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How We Know That Dallas Car-Buyers Know What They Want

Venture towards any Ford dealerships in Dallas, and you’re bound to realize just how popular the automaker ranks among Texas drivers. In fact, Ford cars, trucks and SUVs outrank the offerings of any other automaker in terms of their popularity within the Lone Star state.

Sure, just like any other state there’s a healthy dose of economical, and fuel-efficient vehicles like the the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima or Honda Accord. Considering some of the commuting demands that Texans face, that just makes sense. Plus, it aligns the state’s priorities fairly well with the national rankings. That said, there’s no denying Ford’s influence, so let’s look at the models that have found themselves so deserving of Texas’ car-buying affinity that they landed a spot in the Top 30.


The Mustang

Coming in right above the fold at #29 is Ford’s iconic pony car, already determined to be the only exception to their masterplan of eliminating every one of the current model year car offerings to rebuild their lineup from a clean slate. Taking the Mustang’s universally celebrated power ratings and iconography, it’s really no surprise that it made this list. We’re just a little surprised that it didn’t rank higher.


The Escape

It’s also no surprise that Ford’s entry-level crossover makes it’s appearance at #17. Accessibly-priced, practical and held in high regard ever since its introduction back in 2001 the Escape feels like the perfect starting bookend for the offerings Ford has served up for the SUV segment.


The Fusion

Whether in its traditional, variant hybrid or electric Energi SE form, the Fusion offers the familiar styling of the traditional sedan, but enough powertrain options to infuse it with a sense of freshness that makes it appealing to drivers of all ages (and priorities).


The Focus

And speaking of that wide-range of priorities, those who count a fun and funky flair among the most important features in a new vehicle might enjoy the Focus. This is doubly true if they enjoy a more modest footprint.


The F-150

Are there any real surprises that the F-150 is the most popular of Ford’s offerings within the state of Texas? More than just the best-selling component of the best-selling lineup of trucks of all-time, the F-150 was named the ‘2018 Truck of Texas’ by the Texas Auto Writers Association. And if that’s not validating enough, it’s also Motor Trend’s 2018 pick for ‘Truck of the Year, a Kelley Blue Book ‘Best Buy’ and IIHS Top Safety Pick.


Having led the charge in terms of weight reduction, and boasting six distinctive powertrain options (including a long-awaited powerstroke diesel) the 2018 F-150 serves as the gold standard for today’s automakers to aspire to. If you’re interested in learning more about what’s in store for the F-150 in 2019, here’s a closer look:


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