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A red 2020 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is shown crossing a river.

The 2023 Jeep Renegade Trim Guide

Looking for all the fun perks of owning a new Jeep but on a budget? Then you’re probably searching for a Jeep Renegade for sale, and rightfully so. This entry-level Jeep model has a little bit of everything, from off-roading capabilities to good fuel economy ratings and a tech-savvy interior. It blends some of our favorite Wrangler and Grand Cherokee features into one with many benefits of its own. Its boxy style and family-friendly interior make this model great for any Jeep lover who’s on a budget.

Choosing the model is only part of the puzzle these days as trim levels become more and more plentiful. While the Jeep brand doesn’t overwhelm you with too many choices, there are a few options on the table here. Altogether, there are five available Renegade trim levels for the 2023 model year—the Latitude, Altitude, Upland, Limited, and Trailhawk trims. From the daily commute all the way to all-terrain capability and towing, there’s a Renegade out there for you. This guide can help you figure out which trim suits you best.

The Latitude

Let’s start with the base-level trim, the 2023 Latitude. This model offers a little bit of everything you need—standard all-wheel drive (AWD) capability, a fuel-efficient 1.3-liter MultiAir turbocharged engine, and a 2,000-pound maximum towing capacity rating. It has stylish 17-inch aluminum wheels and comes in six different exterior paint colors, including Slate Blue Pearl-Coat and Colorado Red Clear-Coat. Notable tech features include an 8.4 touchscreen Uconnect system and the following advanced safety and security features:

Forward Collision Warning with Brake Assist: Sends alerts when a front-facing collision is possible. Assisted braking kicks in to stop the vehicle and help prevent collisions.
Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path Detection: Blind Spot Monitoring watches other lanes and alerts the driver when it’s unsafe to merge. Rear Cross Path Detection can detect vehicles driving behind you when you are in reverse and is especially handy in parking lots and complex parking spaces.
Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist: Notifies the driver when you drift from your lane (turn-signal-exempt) and can center the vehicle in the appropriate lane.

The 2023 Jeep Renegade Latitude also comes with remote vehicle start, keyless entry, and all-weather floor mats—all handy convenience features that certainly make extreme weather conditions more tolerable. These features are also typically add-ons that aren’t standard on base-level trims, making this entry-level Renegade a great bargain. The Latitude has a good balance of everything necessary for day-to-driving and travel—fuel efficiency, technology, safety, and capability. Overall, this is a great vehicle when you need something nice for a moderate price.

A white 2020 Jeep Renegade is shown from the front at an angle.

The Altitude

One step up, the Altitude comes with a few discrete differences from its predecessor. It offers the same five exterior color options, plus 18-inch gloss black wheels and a general blacked-out look with a premium-wrapped steering wheel, gloss black exterior accents to match the wheels, and a black front grille. The exterior is also fancied up a bit with integrated side-mirror turn signal indicators and heated outside mirrors. Despite these cosmetic and technical differences, this Renegade comes with the same exact performance specs as the Latitude. The price gap between the Latitude and Altitude is hardly noticeable and well worth it if you prefer the higher-end appeal.

The Upland

New to the Renegade lineup, the Upland trim offers some interesting features. It borrows some Trailhawk elements without all the hardcore off-roading equipment, like all-terrain tires, the Trailhawk hood decal, and off-roading front and rear fascias. It’s cool for those who want a little bit of that rugged and sporty off-roading flare without all the dedication. Additional style-based features include gloss black ring badges, grill rings, and mirror caps, plus bronze interior accenting and stitching. On a more luxurious note, it’s possible to add a dual-pane sunroof and premium sound system if desired.

The Limited

Now for the most Premium Renegade available, the Limited. Despite its name, there aren’t any limitations to this model. The Limited trim prioritizes comfort and convenience even further through its unique features. This trim upgrade adds Adaptive Cruise Control to the Renegade arsenal, plus heated and leather-trimmed front seats with lumbar support and eight-way power adjustments. You can add a premium audio system and even a dual-pane sunroof to this trim for a more luxurious experience.

The Limited trim also reveals a package upgrade. Gain even more features with the available High Altitude package, which unlocks a plethora of features—neutral gray exterior paint color, LED headlamps, automatic high-beam headlamps, and granite crystal wheels. This trim has everything you could want and need from a subcompact SUV. The only thing it’s missing? Trail Rated capability.

A white 2022 Jeep Renegade Limited is shown from the rear on a city street.

The Trailhawk (A Trail Rated Renegade)

There’s a place within Jeep for every off-roader, even the more practical kind. When you’re looking for a vehicle that’s practical and more affordable while still offering some powerful trail capabilities, the Renegade Trailhawk is right up your alley. The first thing to note about this model is that, like many other Jeep vehicles, it’s Trail Rated. Put simply; this means that it can handle all the important off-pavement tasks you need it to—traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation, and ground clearance. Push through water, drive over high objects, and turn on a dime, all with the 2023 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk.

The Trailhawk model also has standard Selec-Terrain traction control, another feature that is unique to this trim. This terrain management system comes in multiple “modes” that allow you to tailor your drive to the current conditions. Auto, Snow, Sand, Mud, and even Rock modes can be engaged at the twist of a knob. Upon further glance, you’ll find three important buttons on this same knob—4WD Low, Hill Descent Control, and 4WD Lock. Thanks to the Trailhawk-specific Jeep Active Drive Low 4×4 system, 4WD Low can be used to crawl steep inclines with ease. Plus, Hill Descent Control is there to help hold you back when the decline is steep and intimidating. 4WD Lock does exactly what it says—it locks you into four-wheel drive to optimize control on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Of course, if you’re looking for a hardcore off-roader, you’ll want to stick with the Jeep Wrangler. The Renegade is generally made for the road; the Trailhawk trim just makes it more adventurous by adding off-pavement power into the mix. When you want to add a little fun to your practical purchase, the Trailhawk is an exceptional choice. Cross water bodies that are up to 19 inches high, maintain better traction on uneven terrain, and confidently venture off the blacktop—all with one vehicle.

Choose Your Renegade

From the first to the last in line, there are some vast differences among these 2023 Jeep Renegade trim levels. But when you start looking at them trim-by-trim, it can get a little more complex. You may have a few different models on your radar, and even with a pros and cons list, the decision can still feel impossible. What’s most important is that you’re getting what you pay for and that you’re comfortable with the price range.

Overall, the Altitude is a great choice if you’re not going for the Trail Rated Trailhawk model. It has some additional perks that the base-level Latitude doesn’t have without a notable price escalation. When in doubt, make sure to consult your local dealership for assistance. They’ve got all the knowledge and details you need to bring home the Renegade that best suits your lifestyle.