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A red 2022 Ford Super Duty is shown towing a closed trailer on a cow farm.

Mind, Muscle Exemplify 2022 Ford Super Duty

The 2022 Ford Super Duty is a lot of truck, and if you’re a serious truck buyer, this truck deserves a serious look. Ford’s new heavy-duty model can be described as a powerful combination of strength and intelligence. The power it exhibits is impressive, and whether you’re using it for work or recreation, it can handle the pressure of any payload. The brains behind the Super Duty are equally impressive. This not only applies to its ability to keep you digitally connected while driving but also in the innovative ways it helps when backing up your trailer too.

Technologically Talented

The 2022 Super Duty is loaded with modern technology that makes operating this vehicle safe, convenient, and fun. Premium versions of the Super Duty now have a massive 12-inch touch screen available that is new for the 2022 model year. However, even the carry-over 8-inch touch screen is user-friendly and displays apps and control features in a clear and crisp manner. Everything you need to flex this truck’s muscles is literally at your fingertips.

Since this truck is likely to see its fair share of towing and trailering, a great feature is the Trailer Backup. This technology will help the driver safely maneuver a trailer in reverse. It’s always good when your truck can be that extra pair of eyes and that extra voice guiding you along in this tricky process.

The 2022 Super Duty has the most modern technologies for safety too. There are driver-assist features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane keep assist, auto high beams, surround-view cameras, and hill descent control. All of these give the driver confidence and comfort when operating this vehicle to mitigate the risk of danger and keep out of harm’s way.

The most current SYNC infotainment features are embedded into the technology toolset, so everyone remains connected and productive even while on the road. Features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity, a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices, wireless software updates, and a wireless charging pad are all part of the handy tech gizmos that you and your passengers will conveniently utilize every day.

The smart features extend to the exterior of the Ford Super Duty as well. There are cameras that will give the driver views from all sides of the vehicle, including cameras with visual guidelines to help with steering wheel movements so the vehicle and its trailer can maneuver easier. The automatic power-operated running boards can facilitate getting in and out of the cab and will extend when the door opens so that you can more conveniently and safely step up and down between the cabin and the ground. The tailgate also has integrated steps for easy accessibility and will automatically lower in a gradual way for convenience and safety.

A blue 2022 Ford Super Duty is shown parked on a rock pile in the mountains.

Super Strong

The 2022 Ford Super Duty can best be described as Superman strong. The 6.7L V8 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine option is best in class for horsepower, torque, and towing. The body is made of military-grade aluminum alloy, and the high-strength steel frame is 24 times stiffer than in past versions. In all, 44 years of durability are maximized in the 2022 Super Duty.

In terms of horsepower, the Super Duty diesel’s 475 horsepower is the best amongst its competition. Horsepower allows the truck to sustain speed, and with this amount of performance, the driver will be supremely confident in its ability to move along on any road and in any condition. Likewise, the 1050 lb-ft of torque is unbeaten by any other full-size pickup. Torque is important in terms of the truck’s ability to accelerate from a stopped position, so the get up and go derived from this truck’s torque means you’ll feel its power and acceleration with a push of the pedal.

However, the most impressive feats of strength with the 2022 Ford Super Duty are in its ability to haul and trailer. You’ll not find another truck on the market that can carry and pull what this truck can. From a conventional towing perspective, the Super Duty pulls up to 24,200 lbs, which is a best-in-class performance. So if you know you typically haul a hefty amount of cargo, this will give you the knowledge that this truck won’t back down when you need the strength.

What if you need to tow even more? A gooseneck or fifth-wheel hitch will distribute the load more evenly and allow for even heavier loads. In fact, this truck’s gooseneck towing capacity is a whopping 37,000 pounds. Again, this is best in class; there is no other truck that can tow this weight.

How about basic payload? How does 7,850 pounds of payload sound? Pretty good, right? The 2022 Ford Super Duty’s lightweight and rigid frame make this possible where it is impossible in any other competing truck in its class. So if you have a heavier payload to move, this truck is worry-free when it comes to hauling.

Finally and most impressive is the truck’s Gross Combined Weight Rating. This is the total weight of the truck, the passengers, the cargo, and the trailer you’re pulling. This is an important all-in number as it tells you the maximum weight your truck can handle. In the case of the Ford Super Duty, its GCWR is an impressive 45,300 pounds. Again, best in its class. So if you were sweating and worried when pulling into a weigh station, you don’t have to be with this truck. The weight the Super Duty can carry is truly special, and if your work life or your recreational life involves heavy equipment or big toys, this truck will safely and comfortably transport them wherever, whenever.

A white 2022 Ford Super Duty Tremor is shown towing a boat on an open road at sunset.

Looks and Feels Good Too

While the 2022 Ford Super Duty has a big brain and can flex its muscles, it is easy on the eyes and relaxing in the drive. The exterior definitely has a sporty, rough, and rugged look. The popular Black Appearance Package gives it a meaner, cooler look as well. With this package, even the classic blue Ford oval is black. If Black is not your personality, try the new Atlas Blue color available in 2022. LED lighting in the pickup box is also really convenient to keep on working after the sun goes down.

Inside, the truck has ergonomic features to make your time in the cabin comfortable and calm. The instruments are easy to access and easy to use. The Lariat version offers leather seats, climate control, upgraded audio, and a larger instrument cluster for the more discerning driver. There are even massage seats available for that spa-like feel.

Keeping the Super Duty’s interior clean is also easy if you are looking for a work truck rather than a luxury vehicle. You can swap the carpet for precisely measured and fitted vinyl flooring. This way, you can remove, wash, and reinstall these mats to keep your truck always looking factory fresh.

Another World Beater from the Blue Oval

The 2022 Ford Super Duty is the most rugged, muscular, and intelligent Super Duty ever engineered. If you’re in the market for a full-size pickup that’ll definitely haul some serious cargo and intelligently assist you in doing it, this is the truck that perfectly fits your needs. Add the 2022 Ford Super Duty to your list and give it serious consideration because it will bring a clever mind and powerful muscle to your driving needs.

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