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A white 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid is shown driving on a desert road after visiting a Honda dealer.

The Best Honda SUVs to Buy Used

Finding an affordable used vehicle to get you through the rigamarole of the local commute might seem like a daunting task. Potential buyers find themselves inundated with choice after choice of pre-owned models that claim to blend comfort, versatility, and dependability—but do they?

As your friendly Honda dealer would clamber to tell you, no brand embodies those three qualities quite like Honda. This highly-regarded automaker knows how to create solidly built and stylish vehicles that can last for well over 200,000 miles, but which among their modern lineup are the crème de la crème?

Let’s dive in and explore which of Honda SUVs you should consider buying pre-owned as your next set of wheels…

Okay—But Why Honda?

Honda has been a trusted brand the world over for decades. Buying a used Honda would be a decision rooted in value, dependability, and practicality since these models have such a strong reputation as long-lasting vehicles. Their consistently high resale figures make buying a used Honda a smart investment since they retain a significant portion of that investment over time.

Honda is clearly committed to innovation; thus, the majority of its presence on the used market boasts advanced tech and safety features. These SUVs are also remarkably fuel efficient, meaning that you experience savings at the pump and a smaller carbon footprint, which is further value spread out over time. No matter which model you choose, you are embracing a legacy of performance and quality when you buy a used Honda.

Honda CR-V: The Compact Contender

As far as used SUVs are concerned, perhaps none is more prolific than the Honda CR-V, which thoroughly balances efficiency and size, finding the perfect middle ground for many buyers with its spacious interior, abundance of cargo space, and fuel-efficient engine options.

Whether you are commuting to work, heading out for a weekend of fun in the wild, or simply running errands, the versatile CR-V makes a dependable and cozy companion. Models that are even a few years old are still riddled with desirable technology, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, rear USB ports, and a wireless phone charging dock in the center console.

The Honda Sensing suite of driver assistance technology came standard in the most recent years of the CR-V, giving you access to adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and forward collision mitigation, among other great proactive features.

Honda Pilot: The Road Trip Hero

Families and folks who like to shuttle their coworkers or friends would appreciate the spaciousness of the Honda Pilot. With its clever cabin storage solutions and a third row that delivers versatile seating options, a gently used Pilot can make for the perfect road companion.

The Pilot is powered by a robust V6 engine that comes paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is available across the lineup; this makes it easy for you to feel secure on the open road, and you’ll feel comfortable on poorly paved highways thanks to this vehicle’s well-tuned suspension. Adding to the Pilot’s luxurious vibe are remote engine start, a power liftgate, tri-zone automatic climate control, and leather upholstery.

Honda HR-V: The City Subcompact

Perhaps you need a smaller and nimbler option to help you get around town. The Honda HR-V is a subcompact crossover that serves as a superb cruiser for city dwellers and those living in the suburbs. It can easily maneuver through crowded parking lots and narrow streets, and its renowned ‘Magic Seat’ makes for flexible seating and cargo space.

The HR-V is a vehicle that can adapt to your needs. Whether you’re a solo driver or have a small family, a used HR-V offers a fuel-efficient and sporty ride for those wanting a sedan’s agility and an SUV’s utility.

A red 2020 Honda CR-V is shown driving.

Honda Element: A Unique Utilitarian Choice

Although Honda no longer makes the Element, you can still find this model on the pre-owned market. Its iconic boxy form is unmistakable on the road—a bold style choice that made it ripe for discontinuation as tastes changed once again. But for those who appreciate its shape, the Element is remarkably spacious inside and boasts an adaptable interior.

Fold the rear seats down or, if you’d like, remove them entirely! You can create the space you need for transporting bulky items or even setting up a makeshift campsite. Should you happen to come across a well-maintained used Honda Element, its practicality and uniqueness might speak to you as an avid explorer.

Honda Passport: Travel-Ready Troubadour

The Honda Passport is a superb midsize SUV that caters to a more adventurous driving experience with its marriage of everyday comfort and rugged capabilities. Its powerful V6 engine and available torque-vectoring all-wheel drive mean that you can take this SUV off the beaten path without worry.

Inside, expect to find plentiful space and copious amenities. Many newer pre-owned Passports have features like tri-zone climate control, heated front seats, leather upholstery, and smartphone app integration. You can also find models with upgraded wheel designs and roof rails to assist you in toting bulky gear. Although it may be cheeky to say, a used Passport can be your passport to adventure!

Before Buying a Pre-Owned SUV…

What should you consider when looking for a used Honda SUV? First and foremost, make sure that you inspect the vehicle for any potential issues; shopping at a reputable dealership can exponentially boost your chance of getting a high-quality vehicle, but it can’t hurt to be extra cautious.

Additionally, you should check the vehicle’s service history to verify that all routine maintenance tasks were performed on schedule; this can enlighten you on how well this model was maintained, helping you anticipate any potential future maintenance needs. What’s more, most dealerships will give you a vehicle history report without charge!

There are some aspects to a vehicle that are more often discovered after you’ve started driving away, so you’ll want to inspect them before the sale is finalized. For instance, it’s important to test the air conditioning system to make sure it functions at an optimal level. Also, check the condition of the brakes and tires since they play such a critical role in your safety.

Last but certainly not least, explore the available features and technology in the used Honda SUVs you’re considering. Many used Honda models are equipped with infotainment systems and driver assistance technologies that can enhance your driving experience and provide added peace of mind. It helps to ask your dealer about specific features you feel are must-haves; they can then show you only models that have those.

A blue 2024 Honda Pilot is shown driving off-road.

Some Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you prioritize cargo space, fuel economy, entertainment tech, off-roading capabilities, or cabin comfort, there is surely a pre-owned Honda SUV that could make a great fit for you. But before you make your final decision, take the time to test drive several different models, thoroughly inspect them, and consult the dealership staff to ensure the vehicle you intend to take home has everything you expect it to have. Once you’re confident that your vehicle is the proper fit, sign on the dotted line and drive it home to begin its second life.