daily commute to work, a first vehicle for a new driver, a family car with room for all the kids, or a great SUV for active individuals, the 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid truly has it all. It has a spacious interior, great fuel economy, and a truly affordable price, making it the ideal vehicle no matter your lifestyle. The standard all-wheel drivetrain also gives the CR-V Hybrid great traction, especially in inclement weather. The CR-V is Honda’s most popular model for good reasons, and the CR-V Hybrid has seen consistent sales growth since its introduction for 2020. With the 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid, you can have a great hybrid crossover SUV without having to pay much of a premium for better fuel economy, superior performance, and peace of mind that you are helping the environment.