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A grey 2022 Honda Civic Touring Sedan is shown parked in front of a coffee shop.

The Civic is Sensational and the Sentra is Predictable

Have you heard of the Honda Civic? Chances are you have, especially considering the Honda Civic is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. What you might not know is just how hard Honda has worked over the years to keep the Civic exciting and relevant. While the Civic is an excellent choice for your everyday car, it is still an impressive vehicle that is dynamic and fun to drive. Sure, it’s a great economical choice; who doesn’t like saving money at the gas station? But get this; the 2022 Honda Civic offers a powerful drivetrain, all the features you could want, and a comfortable ride. But how does that compare when you look at the 2022 Honda Civic vs 2021 Nissan Sentra?

If you are stuck thinking about the Civic of the past, now is as good a time as any to update your impression of this fine car. Of course, we don’t expect you to run to your Honda dealership and slap down money on the newest model; you might need a little convincing first. And what better way to do that than by comparing the Civic with one of its competing brands. So let’s see how the Civic scores against the Sentra in the battle of the 2022 Honda Civic vs the 2021 Nissan Sentra.

The Honda Civic Is Sensational

The 2022 Honda Civic is getting an awful lot of attention, and for good reasons. The new Civic is worthy of all the attention it’s getting partly because of its good looks. There are several traditional adjectives people use to describe cars in general. It’s not all that uncommon to refer to a car as stylish, sharp, or aggressive when speaking in terms of aesthetics. But, the 2022 Honda Civic is sensational.

The overall design of the Civic is alluring, desirable, and appealing without being over the top like a sports car. The engineers that developed the look of the Civic obviously understood that sometimes less is more. So there is nothing necessarily “fancy” about the exterior of the Civic, and there are no gratuitous curves or a massive, menacing grille; it holds a simple beauty and sophistication that is perfect for driving anywhere.

On the other hand, the 2021 Nissan Sentra is an exceptional-looking car as well, but the look of the Sentra is all too common, and it is almost as if they tried too hard to make it look sporty. The grille of the Sentra, who hasn’t seen that very same shape and design in every other car? While you could say that the Sentra has a “classic” sedan look, it definitely is not going to stand out in a crowd. Again, it’s not a bad look, but it is a look we have all seen before and is quite boring and safe.

The tan and black interior is shown in a 2021 Nissan Sentra.

Practical Interior

Slip behind the wheel of any modern car, and there is sure to be one or two things that stick out like a sore thumb. It could be the set of knobs that don’t match the others or a funky color trim that distracts from everything else. It is as if interior car designers need to show they have an eye for style. We’ll take our cues here from fashion designers, who will agree that sometimes you need those distracting accessories to complete the ensemble. But in real life, this isn’t always the case. In many cases, a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt is a compelling look.

The 2022 Civic has a clean and straightforward interior that can make it look and feel like it’s a million bucks. There is nothing over-the-top inside of the Civic, the infotainment system doesn’t overwhelm, it doesn’t try to look like a cockpit dash, and it flows very well. The honeycomb mech strip across the length of the dash is a nice touch. The interior of the Civic seems like it was purposefully designed to blend together as if they didn’t want the design to be any sort of distraction. That makes sense; after all, when you are driving down the road, you aren’t supposed to be staring at your dash. The clean and simple interior lends a sort of luxury feel to the sedan, making it perfect for unwinding during your drive home after work.

Let’s talk about the interior of the Nissan Sentra for a bit. We took a good look at it, and we must say it is impressive at first glance. You can’t argue that tan quilted leather isn’t a good look for an interior, just until someone touches it with greasy fingers and you have that stain to stare at for all of eternity. The black interior finishing does look sleeker, though. Either way, the interior of the Sentra is a little too busy feeling for our tastes. It can be fun at first, but not necessarily the place you want to spend a lot of time in, especially with the tan color.

Bang for Your Buck

Without a doubt, the 2022 Honda Civic will fly off of the lots as soon as it is available. Who doesn’t want a sleek sedan that has an excellent interior at a great price? Even the top-line Touring Edition can be had starting at just under $30,000. The 2022 Civic marks the beginning of a new generation, which means it has been completely redesigned and overhauled. This is a Civic with a new personality, and you will want to consider it over any of the old competition.

The Civic has been around for a very long time – since 1973, to be more precise. The Civic has proven itself to be a reliable vehicle over the years, and with this new generation comes new design and opportunities to see what this sedan is made of. Honda has done an impressive job in keeping the Civic fresh and modern as time has gone by, which is why the Civic is still one of its top sellers despite the growing preference for SUVs. The fresh and modern 2022 Civic has been redesigned with a more robust engine, better fuel economy, and all new performance and safety features.

The Nissan Sentra has also been around for a long time, not nearly as long as the Civic, but a long time nevertheless. Still, like the Civic, the Sentra has gone through dramatic changes over the years. However, despite the upgrades the Sentra has gone through, it simply cannot keep up with the Civic at any level.

A black 2022 Honda Civic Sport Sedan is shown driving on a city street after winning a 2022 Honda Civic vs 2021 Nissan Sentra comparison.

There Is a Civic for You

One last thing to consider, if you find the Civic a little too boring, even the Touring Edition, you always have the Civic Type R and Civic Si to look forward to. Or, if you like the Civic but are more a fan of the hatchback style over the regular sedan body style, then the coming 2022 Civic Hatchback may be the model for you.

The 2022 Honda Civic sedan provides drivers with the interior comfort and sophistication you want on your daily commute; all while wrapped up in a sensational package that keeps this long-standing model fresh and exciting. Meanwhile, the Nissan Sentra remains predictable and, dare we say, a little boring in comparison.