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A silver 2020 Chevy Sonic is driving on a city street past restaurants.

Looking at the 2020 Chevy Sonic

The evolution of the automobile has allowed for many niche segments to emerge, and few manufacturers exemplify this need for diversity like Chevrolet. Some drivers require heavy-duty work trucks like the Silverado to help them haul heavy materials from worksite to worksite. Large, active families might require a Suburban for adventures from coast to coast. For those who have a need for speed, there are sports cars like Camaro and Corvette. And then, there are those who require a smaller automobile: one with room for cargo and people, that can zip through city streets, maneuver through parking garages and neighborhoods alike, with plenty of fun and versatility. For these drivers, the 2020 Chevy Sonic fits the bill in every way.

The first generation of Chevy Sonic was introduced in 2012, and since then, drivers looking for a simple, economical vehicle that can move from place to place with no fuss but plenty of fun have made it a fan favorite. Like previous generations, the 2020 Sonic is offered in both hatchback and sedan styles, as well as a variety of trims that provide drivers with all of the features and options to make time spent commuting time well spent.

What’s Inside

Though the 2020 Chevy Sonic is a smaller vehicle in size, it’s filled with plenty of features. The cabin is designed to be quiet unless you choose to break the silence with a powerful standard audio system.

The Chevy Infotainment system includes a standard 7-inch touch screen, as well as OnStar 4G LTE capability, Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming and hands-free phone access, and compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With standard features like this, it’s easy to see how even the most basic of base trims could provide the average commuter with a powerful, fun, and economical ride from adventure to adventure. Sonic is also equipped with an air filtration system that reduces outside pollution within the vehicle itself, making it the perfect city ride.

A birds eye view of the front black and red interior of a 2020 Chevy Sonic is shown.

Getting Around In Style

Regardless of which 2020 Chevy Sonic you choose, you’ll enjoy the surprising power of a 1.4L turbocharged ECOTEC inline-4 engine. With agile handling and a six-speed automatic transmission, Sonic zips through crowded streets with the greatest of ease. The turbocharged engine offers 138 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque, as well as a fuel economy that anyone can appreciate, with the Sonic getting 26 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway.

The 2020 Sonic is full of surprises, though. Despite its small stature, drivers will enjoy room for five passengers, or maximum cargo space of 47.7 cubic feet in the hatchback model, with the back seat folded. Those who choose the sedan option will have a large trunk, making it a capable choice when moving into a new apartment, heading out of town for a relaxing vacation, or loading up on groceries before a family feast.

Not only is the Sonic a good looking subcompact car, but it’s also safe. It received an overall 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Standard safety features include ten airbags, including a drivers-side knee airbag, as well as electronic stability control and a rearview camera

Which 2020 Sonic Should You Choose

The 2020 Chevy Sonic is available in three trim packages, the LS, LT, and Premier. The hatchback Sonic is available only in LT and Premier trims, meaning LS buyers will be limited to sedan only.

That being said, the LS sedan is well equipped for a base trim. Inside, drivers will enjoy the 7-inch infotainment system, which is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing drivers to stay connected to all of their phone features while on the road, including navigation, hands-free phone calls, and text alerts, as well as the ability to stream audio features via Bluetooth. Sonic LS also includes 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity for staying in touch anytime, anywhere. Many of the features are manual, such as the side mirrors, windows, and driver’s seat adjustment, but there are plenty of remote or automatic features, such as remote lock, automatic headlights, and LED daytime running lights.

The LT sedan adds more power features, including power windows, heated power mirrors, and satellite radio capability. The LT trim also includes 15-inch alloy wheels and upgraded cloth upholstery. Unlike the LS trim, LT offers bonus optional packages to add even further features to the standard Chevy Sonic offerings. For example, the Convenience Package adds a push-button start, heated front seats, and a driver’s seat with power adjustments. A Driver Confidence Package includes additional safety features, such as forward collision alert, lane departure warning, and rear parking sensors.

The LT hatchback includes 16-inch aluminum wheels, rear fifth-door wipers, a six-speaker audio system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and rear cargo shade, which provides a covering for cargo in the hatchback area. Of course, all of the LT sedan features are also available in the hatchback models, with the option of adding the Convenience and Driver Confidence packages.

The 2020 Chevy Sonic Premier sedan package includes the features of the LT Convenience package and adds even more fantastic premium features. For example, drivers can enjoy 17-inch wheels and leatherette upholstery.

A man is watching his girlfriend fly kites while standing next to two 2020 Chevy Sonics in a park.

The top-of-the-line Sonic Premier hatchback is a great investment for drivers who might find themselves whiling away a significant amount of time in their car, whether due to a long commute, inevitable traffic, or the need to pack up and getaway. Drivers of the Premier hatchback can benefit from features like keyless start, sport suspension, and a compass display. An enhanced Driver Information Center provides crucial messages and warnings to drivers, based on sensors located throughout the vehicle’s mechanical and exterior. The steering wheel and shift knob are wrapped in leather for that soft-touch luxury feel, too.

A Performance Package, with a sports-designed exhaust and lowered suspension, is available on the Sonic Premier, as well as a silver Sports Pedal kit. Drivers can also choose the Confidence Package with additional safety features, which includes the same features in the LT Driver Confidence Package. A sunroof is another option that can be chosen for Premier, allowing drivers a breath of fresh air anywhere they go.

Bringing Home a Chevy Sonic

The 2020 Chevy Sonic cannot haul a 20,000-pound trailer across the country. It does not have room for nine passengers. It probably won’t burn rubber at the racetrack, either. But when it comes to having a safe, reliable vehicle that’s gentle on your wallet, it’s really easy to be impressed with everything the Chevy Sonic has to offer. With room enough for five passengers, a 60/40 split-bench seat that allows for up to 47 cubic feet of cargo, and loads of safety and technology features, the Sonic is a wise investment for everyday and city drivers.

An envious fuel economy and Bluetooth capable streaming audio make it less stressful to wade through traffic, while some of the Premier features, such as heated seats, can actually make it enjoyable. Like the rest of Chevrolet’s offerings, the Sonic includes a variety of trim packages and optional features, allowing drivers to build a vehicle that best fits their needs, their budget, and most of all, what they want out of a car!

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