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A red 2021 Honda Accord is shown parked on a bridge after viewing a used Honda Accord for sale.

Six Reasons People Love The Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has been part of the Honda lineup since 1976, and it has enjoyed quite an eventful journey since then. In fact, this midsize sedan has landed itself a spot on Car and Driver’s 10Best list 36 times. Let that sink in for a moment. In 2022, US News named the Accord the Best Mid-size Car for Families. Kelley Blue Book gave it its Best Buy honor in 2022, too, for its excellent comfort, classic looks, and solid powertrain options. The Accord has also snagged multiple safety awards from top authorities, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s kind of no wonder so many people are on the hunt for a used Honda Accord for sale.

Drivers know that if they want consistency, safety, comfort, and power that they can rely on, all wrapped up in an attractive midsize sedan, they have to get an Accord. So, what exactly is it that makes the Accord so great? Why do people love the Honda Accord? Drivers love the Accord because of its generous number of available and standard in-cabin amenities, its excellent fuel economy, its massive cargo space, and its smooth performance. Let’s dive into what makes the Honda Accord so special. Here are six reasons to shop for a used Honda Accord today. We’ll focus on the 2021 model for now; however, most of these features will be found in all recent models.

It’s Packed With Amenities

The Honda Accord is known for generous amenities that boost convenience when driving. All 2021 trims have smartphone compatibility, allowing you to access your favorite smartphone apps right on the touchscreen. Each one also has Bluetooth, giving you the power to make hands-free calls on the road.

One thing that’s really cool about the Accord is its Speed-Sensitive Volume Compensation. This system actually adjusts the volume of your music to correspond to the speed of your vehicle. So when you’re driving fast on the freeway, and the road gets loud, the system gets louder, too. When you’re driving slowly through suburban neighborhoods, the volume automatically gets quiet. As a perk, you always have the option to deactivate this system, should you desire to.

There’s also a large center console storage area. This is perfect for stashing the items you need to keep nearby on drives, like your wallet, sunglasses, and snacks.

A gray 2021 Honda Accord is shown parked near a person and a dog.

Its Cabin Is Super Comfortable

You and your passengers will immediately recognize how comfortable you are during long rides in the Accord. The front seats are designed with strategically placed bolstering and cushioning to support your body and reduce fatigue.

Meanwhile, rear-seat passengers will enjoy ample leg and headroom. Sometimes, riding in the backseat can mean feeling cramped, but that won’t be the case for passengers of the Accord.

There is one more feature of the Accord that makes it comfortable for drivers: steering-wheel-mounted controls. This could really be considered a comfort feature and a safety feature. It means drivers don’t need to take their hands off the wheels to change the song on the playlist or adjust the volume.

It Gets Great MPGs — In Its Gas Engine And Hybrid Form

The Accord is something of a fuel efficiency superstar because it gets excellent MPGs both in its gas-engine vehicles and its hybrid model. So, drivers most comfortable sticking to a gas-engine model will not suffer frequent stops at the gas pump. Even the 2021 Accord model with the “poorest” fuel economy still gets, objectively speaking, great MPGs. That would be the Sport Touring, which gets an EPA-estimated 26 combined and 22/32 city/highway. Meanwhile, a 2021 Accord with a turbo engine sees MPGs of 33 combined and 30/38 city/highway.

The gas numbers are already stellar for the Accord. However, move onto a hybrid model, and they get even better. The EPA states that the 2021 Accord Hybrid achieves up to 48 MPG across the board (combined, city and highway). With figures like these, you will notice your savings account getting more padding each month as you spend less on gas.

An Easy And Wide Opening Trunk

Don’t let the word “sedan” fool you. You’ll swear the Accord has almost SUV-like cargo capabilities. First of all, it has a wide and low opening trunk. That makes it easier to lift heavy items into the trunk and to get large items in there.

With the simple lever flip, you can add the 60-40 split-folding rear seats to create extra cargo room. Put down the 40 side for a little more room, the 60 side for a bit more, and the complete rear bench for up to 16.7 cu.ft. of cargo space. If you need to load up after a big grocery run or spontaneous stop at an antique shop, you can do so in the 2021 Accord.

Performance That’s So Smooth You Won’t Believe It

One feature that’s highly noticeable when driving the Accord is the cornering dynamics. It is made to improve grip and deceleration when you’re turning corners for added control and a really smooth experience. In particular, the Touring 2.0T model features an adaptive damper system that switches the feel of your ride between Normal and Sport mode, with the Sport mode offering sharp, precise cornering on those steep turns.

You will feel like the steering wheel is responding to your tiniest of inputs and will feel in command in the Accord.

A gray 2021 Honda Accord is shown parked on a driveway.

It’s Affordable

Finally, there’s just no denying how affordable the Accord is. Plus, considering all of the terrific standard features it comes with, the Accord is an excellent value. That must be why Kelley Blue Book named it a Best Buy vehicle.

Even new Accords remain in the $ 20,000 range, and used ones can come at a lovely price point. While many manufacturers seem to be seeking ways to constantly increase their prices, Honda keeps delivering on its promise to create quality vehicles at affordable prices.

Check Out A Used Honda Accord If You Want Value You Can See And Feel

The Honda Accord is a vehicle that always delivers. Its sophisticated styling makes it a terrific option for professionals who want a sedan they’ll feel proud to pull up to work in. In fact, many would say it looks far more expensive than it is. Its midsize dimensions make the Accord perfect for small families, too. Growing children won’t argue about legroom in the rear seats; meanwhile, parents will find all the trunk space they need for backpacks and soccer practice snacks.

In a world where the price of gold and gas are beginning to mirror one another, it’s always a bonus to find a fuel-efficient vehicle. The Honda Accord is available in gas-engine and hybrid variants, and both get truly incredible MPGs. You can’t control the price of gas, but at least you can purchase a vehicle that’s great on gas. The Accord’s cabin is one of the most comfortable you’ll ever ride in. Drivers and passengers alike love being in this vehicle.

If you want to see for yourself why Car and Driver, one of the most trusted vehicle review authorities, has listed the Accord on its 10 Best list 36 times, check out a used Accord today. One drive around the block will make it pretty clear why people are so loyal to this midsize sedan.