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A red 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is crossing a river in the woods.

Take it to the Limit at Your Local Jeep Dealership

Limits are defined as a point or level beyond which something cannot pass. We know of many limits in life. There are drinking age limits, driving age limits, and even limits on power. It seems like so much of our life is taken up dealing with limits. But what if you want to take it to the limit, and leave those limits in the dust? In some cases, that can be living dangerously, but what about with your car? If you really want to know where those limits are and blow right past them, there are very few vehicles that can help you do this. Actually, the only one that comes to my mind is that amazing all-American creation, the Jeep. Where can you find a vehicle that can take on the most punishing off-road course like a walk in the park, and then get back on the highway and drive you home in such safety, comfort, and luxury? It’s okay; you can take your time. I’ll wait for you. Give up? That’s right. It’s at your local Jeep Dealership.

You’ve seen them lined up outside, and through the dealership’s plate glass front window, those tough and rugged Jeep models just waiting to get out there and show you what they’ve got. With six different models to choose from, including the all-new midsize pickup truck Gladiator, you just can’t go wrong with Jeep’s perfect blend of on-road performance and off-road capabilities. Let’s take a little trip to the limit so I can show you what I mean.

Six spectacular Jeep models

A dark red 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee from a local Jeep Dealership is parked at a beach.

Jeeps come in all shapes and sizes. The most iconic Jeep is the Wrangler with that classic Jeep look, the same one that stormed the beaches at Normandy and explored the remotest spots on the globe. Best of all, the 2020 Jeep Wrangler now offers a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine that gives you impressive power to give you incredible towing capabilities. With summer coming, what could be better than getting into a Wrangler, taking down the top, and removing the doors so you can run wild in the sun?

If you love style and comfort, then the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee might be the vehicles for you. While still holding to the off-road capabilities that makes a Jeep unlike any other truck or SUV, the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee give you a level of luxury that is akin to more expensive and, frankly, less tough SUVs. Don’t let the luxurious leather interior or the user-friendly Uconnect fool you; this Grand Cherokee is a rugged SUV that will keep you and your family safe and sound regardless of the weather outside. The same goes for its little sibling, the Jeep Cherokee, which was named the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Top Safety Pick for 2020, when equipped with full-speed collision warning PLUS and LED projector headlamps with high-beam assist. These are two SUVs that will get you there safely while being both fun to drive and luxurious to ride inside.

The jig is up, and the news is out, the Jeep Renegade has been finally found out. This compact SUV may be the smallest Jeep from a size standpoint, but the folks at Jeep have surely packed a punch with this vehicle. This one is unlike any other compact SUV you may drive. Whether you choose the 1.3-liter four-cylinder direct-injection turbo engine and the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine, you are getting a Renegade that is geared to thrill. The folks at Jeep have also designed the Renegade to maximize the interior space, so you and your four passengers will be very comfortable as you take on the road and the off-road.

The all-new Gladiator has been named the 2020 North American Truck of Year, and just one look will show you why. The Gladiator is 4X4 standard, where so many other midsize pickups make you pay extra for that feature. Also, this truck features a best-in-class 1,700 pounds 4X4 payload and a best-in-class 7,650 gas towing capacity. You heard that right: Jeep has topped all those other trucks in just it’s first years in battle. Finally, unlike truck builders who offer one or two off-road models or options, the Gladiator is actually designed to handle the trail. This is one truck that truly earns the name Gladiator.

If you want a vehicle that combines style, luxury, roominess, and performance, then you should look for a Compass. This small SUV can lead the way to driving fun for you and your passengers. The designers at Jeep have found a way to put so many amazing features into the Compass; you will be shocked at its cute size and clean styling. Take one out for a spin, and find out why the Compass points toward driving enjoyment.

Trail Rated

A silver 2020 Jeep Gladiator is parked on a hill in front of a desert.

Jeep doesn’t just make their vehicles all-wheel drive and say, “Go ahead, and take these off-road.” Jeep goes the further step of making sure that a vehicle can handle the trails before giving it a Trail Rated badge. This means that Jeep makes sure its vehicles can handle going off-road. They are designed from the front grille to the back bumper to be able to handle all kinds of terrain. This includes the placement of skid plates in critical areas to protect the Jeep’s critical functions. It also means making sure that the 4X4 can really work as four-wheel drive and not just a switch to flip when there is inclement weather. Finally, it is providing a vehicle that not only looks rugged but can also handle whatever life can throw in your way while driving.

The folks at Jeep put their vehicles to the test before deeming them Trail Rated. There are five test categories that a 4X4 Jeep must pass before earning this badge: traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation, and ground clearance. This means that the Jeep has to have the traction to handle trail obstacles, and the ability to ford water without foundering. It is demonstrated in the maneuverability to avoid some hazards, and the articulation to climb over others. Finally, it means having the necessary ground clearance so that you won’t get stuck. Other trucks and SUVs may look the part, but often only a Jeep can really play the role.

To show you how serious they are about the Trail Rated designation, the folks at Jeep take their test models out to Rubicon Trail in California, and push them to the limits. This is not some closed test track or indoor lab; these are real boulders, hills, downed logs, and rushing streams, just like you will face when you take your Trail Rated Jeep off-road. This is the real deal. Then they take the test model Jeeps to northern Michigan to deal with the punishing elements of a cold, snowy winter. They are taking those risks so that you can depend on your Jeep when you get snow, sleet ,or heavy rain, instead of getting stuck. Jeep makes sure that your Jeep can meet the limits and surpass them.

So put your new Jeep on the highway, show the world a sign, and take your Jeep to the limit one more time.

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