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A red 2024 Kia EV6 is shown driving on a curved road.

Go Green, Save Green With a Kia EV

At every turn, it seems like you’re hearing about the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) models to hit the street. You’ve finally decided to get in on the action and switch from gas to electric. That’s exciting! So you open your internet browser and type in ‘EV Dealer near me,’ and what do you see, Tesla? No. Toyota? No. Kia? Bingo! Why Kia? Because electric cars aren’t just for the elite anymore. Kia puts the latest green technology into your hands with its stylish EV lineup that pushes the boundaries of what an EV can be.

Kia EVs are sleek, stylish, and affordable. The upscale feel of a Kia EV will rival those of expensive luxury brands that could set you back thousands more dollars and leave your budget begging for mercy. With models like the impressive EV6 making waves and earning titles like the 2022 Car of the Year from the prestigious European Car of the Year awards, a Kia EV is a wise investment for multiple reasons.

Ready to go electric? We’re sure you’ll be more than impressed with the value and engineering of Kia’s latest EV lineup. Check out the Kia EV family before you get into the driver’s seat. We’ve gone over the latest electric offerings from the innovative automaker to make picking out your new green machine a shockingly good time that won’t burn your budget.

The Niro EV

The Niro wasn’t always electric but started its life in 2016 as a hybrid before completing its evolution to a fully-fledged electric vehicle in 2018. Now, with the release of the 2024 Niro EV, drivers can go farther than ever, thanks to the model’s range of 253 miles per charge.

On the outside, the Niro EV is sporty but with an urban edge. We like that it looks great in both the city and suburbs, making it suitable for multiple lifestyles. The hatchback design makes it convenient to access the rear cargo area and arrange items without having to strain. But the best thing would have to be zero emissions. Who doesn’t want a great-looking car that reduces their carbon footprint?

A white 2024 Kia Niro EV is shown parked near an EV Dealer near me.

Go Green, Save Green With A Kia EV

While the Niro EV is eco-friendly outside, it is family-friendly inside. The cabin gives you seating for up to five while the wide windows and sunroof let in the sunshine, creating a vibrant and fun ride for your family trips, daily drives, errands, and more. Available features allow drivers to upgrade for additional comfort and convenience.

As for performance, we’re already digging with the crossover’s battery range, but the fact that it also has DC Fast charging capabilities really impresses us. If you’re new to EVs, there are usually three different charge levels. The typical Level 2 charging is standard and allows you to charge at home or at a power station. Level 1 is slower, but it gives you flexibility by allowing you to plug into a standard 120-volt outlet if needed. But DC Fast charging? That is Level 3 and currently only available at public charging stations. With the current 2024 Niro EV, DC Fast Charging can boost your battery by 80% in as little as 43 minutes! Charge up while you’re at the movies or eating dinner; your Niro EV will be ready to go whenever you are.

The Niro EV’s Drive Mode offers a little extra control when it comes to your vehicle’s performance. The simple push of a button lets you switch between Sport, Eco, and Normal modes to enhance traction and handling in a variety of situations. As for power? The 2024 Niro EV doesn’t disappoint, going from 0-60 in just over seven seconds. Drivers will enjoy the instant torque and feel of 201 hp, which is emission-free.

The EV6 Electric Crossover

Crossovers are great models that offer drivers the flexibility of a small SUV and a car; who doesn’t love them? Adding an all-electric model to the mix makes them even more appealing. Enter the award-winning EV6. The EV6 doesn’t demand your attention but gets it anyway with aggressive good looks that make it appear more like a high-performance vehicle than a compact green car. Remember when electric cars were boxy and awkward? From the looks of the EV6, electric car design has come a long way. The EV6 looks like it would be out of your price range, but great news: the EV6 is an investment you won’t regret. The body is Kia’s first model to employ an exclusive Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) that makes the EV6 lightweight but highly durable.

The five-passenger sporty crossover was designed to elevate the driving experience, thanks to a cabin loaded with smart tech for a user-friendly experience that makes driving fun and rewarding for drivers and passengers. Ample cargo space and features like heated front seats give you plenty of convenience and luxury, while the performance adds a jolt of excitement to even the most mundane of drives. Every part of the EV6 was designed to deliver a smooth, balanced drive. It comes standard with rear-wheel drive, but upgraded trims feature advanced Torque-Vectoring e-AWD driven by dual motors for instant acceleration and increased traction.

When upgraded to the high-end GT-Line trim, the EV6 has the potential of 446 lb-ft of torque, along with a response time of 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. If that sounds impressive, it is. The EV6 beat out big names like the high-performance 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe in testing. A handful of exciting trims let you pick your level of desired performance, so you never have to worry about being left in the dust.

Besides performance, the EV6 offers drivers freedom thanks to numbers like a 310-mile EPA estimated range. Like other vehicles in the Kia electric lineup, the EV6 gives you the flexibility to charge from home or on the go. A 240-volt power station lets you plug in while you sleep. On the go, recharging is no problem. The EV6 is equipped for DC Fast charging for a power boost on the road. At the moment, there are over 41,000 charging stations across the USA. Connecting with the Kia Connect app helps you plan your route and see available charging stations along the way.

A blue 2024 Kia EV9 is shown driving on a winding road.

Kia’s EVs are Shockingly Impressive

The Kia lineup is an attractive family of green powerhouses waiting to take you for a spin. And the best part? Kia is adding to their EV selection with the introduction of the all-new 2024 EV9! This is a big jump for Kia, considering the EV9 is a whole lot of car. Can you imagine a full-size SUV with lots of power and zero emissions? If you’re in the market for a new EV, now is an exciting time to buy. Kia makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint and make the change in style with its electric vehicles.

People used to think that EVs were futuristic, expensive, and complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. Kia makes it simple to charge up your car while you sleep, grab lunch, or take a road trip. Flexible charging options let you juice up your battery from your driveway or access one of the 41,000+ public charging stations across the US. It’s easy to use the Kia app to track your route and keep your battery boosted along the way. With a Kia EV’s potential to go several hundred miles, in a Kia EV, there is less stopping and more exploring. Invest in the future when you go green with Kia!