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A black 2023 Ford Transit is shown reversing onto a parking spot.

No Public Transit to Your Desired Destination? Take the Ford Transit Instead!

Do you dream of big adventures with the entire family? Have you created a Pinterest board of all the places you want to see, along with dozens of photos of conversion campers? You’re not alone––more and more people in North America are growing tired of feeling stuck and want to be on the move. There are so many beautiful places to see and interesting things to do, and when you can do that as a family or with a group of friends, it just enhances the experience. If you’ve been wondering what vehicle would be perfect for a group that travels a lot, the best option is the 2023 Ford Transit.

Many choral groups, small theater troops, families, friend groups, and even solo travelers choose the Ford Transit Van because it has the ability to haul and tow and still has seating for up to fifteen people, including the driver. Small sports teams, classes that want to go on field trips, religious groups, and other people who need a vehicle that can carry everyone and their personal belongings have found a loyal friend in the Ford Transit. Take a look at what it can offer you––can you picture yourself in the Ford Transit, ready for your adventure to begin?

A gray 2023 Ford Transit is shown driving on a city street.

Mechanical Options

There are two engine options for the 2023 Ford Transit. The standard powertrain includes a 3.5L V6 engine and a ten-speed automatic transmission. With 275 hp, there’s no sluggishness when it comes to the Ford Transit––instead, drivers are treated to a quick, powerful engine and smooth driving. You’ll have plenty of get-up-and-go, even if you’re driving uphill or on twisting mountain roads. The standard fuel tank holds 25 gallons of gasoline, but you can upgrade to an Extended Range tank with a capacity of 31 gallons if you have long-distance trips in mind.

If you decide you want a little extra power, you can opt for the alternative powertrain, which consists of a 3.5L EcoBoost engine. Although the two engines are the same size, the EcoBoost adds a turbocharger for 310 hp. You’ll love the extra boost you get, perfect for those days driving through hills and valleys. If you are planning on converting your Transit into a camper van, you’ll also want to get the Dual AGM Batteries option. This provides additional electrical capacity when the engine is off and a 110V/400W power outlet. There are some other valuable options available as well, like an Auxiliary Fuse Panel with a Spec Interface Connector, which is an important addition if you want to add accessories with a high power draw.

Trim Levels

The Ford Transit can be customized to your liking, from powertrain to tech features, and that includes trim levels as well. While there are only two trim levels available for the Ford Transit Passenger Van, each one is best suited to a particular type of driver. The base trim level is the Ford Transit XL, and the other trim level is the Ford Transit XLT. While there are more features available on the XLT version, you may want to check out the base trim level for simplicity. Depending on how you’ll be driving the Ford Transit, you might be interested in the XL because of its streamlined, easy-to-navigate interior, or perhaps you prefer the look of the XL’s exterior over the XLT.

If you want something a little more specialized, with additional comforts and conveniences, then the XLT is your best bet. You can get cozy and comfortable and enjoy the little luxuries that make driving a more pleasant experience. This includes reclining rear seats, carpeted flooring, and a standard SYNC 4 infotainment interface. Whichever trim you go with, you will have plenty of safety features, a solid vehicle, and enough room for the entire crew to spread out and relax. Having difficulties making up your mind? Take a look at their features side by side and pick out which ones are most important to you. That way, you’ll get exactly what you want.

Designed for Convenience

Both the Ford Transit XL and XLT come standard with 50/50-split hinged rear doors that open 180 degrees. However, doors that open to 253 degrees are also available for easier access. This means the doors swing back against the sides of the van, which is excellent for curbside loading and unloading. If you opt for the XLT, you also get a high-resolution rear view camera, power-folding heated side mirrors with integrated turn signals, and wiper-activated headlamps as standard features. This makes it much easier to steer the van in reverse.

Inside the 2023 Ford Transit, you’ll find manual bucket seats for the driver and front passenger, with up to thirteen additional seats in the back. A total of six seating configurations are available: two-seat, eight-seat, 10-seat, 12-seat, 14-seat, and 15-seat. The eight-seat configuration has three rows, while the 10-seat and 12-seat arrangements have four rows. Finally, the 14-seat and 15-seat options have a total of five rows of seats, which doesn’t leave much space in the back for cargo or luggage.

The gray interior and dash of a 2023 Ford Transit is shown.

Safety and Technology

Every 2023 Ford Transit comes with a tire pressure monitoring system, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, regular airbags as well as safety-canopy side-curtain airbags, and three-point safety belts for all seats. If you decide to get Ford’s optional SYNC 3 or SYNC 4 infotainment system, you’ll also have the SOS post-crash alarm system along for the ride. There are also plenty of security features, including doors that will automatically lock when you begin driving and automatically unlock in the event of an accident. The available rear view camera offers Trailer Hitch Assist for your trailer, camper, boat, or other large recreational vehicle.

Tech-wise, the Ford Transit provides you with plenty of driver assist and entertainment options. Ford includes Post-Collision Braking, Pre-Collision Assist With Automatic Emergency Braking, and a Lane-Keeping System as standard features to help keep you safe on the road, but many drivers will want to add the available Adaptive Cruise Control to make long highway drives a bit more relaxing. When it comes to infotainment, the XL comes standard with a four-inch screen and AM/FM radio, but a massive 12-inch touchscreen display with SYNC 4 and Connected Navigation is available. This feature is perfect for navigating to new destinations or simply enjoying your favorite playlists from your phone.

The Ford Transit: Your Newest Adventure Vehicle

Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to take your extended family on vacations, you have a group of friends interested in traveling, or you’re a solo traveler interested in converting a van into a camper, the 2023 Ford Transit is an excellent option. With so much customization possible, you can tailor it to you and your group’s needs. The Ford Transit has long been a favorite of those who travel in groups and those with large families, and it’s easy to see why––despite its size, it is stylish, spacious, and dependable.

The 2023 Ford Transit is a must for those who love adventure and want to share their journey with others. Happy memories can be created, love can be shared, and new places can be explored when you drive the Ford Transit. There are so many things you can do with a Transit and so many places that are waiting to be experienced by you and your group. If you’ve been looking for a sign to get a passenger van, this is it––get the 2023 Ford Transit and get ready to have a grand adventure.