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Meet The Impressively Powerful New Chevy LCF 6500XD Truck


Chevy is a brand known for many amazing achievements, from the ever-impressive lineup of consumer cars they pump out to the amazing pickups and SUVs they bring to buyers who eagerly await each new model. But one seriously impressive and otherwise unsung achievement of Chevy’s is the amazing line of box trucks for sale bearing the bowtie badge, and just how much work-ready power and performance they bring to the low cab forward body style.

That’s why we were so pleased to see Chevy unveil the impressive new LCF 6500XD Class 6 truck, a new entry to the low cab forward lineup that promises medium-duty power with spacious cargo capabilities. Expected to join its Class 3, 4, and 5 relatives on the Chevy commercial truck lineup by the end of 2017, this new 6500XD only adds to a selection that’s known to bring a highly flexible platform designed for driver comfort, superior visibility and serviceability, and ease of upfit to each and every driver who chooses to ride Chevy.

So much of what makes the 6500XD impressive is its astounding power capabilities. This is all thanks to the standard 5.2-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, which can pump out a whopping 520 lbs.-ft. of torque with an Allison 2500 Series 6-speed automatic transmission, Dana axles, and an extra-strong straight-rail frame. The 6500XD comes with front and rear axle ratings of 12,000 lbs. and 19,000 lbs., respectively, and a maximum GVWR up to 25,950 lbs. – plenty of power to haul all your heavy machinery up even the toughest terrain.

And being a Chevy, the new 6500XD LCF is as customizable as can be. Drivers can choose from eight wheel bases stretching up to 30 feet long, meaning you can make sure your truck has plenty of room for any large cargo needs you may have. And thanks to the handy and easily-accessible low cab forward alignment, reaching the engine for basic maintenance or for repairs is simpler than it’s ever been, saving you time and frustration when that all-important checkup rolls around again.

And as a Chevy buyer, you gain access to all the expertise that GM has to offer. Those who buy Chevy commercial trucks also gain access to GM’s Upfitter Integration Group, which provides technical assistance to upfitters and serves as a sort of liaison between Special Vehicle Manufacturers, end customers, and GM’s engineering, marketing, and service teams. You’ll also be given access to a website that features detailed bodybuilder manuals, technical bulletins, and best practice manuals to keep your truck in top shape for years to come.

And since driver connectivity and fleet management solutions have become so critical for so many small businesses and fleet managers, GM recently announced that it would add Spireon to its already impressive selection of telematics service providers, joining Telogis and GM’s Commercial Link tool to help keep you connected and on task no matter where your work might find you.

So far, the new Chevy 6500XD looks like it’s going to be another amazing member of an already impressive Chevy LCF family – and perhaps even the crowning jewel. Keep your eyes peeled and check one out for yourself when they finally hit the market at the end of this year.