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A blue 2021 CR-V Elite is shown parked by the side of a lake.

New vs Used: 7 Common Questions Before Buying a Honda CR-V

One of the most popular SUVs on the market is Honda’s sporty compact model known as the CR-V. It’s a great vehicle that a lot of people look to buy each year, whether it be a brand new model or a used variant from a Honda CR-V dealer. Lots of people love the subtle styling, the spacious cabin, and all of the basic features and accouterments that come with this SUV.

However, buying a CR-V may pose a problem for those who don’t know whether they should buy new or used, or whether they should buy a standard or hybrid iteration. So here we’ll go through some of the basic questions and answers related to purchasing a Honda CR-V. In the end, maybe we can help find out what sort of model and trim best suits your driving habits and budget.

#1 – Is a Used CR-V Hybrid Cheaper Than a New CR-V?

Very interesting question. In essence, some SUV shoppers might be wondering if it’s cheaper to buy a used CR-V Hybrid as opposed to a brand new gasoline-powered CR-V. The hybrid CR-V is a recent addition to the nameplate and made its debut during the fifth generation of the CR-V’s run on the market. This means that most used models of the CR-V Hybrid don’t have a lot of miles on them, and the prices are only relatively lower than a brand new CR-V Hybrid.

In short, if you were hoping to get a used CR-V Hybrid for a lower price than the entry-level trim of a brand new gasoline-only CR-V, you might have to really shop around for one. A brand new CR-V up to the EX-L trim is typically still cheaper than a used CR-V Hybrid since the hybrid variation has only been available for a few years in North America. However, keep in mind that fuel economy can change the long-term cost-to-benefit ratio for a hybrid vehicle, and how much traveling you do may determine whether you might want to prioritize purchasing a hybrid or not.

The infotainment screen and applications are show in a 2020 Honda CR-V Touring.

#2 – Do Used Honda CR-Vs Have Honda Sensing or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Excellent question. Yes, used Honda CR-Vs do come with the Honda Sensing suite and infotainment features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The inclusion of these features was made standard during the fifth generation of the CR-V, giving drivers easy access to the safety and infotainment that they want and expect from most modern SUVs.

In particular, Honda made the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration available starting with the 2017 model year of the CR-V. This was also the same year the Honda Sensing safety suite, with driving aids and active safety assists, became a standard feature on most trims of the CR-V. If you want to buy a new CR-V, you automatically get these features included. However, if you buy used, you have to make sure you get a model from 2017 or newer if you want those features in the SUV.

#3 – Are Newer Honda CR-Vs More or Less Expensive to Maintain Than Used Honda CR-Vs?

Another great question. The short answer is that newer Honda CR-Vs have fewer reported issues than older models. This is something many people have wondered when it comes time to buy a new or used Honda CR-V. It can also make or break someone’s buying decision when it comes to searching for specific model years or from particular generations.

If you look through the list for the most common problems that have to be repaired for the CR-V, the majority of them are for model years that come from the third and fourth generation. So this is something to keep in mind when it comes time to buy a new or used version of the vehicle. If you buy new, you’re less likely to encounter many of the issues that others have reported having with the CR-V. However, if you buy used, then you may have to contend with a few nagging problems that have plagued some CR-V owners from older generations. Of course, this all comes back down to what you’re willing to give and take in terms of price versus reliability.

#4 – How Reliable Is a Used Honda CR-V Hybrid vs a New CR-V Hybrid?

Even though the Honda CR-V Hybrid is a newer option only appearing during the fifth generation of the vehicle’s run on the market, reliability is still a big factor for a lot of potential SUV shoppers. Honda has a lot of faith in the quality of the CR-V Hybrid’s design, which is why it comes with a 60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

The CR-V has received a lot of praise for its hybrid capabilities, as well as how well it operates on the road without breaking down or having major issues. The only major recall in recent years was the possibility of the DC-DC converter potentially shutting down for the 2020 model years. But as far as actual powertrain operation is concerned, the CR-V Hybrid has maintained its popularity among many consumers and is seen as a solid choice for those who want a compact SUV with great fuel economy.

#5 – Do I Get Better Fuel Economy With a New or Used Honda CR-V?

This is a very interesting question because it turns out that even older model Honda SUVs still manage to have amazing fuel economy. The SUV has basically evolved over the years to fulfill the role of being a fuel-conscious compact model. So the CR-V is not like many of the other SUVs out there that were massive gas guzzlers that then transitioned into economical passenger vehicles.

If you go all the way back to a 2014 Honda CR-V, the fuel economy ratings are still very similar to the most recent model years, netting you up to 23 miles per gallon in the city and up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway. Obviously, the improvements to the performance and design of the CR-V over the years have improved its overall fuel economy; but even older used models will still earn you some great travel distance in the miles-per-gallon department.

The black dashboard of a 2020 Honda CR-V is shown with wood accents.

#6 – Why Should I Buy a Used Honda CR-V?

If you’re working on a rather strict budget and you already know exactly what you want, going with an older model from a Honda CR-V dealer is not a bad way to go. You still get great fuel economy, as mentioned above, and you still have a reliable mode of transportation that comes with a lot of great amenities and features. What’s more is that if you wanted all the safety and tech that you’ve come to expect from modern vehicles, most newer generation CR-Vs come with a lot of what you would want, just at a lower price. So it’s certainly something to consider if you absolutely could not afford a brand new CR-V.

#7 – Why Should I Buy a New Honda CR-V?

Buying new is always a great option when the option is available. In the case of a Honda CR-V, you have access to a lot of great technology both inside and out. When it comes to handling and performance, the vehicle is as solid on the road as you could hope for, and you have the hybrid option if you really want to save some cash in the long run when it comes to fuel economy. Also, if you want all the latest in tech that a newer model year has to offer, such as wireless charging, and more standard driver assists, you get all of that plus the warranties, ownership privileges, and guarantees that come with buying new. If you can afford to buy new, there’s no reason not to buy from a Honda CR-V dealer.