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A blue 2021 Kia Soul EV is parked in front of a tan building.

Reasons to Buy the New 2021 Kia Soul EV

Have you seen the 2021 Kia Soul EV yet? We have exciting details on what to expect from the new Soul model that will change the way you fuel your car, and change the way you think about electric vehicles. If you’re a fan of the Soul already, prepare to fall even deeper in love. This is an even funkier version of the cargo-friendly, gas-powered models, especially on the inside. When you hear what’s in store, we have a feeling you’re going to want to take the new 2021 Kia Soul EV for a test drive.

How Far Can You Drive on a Charge?

This question is probably first in the minds of many concerned about switching from gas to electric-power vehicles. Kia has worked to incorporate a battery that can hold a charge to drive up to nearly 250 miles. With a specialized braking system, the driver can actively regenerate power to keep the battery running longer. The 2021 Soul EV will come standard with a fast-charging port that runs on DC current. When the unit is installed at home, you will be able to charge your Soul to full battery capacity in about an hour.

Out in public, there are charging stations located conveniently in locations across the United States. Some of these stations have the same type of fast-charging capability as the unit you would install at home, so you will be able to fuel up your vehicle while driving around town rapidly. There are apps to assist drivers in finding charging stations, what type of station it is (such as how fast or what kind of vehicle it will charge), and whether or not it’s already occupied.

Most EV owners are likely to do most of their charging at home, which will cost only the price of the electric bill. Charging stations will sometimes charge fees, but not always. Again, this is information you can learn from apps that will give you the details about each charging station, and Kia has partnered with companies to help. Kia also has a roadside assistance program you can access in case your vehicle runs out of charge before you find a station, so you can rest assured you’ll be covered. On the flip side, the Soul EV has plenty of warning systems in place to ensure you know when the battery is running low.

A green 2021 Kia Soul EV is driving on a desert road.

How Does the 2021 Soul EV Drive?

Drivers may be pleasantly surprised by how much power the 2021 Soul will have when you hit the gas. Under the hood, the 2021 Soul has a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor, which delivers 201 hp, a great amount of energy which may be unexpected for those not familiar with electric vehicle capabilities. With torque of 291 lb-ft, test drivers have mentioned that the Soul tended to accelerate so well that it took getting used to how quickly the vehicle would respond. Even more exciting is the braking system, which will allow for driving with only one pedal, and braking with your hands!

Another noteworthy detail about the driving experience is the transmission, which is a one-speed direct drive. What does that mean? It means there are fewer gears, better shifting between speeds, and a smoother ride at higher gears. The 2021 Soul EV will also have front-wheel drive and comes equipped with a 64 kWh lithium-ion battery. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular as most manufacturers are building new models, so the technology has come a long way.

How Does the 2021 Soul EV Look?

As we said in the introduction, this is a funky car that’s gotten a lot of fun upgrades. Kia’s Soul has been well-received for its unique, boxy exterior, but the new EV has been taken up a notch in style. Starting with the front end, the headlights are integrated into a line of LED daytime-running and LED headlight assembly, which is sleek and classy. The hood has a little curve to soften the edges, but the one feature it doesn’t need is the massive grille of gas engines. Instead, you’ll see a more uninterrupted front-end appearance and the small fuel door to plug-in for charging.

Along the sides of the EV, the waistline will tuck in slightly around the base of the doors to give it a little shape, but looking at the back end will be one of the bigger changes in appearance. Taillights circle the back hatch window in a distinctive and highly visible look. Finally, the 17-inch wheels are designed to be more aerodynamic and lighter, so the vehicle will get even better mileage to keep the battery running longer.

What Is the Interior of the 2021 Soul EV Like?

Here is where you may see some of the most dramatic design changes. Kia has made the interior very future-forward with metal inserts, a shift dial to replace the knob, a 10.3-inch infotainment screen in the center of the dash, and high-quality soft-touch materials to make driving comfortable and stylish. The two-tone interior incorporates very attractive lines around the metal inserts near the vents and again on the doors. When you sit in the driver’s seat, the command center is both comfortingly familiar but leans clearly into a futuristic and modern appeal.

Plenty of space will accommodate seating for five and room for luggage in the rear cargo area with seats to fold down for more when needed. This vehicle is going for an elevated experience, with features like adjustable lighting, thoughtful storage receptacles along interior edges, and an upgraded tuning to the rear suspension to make for a smoother ride.

The black and grey interior of a 2021 Kia Soul EV is shown.

Will the 2021 Soul EV Have Modern Tech Features?

With an electrically-powered vehicle, you have all the tech you want and need. The Soul EV is no exception. Aside from the large infotainment screen, buyers can expect conveniences like smartphone connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging, and hands-free voice commands for the audio system. There is also Sirius XM, Bluetooth, navigation, a six-speaker audio system, and telematics, which will allow drivers to check on charging status or other notifications remotely using your phone. Additionally, the new Soul EV will have the option to upgrade to the Harmon Kardon stereo, a premium sound system.

What Safety Features Will the 2021 Soul EV Have?

New vehicles all seem to come with more and more driver-assisted safety features, and the Soul EV is no exception. You can expect to have features of convenience, like adaptive cruise control and hands-free voice features, to operate certain apps while driving. Safety features like forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, and a driver attention system are all available for the 2021 Soul EV. If this vehicle is like its gas-powered sibling, buyers can expect to have high NHTSA ratings for safety in the design, too.

Fun, Spacious and Full of Tech

The 2021 Kia Soul EV promises to be an exciting electric vehicle for the new Kia lineup. It’s being reported as fun to drive, having plenty of space, lots of storage, and loaded with tech. What’s more, if you have the ability to charge at home, imagine the convenience of not having to go to a gas station ever again. Kia has taken a popular vehicle and made it even more attractive inside and out, both in design and features. With the new electric driving experience, buyers may find they fall in love all over again.