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A popular used truck for sale, a blue 2019 Chevy Silverado, is shown from the front on a highway with a mountain in the distance.

Our List of Top Used Trucks for Any Lifestyle

Hauling materials to the job site or cruising down the trails, commuting into the city every day or hauling furniture when you move, your truck is always there to save the day. Built with performance in mind, not to mention power, agility, and comfort, the pickup truck has undergone quite the evolution throughout the years, making it even more versatile and an even bigger part of your lifestyle than ever before. Whatever you’re into, if you’re searching for a truck, it’s recommended to look for used trucks for sale, seeing as you’re able to get more bang for your buck and your options are seemingly limitless.

However, shopping for used trucks for sale near you can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of what exactly you’re looking for in your next vehicle. There are many options available, and choosing the wrong truck can add unwanted stress to your day, which no one wants or needs. That’s why we’re here to help with our list of the best pickup trucks out there for a variety of different jobs, responsibilities, and adventures so that when you’re standing on the lot or perusing an online inventory, you can narrow down your search.

Best Workhorses

In your quest for the best work truck, it won’t take you long to figure out just how many options there are out there, making your search even more challenging. From heavy-duty to light-duty, regular cabs to crew cabs, diesel, hybrids, and everything in between, you have quite a choice to make, and it’s best to do a little research first. But who has time for that? We do! When it comes to the best workmates out there, nothing comes close to some of these fine machines.

Chevy is one of the pack leaders in the work truck industry. Known for reliability, strength, and high performance, Chevy builds some of the toughest work trucks on the job site today, and it seems as though nothing can beat the Silverado 1500. You can’t go wrong with the Silverado, as many of the older models are just as dependable as the newest model. However, if you find one that’s relatively new, you’ll get to take advantage of productivity features, like advanced trailering tech to help you stay in control, an ultra-functional bed to provide the perfect fit for anything you may be carrying, and all the tech you could ever hope for to stay connected from anywhere. An impressive selection of engines provides you with the power you’re looking for to take on any task head-on, and with Chevy’s trusted name standing behind you, you’ll have the confidence you need to get through any workday.

You can’t drive through a construction site without seeing a Ford somewhere in the mix. Like Chevy, Ford is known for its impeccable power, legendary design, and unmatched capabilities. If you’re looking for the right workmate, the Ford Super Duty models may be perfect for you. Built to handle more than other trucks, these heavy-duty models include powerful engines, stabilization technology for hauling, and convenience features like cargo area lamps, hitch kits, and upgraded cameras to help make your workday easier. We especially like nearly new models, which feature an impressive list of standard safety features, loads of trailering tech, and the Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system that helps you stay connected through various apps while you’re traveling between job sites.

A silver 2018 Ford F-150 is parked on a hill.

Best Off-Roaders

When it’s time to let loose and have a bit of fun in the mud, some trucks just perform better. With reinforced body elements, higher ground clearance, and off-road packages available, these off-road adventurers just can’t be beat. While many may think a pickup truck is a pickup truck, what works for your workday may not be able to hang with the best on the trails. That’s why we chose a couple of our favorite off-road warriors, designed to make your weekend escapades more fun.

Perhaps one of the most legendary off-road machines is the Ford Raptor. With its Trail Control technology, upgraded shocks, a powerful engine, and a meaty exterior, the Raptor has caused many of the competitors to toss their hats into the ring. From the Ram TRX to the Chevy Silverado ZR2, the competition is getting steep, but the Raptor seems to have the upper hand and has for quite some time. Even buying used, you’re able to take advantage of its impressive size, agility, and sheer power on the trails. With years of evolution in this model, you have plenty of options depending on which model year you’re looking at to find the perfect off-road king for your needs.

Toyota also gets a nod from us with its sporty, extremely capable Tacoma, and if you know anything about Toyota, virtually any model year is a winner. The Tacoma has been America’s best-selling midsize pickup truck for the past 15 years. Its accolades speak for themselves, which is why so many off-road adventurers turn to Toyota and its Toyota Racing Division off-road variants to handle any terrain any time of the year. From snow and sleet to mud and dust, the Tacoma can take it on with no problems. Advanced shocks, trail-ready tires, and enhanced trail technology in recent years make it a top choice if you’re looking to get off-road on the weekend.

A black 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown from the side towing a black enclosed trailer.

Best Value

Buying a used truck means you’re able to get more for your money, but not all pickup trucks yield the best return. Some brands have been tried and true in holding the best resale values on the market for years at a time, which means that when you go to trade in your used truck for a newer model, you’re getting more money for it. Don’t think that when you buy used, you’re not going to be able to trade it in after a few years. With these models, you’re sure to get more for your trade due to their impressive resale values in the industry.

It seems as though Toyota will always hold the top spots when it comes to resale value, and if you’re looking for a midsize or a full-size option, both the Tacoma and its big brother, the Tundra, come in ahead of the rest. The Chevy Silverado HD models also boast extraordinary resale values, as well as the newly reintroduced Ford Ranger, the highly capable Ram 1500, and the large and in-charge GMC Sierra. When it comes to which trucks are regarded as the best value for your money, you can’t go wrong with these trusted models.

A Truck for Anyone

Whether it’s the perfect workmate, the ideal everyday vehicle, or a courageous adventurer, there’s a used truck out there for you. The pickup truck has come a long way from its bulky, uncomfortable, and impractical early days. Nowadays, when you buy a used truck, you’re able to do more in your workday, travel new places, and navigate unknown territories – all from a comfortable cabin equipped with ample storage space and enhanced technology. From the perfect family vehicle to a rugged trailblazer, finding the right pickup truck takes a bit of research, but we already put in the work for you. Now all you have to do is start shopping.

Head to your local used truck dealer or start your search online. With so many options to choose from, you’ll find the right pickup truck to suit your needs. Capable work trucks, lively off-road machines, and practical daily commuters await. Get ready to amplify your lifestyle with the ideal truck to take you anywhere you need to go with enhanced comfort, capabilities, and power.