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The lineup of 2021 AT4 GMC models are shown in white in front of mountains in the snow.

The AT4 Package Is Everything You Imagined

Both GMC and Chevrolet are General Motors’ subsidiaries, and as such, they need to find unique ways in which to distinguish themselves from the similar products they all offer. It’s difficult enough for a vehicle manufacturer to distinguish itself from others, particularly from its own various brands. But with the introduction of the AT4 line in 2019 on the Sierra, GMC has accomplished just that; a package that offers a new reason to visit your GMC dealership.

The AT4 package is offered on several GMC models and adds distinct styling and other aspects to the GMC lineup. For example, it gives the already aggressive-looking Sierra even more chops. The AT4 package gives something GMC can boast about. Let’s break down the AT4 models to get a better understanding of what you are getting before you visit your GMC dealership.

Sierra AT4

The off-road-focused AT4 package was added to the Sierra arsenal as a way to separate it from its near-twin, the Chevy Silverado, and to compete with the Ford F-150 Raptor. The AT4 package serves to give the Sierra the luxury of the Denali package with added off-road chops needed for fun on the trails. The AT4 package is essentially a unique combination of Bear Grylls and Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt, beef jerky and caviar, and Liberace and Motorhead. You get the idea; it’s big, bold, and posh.

Let’s talk about the off-road capabilities of the Sierra AT4 to whet your appetite. When you think about an off-road beast, you must consider important factors such as power, ground clearance, and tire options, all of which are critical should you find yourself attempting to climb a rocky vertical on some lost trail near the top of a mountain. As luck would have it, the Sierra AT4 addresses all of these concerns, which is of little surprise. GMC offers a factory-installed 2-inch suspension lift kit on the AT4, which gives the Sierra excellent ground clearance. The available Duramax 3.0-liter Turbo-Diesel V8 ensures your Sierra has enough power to make that mountain crawl. There are also tire options that include 18-inch Mud-Terrain Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires and 20-inch Mud-Terrain Goodyear Wrangler Territory tires.

A black 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 is off-roading on a rocky trail in the woods.

Let’s not forget the luxury side of the AT4 package; after all, if you are going to take your Sierra on an off-road extravaganza, you might as well be a comfortable experience. We will start with the Rancho shock absorbers that make the ride to the trails smooth as silk. Most manufacturers are content just slapping in a set of shock absorbers; after all, it’s not like many people ask what type of shock absorbers the vehicle they want to buy has. Most people never give this a second thought. But in addition to safety and stability benefits, shock absorbers are critical in enhancing the comfort of your drive because they reduce the magnitude of vibrations to provide a smooth and silky ride.

There are plenty of other distinctive details that enhance the luxurious interior. These include standard 10-way power-adjustable bucket seats with a center console, and yes, they are perforated, heated, and leather. The interior color is a unique Jet Black color with Kalahari accents with embroidered AT4 badging on the front head restraints.

Yukon AT4

The only thing more intimidating than the Yukon AT4 is the Yukon XL AT4; with an overall length of just over 225 inches, it is a force to be sure and a definite head-turner. We talked a little about ground clearance on the Sierra; well, the Yukon took that a step further with their Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension. This available feature quite simply allows you to raise the Yukon up to two inches to improve the already ample ground clearance. And you don’t lose any comfort level when this happens; the ride is still exceptionally smooth.

Just as with the Sierra, the Yukon AT4 is built to adapt to rough driving conditions. The available two-speed transfer case enables drivers to easily switch into and out of four-wheel drive. There are other settings as well that include two-wheel drive high, automatic four-wheel drive, four-wheel drive high, and four-wheel drive low. There is also a Traction Selection system that allows you to switch between various traction configurations. The traction selections include Sport mode, Off-Road mode, and Tow/Haul mode. Other really handy performance features include Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, and Magnetic Ride Control, which is a standard advanced suspension system that reads the road and gives you a better controlled and smoother ride.

When designing the interior of the Yukon AT4, GMC certainly didn’t hold back. The interior is just as rugged as the exterior, but with a touch of posh and class. The Yukon interior features all sorts of luxury goodies like AT4 badging, dark brushed aluminum details, and heated and ventilated driver and front-passenger seats. And of course, they are leather. If you were hoping for authentic wood details and unique fractal stitching in the seats, this is your lucky day, as these are included in the AT4 package.

Acadia AT4

There is a segment of the driving population on the lookout for an SUV with off-road chops, a luxurious interior, and enough features to fill Santa’s bag, but they are interested in something smaller than the Yukon. The Acadia AT4 is the answer to your dream SUV. This mid-size SUV delivers in all aspects.

Like the Sierra and Yukon, the Acadia AT4 makes molehills out of mountains and makes you look forward to getting stuck in traffic while sitting in the lap of luxury. Like the Sierra and Yukon, the Acadia enjoys several performance features like Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist; it also offers the Active Torque Control AWD system. Standard on the AT4, this system automatically delivers torque to the wheel that needs it the most for greater traction.

The Acadia AT4 delivers a luxurious interior that offers the features you desire and the comfort and luxury you demand. You can choose between a black premium cloth interior or the available black leather-appointed seating with Kalahari accents and exclusive trim. You also get an advanced temperature control system that ensures passengers are just as comfortable as the driver; this is a standard feature that comes with the AT4 package.

Canyon AT4

A white 2021 GMC Canyon from a GMC dealership is off-roading on a grassy mountainside.

2021 welcomes the very first Canyon AT4, and it will give you the ride of your life. Let’s cut to the chase by telling you that the off-road features include a one-inch suspension leveling kit, performance front and mid skid plates, and an off-road rocker panel protector. Like its bigger brother, the Canyon has the power and performance you need to take on any adventure. And like the Sierra, the Canyon comes equipped with the tires, engine, and suspension that are rugged, powerful, and hold the ability to take you where the adventure begins.

The Canyon might be a small pickup, but it offers a big and roomy interior that is well-crafted and stylish. The soft-touch instrument panel is standard in the Canyon AT4, as are heated front seats and power driver lumbar control. Sitting behind the wheel, it is easy to see that GMC spared no expense and used premium materials in all aspects of the interior.

The AT4 Package Provides More

GMC struck a chord when they developed the AT4 package. You can feel the excitement when people talk about the Sierra AT4 or the Acadia AT4. These aren’t just package deals that enhance a few features; these are game-changers, to be sure. It would have been perfectly acceptable for GMC to develop the AT4 package as either a luxury package or a performance package, but they did the right thing and combined both, and they nailed it.