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A blue 2021 Nissan Maxima is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Nissan dealer.

Six Reasons Drivers Keep Returning To Nissan

It’s no secret that Nissan has remained a popular staple for drivers for many decades. The Japanese company is known the world over for its reliable, practical vehicles, and many in Canada have chosen to drive them. I had a Nissan Altima for several years, and it served me very well. In fact, I was out the other day with my partner, looking for a newer vehicle, and our shortlist had a Nissan model to check out.

If you have never made your way to a Nissan dealer, here are six reasons that drivers keep returning to the Nissan brand. Now, some of these might not be as surprising as others, but it’s interesting to see what has appealed to people through the years. What is it that keeps us coming back? Is it cyclical? Is there any rhyme or reason? Come along, and let’s figure out why drivers keep being drawn back to Nissan.

#1 – Longevity

Nissan has been producing vehicles since 1933. A company with such a long history has had time to work out design flaws, test new technology and improve upon it, and is aware of the changing needs and wants of consumers. Beginning with the Datsun models that first reached Canada in the 1960s, Nissan’s rocket-like rise in popularity has remained steady, thanks to its commitment to quality parts and practical designs.

The first Nissan vehicles arrived in Canada in the 1960s, and Nissan has remained a steadfast addition to dealerships in Canada ever since. In the mid-1970s, Nissan sold its millionth Datsun. Though you might not think the longevity of a company matters overly much, especially with the rise of the likes of Genesis and Tesla, Nissan’s name has been synonymous with quality for so long that people have come to rely on the brand and remain loyal customers. It’s quite something to hear from longtime Nissan owners just how much they love their vehicles and about what their Nissan has done for them.

A red 1979 Datsun 280zx is shown on a freeway.

#2 – Eco-Friendly

Yes, Nissan still makes gas-powered vehicles, but even these are subject to an array of strict standards that allow Nissan to promote its vehicles as friendly toward the environment. How do they do this? By designing advanced technology to maximize fuel savings. For instance, the 2022 Nissan Rogue now has a cutting-edge Variable Compression Turbo engine that adjusts its internal geometry on the fly to deliver both power and efficiency.

Nissan also continues to develop all-electric vehicles for true zero-emissions driving. The brand has long been a leader in the EV segment, and the all-new Nissan Ariya electric SUV that is set to arrive in Canada before is shaping up to be a real game-changer. As Nissan continues to push the boundaries of EV technology, I believe we’ll end up seeing more and more electrified options over the next few years. Due to Nissan’s commitment to less waste and innovative technology, I also predict that the brand will continue to be a popular choice among conscientious drivers. The Nissan Leaf, for example, has been around since 2010 and holds the distinction of being the first-ever mass-produced electric vehicle. For 2022, Nissan Canada decided to make the Leaf even more accessible to the public, cutting the price by almost $7,000 CAD.

#3 – Efficiency

Along with being eco-friendly, Nissan vehicles are efficient. Because of Nissan’s long history of ingenuity and upgrades, it’s no wonder the brand is constantly tinkering with its models to ensure that little to no waste is occurring. By ensuring that each car is efficient, Nissan not only aids the environment but passes on the savings to consumers, who will end up paying less for fuel. In an age where gas prices seem to be continually rising, it’s good to know that Nissan, at least, is looking out for its customers.

Nissan’s commitment to quality and efficiency is comforting, especially when we’ve seen what happens when companies take shortcuts, refuse to take a model off the market because of a mistake, or have decided to outsource work. It never ends well. With a company like Nissan, you know you’re in good hands because Nissan always prioritizes the consumer.

#4 – Affordability

Nissan’s long-standing dedication to providing quality vehicles to its consumers wouldn’t mean as much without this additional aspect, affordability. I’ve been watching car prices rise for the last few decades, and although everyone’s prices are rising, Nissan has managed to remain affordable to a wide swathe of customers. In a time when some companies take advantage of their customers to reap profits for their board members, Nissan retains respect for continuing to produce high-quality, affordable vehicles.

The 2022 Nissan Versa sits at just $17,298, while the 2022 Nissan Versa and 2022 Nissan Kicks start at under $20,000. Even higher-end models like the Nissan Armada are relatively inexpensive when compared to competing vehicles. Nissan’s affordability makes its vehicles excellent choices for just about anyone, whether you’re in the market for a gas-powered model, a hybrid, or an entirely electric vehicle.

A red 2022 Nissan Versa is shown from a high angle while parallel parking.

#5 – Availability

Nissan has been around for such a long time that there are multiple factories around the world creating Nissan’s vehicle inventory. You can find Nissan almost anywhere, from North America to Africa to Europe to Asia. With potential clients spanning the globe, Nissan has figured out how to appeal to the masses. Since these vehicles are so abundant, it’s easier for people to see a wide range of what Nissan has to offer instead of being left to pick over the paltry remains of another brand’s meagre inventory. With multiple trim levels and excellent standard offerings, Nissan manages to stay ahead of the curve.

Of course, being widely available means keeping up with demand, and Nissan seems to have a pretty good handle on this part. Even with delays and shutdowns, I haven’t seen much to complain about in regards to Nissan’s North American offerings. Odds are that you will be able to find the model you want at a Nissan dealer.

#6 – Forward Thinking

When thinking about the future, Nissan may not come to mind at first––you may instead be tempted to think of Tesla or some other brand that can only trade on name recognition because of their pricing and continual news stories. Nissan, on the other hand, has long been a part of the processional toward the future, innovating and creating vehicles that remain relevant and popular even a decade later.

With a host of electric and hybrid vehicle options, up-to-date technology, and advanced safety features, it’s clear that Nissan’s offers will continue to appeal to Canadian consumers for years to come. Nissan’s current models in the future-forward market include the likes of the Nissan Leaf, the new Nissan Ariya, and the popular Nissan Rogue.

There you have it––six reasons why people keep returning to Nissan dealerships. Nissan has a lot to offer its customers across Canada. With an eye toward the future and a handle on what worked well in the past, the company’s intentions are clear: Nissan is the name people will remember for quality, availability, affordability, eco-friendliness, efficiency, and longevity. Which of these reasons for returning to Nissan was the most surprising?