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A white, a blue and a silver 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray are parked in front of an ocean.

Introducing the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Every year, plenty of automotive manufacturers look to revitalize a sense of relevancy in their lineups and proceed to do this as best they can. Out of every manufacturer that releases annual refreshes for a majority of their lineups, nobody hits the nail on the head quite like Chevy. In the current day, Chevy produces over fifteen different lineups in the North American market consisting of sedans, SUVs, trucks, performance vehicles, hybrids, the list goes on. Many of these lineups can be considered fan-favorites, and as is Chevy tradition, their annual refreshes aim to pack a punch to the competition. By visiting your local Chevy dealer, you can get first-hand experience with a catalog of powerful and reliable vehicles, and even take one for a spin. By speaking to a knowledgeable sales representative, you can explore a wide range of new vehicles, one of which is the 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray.

The Corvette has been synonymous with performance vehicles since the first Corvette launched in 1953. The Corvette is currently in the dawn of its eighth-generation, a culmination of everything it has achieved until this point, and fans couldn’t be more excited for the 2021 Stingray. There is a host of new upgrades for the lineup, while pricing remains relatively the same as last year. For reference, the convertible variant starts at an MSRP of $67,495, but for those more interested in the coupe design, you’ll find an MSRP of $59,995. This concept of Chevy taking the liberty of adding new features to the lineup while retaining a familiar price has been a favorable decision amongst fans.

Performance: What Can We Expect?

One of the most exciting additions to the 2021 Corvette is the transmission will be an eight-speed dual-clutch with both manual and automatic modes, a first for Chevy. The engine that will come standard in the 2021 Corvette is a 6.2L LT2 V8.

The LT2 indicates it’s the successor to the LT1, which was seen in the 7th generation of Corvettes. This was mounted in the front of the vehicle as opposed to LT2’s placement in the middle. The LT2 can produce an impressive 495 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque, which is an upgrade over the LT1’s 460 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque.

Depending on driving conditions, the 2021 Corvette offers you six different driving modes to select from. The available modes you may choose include Sport, Weather, Tour, Track, MyMode, and the last mode known as Z mode, which allows you to customize its uses. An all-new Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension is available on the Corvette for the first time along with the Z51 Performance Package. This performance package upgrades your suspension, exhaust, brakes, and much more.

A white 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray is parked in front of an ocean.

Looking Inside the Interior

Chevy is granting those who purchase a 2021 Corvette plenty of choices regarding customization. Firstly, the interior sports a stellar gray and yellow color scheme, and you may upgrade the seats with either GT1 or GT2 bucket seats, each with a different type of leather, the latter of which is a sleek two-tone style. If GT seats aren’t your thing, you may also swap out your seats for Competition Sport bucket seats, which are designed with the same Napa leather as the aforementioned GT2 seats albeit the Competition Sport seats are made up of performance textile fabrics. These fabrics help prevent the leather from showing wrinkles over time and make them much more resistant to liquid spills than their counterparts. Additionally, you may opt for seats that are both heated and ventilated with power-adjustable support.

Included in every 2021 Corvette is a Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Plus system, which adds a whole new layer of accessibility and connectivity combined with new tech-centric entertainment features. This infotainment center, in particular, comes equipped with an 8-inch screen sporting touch controls and a high-definition resolution, which grants the image a clean look. Along with the infotainment system is Bluetooth connectivity meaning your devices should connect wirelessly with ease. Another way of connecting your wireless devices to the vehicle is through the integrated 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, so your favorite media can be streamed with a stable connection. This hotspot allows up to seven devices to be connected at once, which should be plenty, considering this vehicle has a maximum seating capacity of two.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both integrated into this infotainment center, which can be synced up wirelessly. These are two rather popular software suites that are becoming integrated into many vehicles across the industry. There are many factors to their success; not only are they developed by Apple and Google, respectively, but they also add an extensive number of features to your already robust infotainment center. Connecting your iPhone or Android device is a seamless process, and once connected, you may access a wealth of your smartphone’s features. Amongst these accessible features, you can make and send hands-free phone calls and text messages, and access your playlists. In addition to this, you may also utilize Apple or Google maps, access personal assistants such as Siri, and even download more apps through an on-board app store.


The interior of a 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray is shown, see one yourself at your local Chevy dealer.

Chevy has supplied the 2021 Corvette with a respectable amount of safety features. All models come equipped with an HD Rear Vision Camera, but those who invest in the 2LT or 3LT trim levels will also receive an HD Front Vision Camera. This year, Chevy is introducing a new safety feature to the 2021 Corvette known as Standard Buckle To Drive. What this technology does is lock the gear shifter upon turning on the vehicle for 20 seconds or until you’ve put your seatbelt on. This technology has been implemented to remind more drivers to wear their seatbelts while driving. In addition to this, Teen Driver technology is integrated into the 2021 Corvette, which is the quintessential safety feature to get if you have a newly licensed driver in your household. Teen Driver allows parents to monitor how their child is performing on the road and even lets them set limits regarding speed. After their child is done driving, the Teen Driver system creates a report card of sorts to inform the parents of areas that need improvement.

Additional safety features that you may opt to implement include a Rear Camera Mirror, which uses your vehicle’s camera to send a high-quality video signal to your rearview mirror. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is also available for those who wish to opt for it, which utilizes an array of sensors situated on the rear-side of your vehicle. These sensors are used in situations such as reversing out of a parking space and can detect any potential obstructions such as an oncoming vehicle. Rear Park Assist is another feature that also utilizes sensors from the back of your vehicle. These sensors work in tandem with your infotainment screen to give you extra visibility when reversing into a parking space. Chevy offers an available Side Blind Zone Alert for the 2021 Corvette, which is highly recommended as it helps enhance spatial awareness by notifying you if a driver is approaching your blind spot.

Shopping For A Corvette

Referring to the 2021 Corvette as just a stylish ride would be a massive understatement. Regardless of if you opt for the coupe or the convertible, the Corvette is sure to give you an incredible driving experience. Starting the process of shopping for your very own Corvette is as easy as visiting your local Chevy dealership and exploring their stock. Once you’ve found your ideal dealership, working alongside a sales team member will grant you an opportunity to ask any detailed questions, and you may even take the Corvette for a test drive. Between an impressive level of performance, robust safety features, and both a stylish interior and exterior, the 2021 Corvette has it all. Anyone looking for a new performance vehicle should certainly consider the 2021 Corvette as it’s the complete package.