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Used cars for Teen Drivers, Chevy Malibu

Seven Used Cars for Your Teen Driver

If your child recently got their license, then we’re sure they’ve been bugging you about a car. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg buying a vehicle for your young driver, then a used car may be the perfect choice. These alternatives are obviously significantly cheaper than their new counterparts, but customers can still find perfectly logical used cars sitting on a dealership lot.


Used Candidate #1: Chevy Malibu

Even if you ignore the various safety capabilities of the Chevy Malibu, it’d make for a great used car for your teenager. The vehicle is inexpensive, as early 2010 models generally come in lower than $10,000. The vehicle is also incredibly easy to control, which is especially important to those young drivers (and their parents). The vehicle’s handling has been touted for its responsiveness, while the steering is intuitive. This means your inexperienced driver will never have an issue maintaining control of their car.

Meanwhile, your young driver will appreciate all of the interior amenities, including the opulent, comfortable seats. The four-cylinder engine manages to crank out the perfect amount of power, and the teen won’t have to spend all of their hard-earned cash at the gas station thanks to the 25-mile-per-gallon fuel efficiency.

Of course, most importantly, the Malibu is safe, as the brand has consistently stocked the car with many dependable safety functions. If you happen to come across a recent-year model, you might even have access to the Teen Driver Technology, which allows parents to monitor their child’s driving habits at all times.


Used Candidate #2: Ford Focus

Teenagers may be turned off by the Ford Focus’ smaller stature… but they’re probably not the ones paying for the new ride, right? Rather, if you’re looking for the perfect car for your young driver, then you couldn’t do much better than this particular nameplate.

The vehicle isn’t equipped with the much-maligned MyFord Touch system, meaning your young driver won’t be distracted by all of the irrelevant applications. There is the Sync Bluetooth, meaning the teen can connect their smartphone to their car. However, if you consider the fact that your young driver will probably be accessing their phone anyway, this feature should only be embraced.

The engine is plenty powerful, and the accompanying six-speed automatic transmission makes the car plenty easy to control. Add in the responsive handling and steering, and your driver will never have issues controlling their “new” ride.

Perhaps best of all, the vehicle typically comes in south of $10,000. If you’re pursuing a model that was released between 2010 and 2012, you’ll be able to appreciate the incredible savings along with all of the top-notch amenities.


Used Candidate #3: Kia Soul

While this vehicle might not be everybody’s cup of tea due to the unorthodox build, it’s still a perfectly logical choice for those young drivers. Parents will appreciate the array of safety functions, as the car is equipped with functions that should help those young drivers avoid accidents altogether. The mechanical aspects also aren’t meant for experienced drivers, so your teen will never have an issue keeping control of their ride.

Meanwhile, your teen will appreciate all of the technological features, including hands-free calling. The vehicle is easy to maneuver, so the teen will never have anxiety about fitting into a tight parking spot. Best of all, the incredible fuel efficiency will help them save some extra money at the gas station.


Used Candidate #4: Volkswagen Jetta

While this smaller vehicle is usually reserved for commuters and professionals, it also makes a logical choice for those younger drivers. The vehicle is versatile across the board, meaning both you and your child will appreciate everything it has to offer. We’ll specifically be talking about the 2009 and 2010 versions of the nameplate, but any version of the Jetta is a logical candidate.

Specifically, the accompanying engine manages to deliver plenty of power, and it’s also proven to be plenty fuel efficient (especially the diesel version, which could deliver up to 50-miles-per-gallon on the highway). The vehicle is also equipped with a number of safety functions, and the body structure provides drivers with an optimal viewpoint of the road.

The comfortable seats will make your child’s car the go-to for any excursions with friends, while the roomy trunk will be useful for school projects or sports equipment. The Volkswagen Jetta manages to deliver useful amenities across the board, making it a perfect choice for teen drivers.


Used Candidate #5: Buick LaCrosse

This particular nameplate is a bit more expensive than many of the other vehicles included on this list (the 2011 version comes in around $14,000). However, considering the top-notch safety functions, the Buick LaCrosse should undoubtedly be on your list of potential targets for your teen.

The vehicle has consistently earned some of the top safety marks in the entire industry, and the various safety functions will be especially useful to those inexperienced drivers. Meanwhile, your teen driver will enjoy the four-cylinder engine, which delivers excellent efficiency and power specs. You might even be able to come across the V6 variation of the nameplate, although you might want to stay away if you’re skeptical of your teen’s ability to keep control of the ride.


Used Candidate #6: Honda Accord

There are many reasons why your teen would appreciate the Honda Accord, even if it’s the early-2010 variation. The nameplate delivers one of the most enjoyable driving experiences in the class, an attribute that your young driver will surely want to take advantage of. The interior is also incredibly modern so the driver won’t be ashamed about showing off their used car to their friends.

However, parents will also have plenty of reasons to enjoy the Honda Accord. The vehicle is plenty safe, with the various features intended to prevent accidents from ever occurring. The modest price tag (the 2012 model generally comes in around $14,000) is appreciated, and you’ll also enjoy Honda’s reliability. In fact, if your teen keeps good care of the ride, you might be able to sell the vehicle eventually.


Used Candidate #7: Toyota Avalon

You may have a tough time finding this particular nameplate hanging out on a used dealership lot. After all, the vehicle was lauded by critics when it hit the market (particularly the 2011 version), and the car still holds up to many of the newer competitors that are currently on the market.

However, if you do find a used version of the Toyota Avalon for sale, you should jump on it as soon as possible. The vehicle’s V6 engine delivers a whole lot of power, making it a popular choice among any type of customer. While this might not be particularly important to parents, you’ll be able to appreciate the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and reliability.

Meanwhile, the interior is plenty spacious, and there are an array of features that will keep your teen occupied (and focused on the road). At the end of the day, this is really one of the perfect vehicles for your teen driver.