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Maserati North America Sales Spike in October

Maserati has been stepping up its game lately, especially in the SUV realm. With SUVs and trucks becoming more and more popular, thanks to gas prices stabilizing, people in the luxury world will be looking to get in on the action as well. Hence why Maserati’s Levante was recently released, and why everyone who has test-driven it has fallen in love. But, we’re not talking specifically about the Levante here, even if it did have a lot to do with October sales numbers. Instead, we’re talking about Maserati’s overall sales success in October of 2016, compared to September of 2016.

For just a single month, these figures are quite impressive for a high-end, not to mention expensive, luxury automaker.

The Numbers

In October of 2016, Maserati went up 10.8 percent compared to September of 2016. The company announced this yesterday, and obviously they’re all very excited.

The head of Maserati North America, Tom Shanley, has this to say about it: “Maserati North America’s positive sales performance reflects the passion and leadership of our dealer network.”

Considering the network’s almost 11% increase in a single month, I think that’s a pretty accurate statement.

He also mentioned the Levante, saying “the recent arrival of the Levante SUV will further broaden Maserati’s position in the luxury marketplace.”

As far as that statement goes, I’d say that’s another safe assumption. Since the Levante is getting a lot of attention right now for it’s overall amazing quality in terms of performance, luxury, and design. Combine that with the fact that it’s one of the more affordably priced luxury SUVs on the market — compared to other high-costing luxury SUVs — I predict Levante sales will end up doing quite well in that niche market.

For October 2016, the amount of units sold totaled 1,377 vehicles. Compared to the 1,243 vehicles sold in September of 2016, you can’t help but wonder what they did differently in October — other than the Levante — to have such a good month. After all, moving more than 100 units in a single month’s time is considered pretty damn good in the expensive high-end luxury car world. Compared to October of 2015, Maserati North America’s year-over-year sales were up by 13.2 percent.

How They Did It? Who Knows?

But we can guess. 2016 and the release of the Levante represent an iconic moment in history for the trident brand. Maserati took more than its one hundred years of automotive design and excellence, and crammed it into its first-ever SUV, which no doubt gained such an extreme amount of popularity and so quickly, thanks to the fact Maserati was able to sell consumers the idea that the Levante is backed by such an impressive automotive legacy.

Because of this, you can’t help feel a slight bit of delight for the trident team. After all, it’s not every day that a brand gets to sell a vehicle that they claim is backed by over a decade of knowledge, and actually see it gain popularity because of how great it is. Nor is it every day a luxury car brand with higher-than-average prices gets to experience an almost 11% increase in sales month over month.