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A grey 2021 Nissan Rouge is shown driving to a Nissan dealer near you.

Nissan’s Superior Tech and Safety Features

We’ve got some exciting Nissan features to tell you about here today. When you go to the Nissan dealer near you, you need to be ready to ask for the specific features you want most in your vehicle, and we can help you figure out what those features are. Many of these features relate to safety, but there are some fun tech and convenience assets as well. Much to your surprise, we even have important Nissan off-roading information to share. Let’s get started!

Nissan’s Driver Assist Features That Help With Backing Up

There are multiple driver assist features that help drivers when backing up, but the most impressive one is the Intelligent Around View Monitor. This system uses four separate cameras to create viewpoints from each side of your Nissan model. Further, you’ll also get a birds-eye view with this system, which lets you see everything at once. The best part about this system is that it comes with warning chimes as well. These warnings occur when you’re going forward, when your vehicle is stopped, and when you’re in reverse.

Another handy Nissan reverse assist feature is Intelligent Park Assist. This feature works with the Intelligent Around View Monitor to help drivers park with ease. Basically, once you locate the appropriate parking location, Intelligent Park Assist will follow up and automatically steer the vehicle for you to finish parking it. The Intelligent Park Assist feature is mostly designed to help drivers in complex parking situations, like parallel parking and street parking scenarios.

Finally, one last handy Nissan driver assist backup feature is the Smart Rearview Mirror. Thanks to this feature, you’ll get a standard rearview mirror along with a digital one. The digital mirror option can show you what’s really behind you. This is particularly helpful when your back seat is loaded with cargo or passengers. When visibility is low, the Smart Rearview Mirror is here to help.

A man is driving a 2021 Nissan Altima to a Nissan dealer near you.

Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist

There are many other Nissan driver assist technologies to help you on your way. One of the most important ones is Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist. On its own, it uses Nissan’s cruise control feature and its steering assist to essentially control the Nissan model for you. You still must keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel when using standard ProPILOT Assist features. However, this system does make driving much less stressful, and it’s a handy safety net to have available.

Nissan also offers ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link. This system offers the same features but with more accuracy. Your maps sync to your route to help you predict speeds and roadways. This makes the ProPILOT Assist feature even more accurate, taking more pressure off the driver.

The Nissan Ariya is taking it a step further with Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist 2.0 feature. Unlike the previous systems, this one does allow you to take your hands off the wheel. When it’s time to switch lanes, this feature will still guide you, but you do have to keep your hands on the wheel for lane switching. This is essentially providing you with a semi-self-driving vehicle.

This is all great, but how do drivers activate and deactivate these features? The good news is, it’s quite simple. When you want to use ProPILOT Assist’s features, simply click on the steering wheel ProPILOT Assist button, set your speed, and choose the distance you want to keep from vehicles ahead. Just be sure to pay attention, as faded road lines, traffic jams, and intense weather conditions are known to throw this feature off at times. While this feature is incredibly handy, it’s not meant to replace your presence. It’s fine to relax a little, but recording a YouTube video or TikTok while your car does all the work is not recommended.

Nissan’s Entertainment and Convenience Technologies

NissanConnect keeps you entertained on the road. It comes with several audio streaming features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM compatibility, and much more. Plus, it includes voice activation, so you can stay safe while still communicating with those you love. The Bluetooth Hands-Free feature keeps you even safer by allowing you to make phone calls through the NissanConnect center. As long as your phone is somewhere within the cab and it’s linked to your vehicle, you can use voice activation to call or text anyone.

Traveling workers will love Nissan’s 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot availability as well. When you’re parked, you can connect your computer to your hotspot and get back to work. In addition to your hotspot, TripAdvisor is also of assistance. While regular navigation systems include hotel, restaurant, and general travel locations, TripAdvisor takes it up a notch and includes price ranges and ratings. Once you figure out where you need to go, link TripAdvisor to your maps and head on your way!

A blue 2021 Nissan Altima is shown from the front driving through a city.

What About Nissan’s Off-Roading Perks?

We’ve talked about general driver assist features and entertainment technologies, but what does Nissan offer to off-roading enthusiasts? Two of the main perks to Nissan off-roading are Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. When you’ve had to stop in the middle of a hill, Hill Start Assist has your back (literally). This feature keeps your off-roading Nissan model stationary on the hill as you release the brake and reach for the gas pedal. When it’s time to head back down the mountain, Hill Descent Control holds your model back, ensuring that you don’t fly down the hill or lose control.

Nissan’s off-roading models, such as the Titan, include their own special versions of the Intelligent Around View Monitor. This version is designed to help drivers manage small areas and road debris with ease, and it even includes a trailering camera for towing and hauling. While it’s normally scary and stressful to take a new model off-roading, this camera system makes it a lot easier to prevent damage. In addition to this, Nissan trucks include skid plates and high ground clearances to help you avoid scratches and bottoming out as well. Overall, Nissan is not just a casual commuter brand. This company makes several off-road capable models as well.

Why Choosing Nissan Is the Right Move

Many drivers feel intimidated by modern vehicle technologies. However, studies show that there has been a 27% decrease in body injuries resulting from car accidents thanks to new driver-assist features. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes on the highway. These safety assistance features are worth learning about, so give them a shot. A brand like Nissan that includes so many standard driver assist features is definitely the brand to go with.

Further, hands-free phone features that are included in Nissan models also reduce accident likeliness. Drivers are far more apt to pay attention to the road instead of typing and scrolling on their phones, looking for names and numbers. While some may argue that phone calls are distracting to drivers in general, the main point here is that eyes stay on the road when you use a hands-free system.

Nissan is a well-rounded brand that includes affordable technologies. The brand is big on including standard tech features, even on lower model trims. Further, Nissan has over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry, with most of that experience being with truck manufacturing. Off-roading has been with Nissan from the start, and its new technologies work to make the act safer and easier than ever before. Visit your local Nissan dealer today to learn more about its tech-savvy models.