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A silver 2022 Ford Edge ST is shown driving on a city street.

Family Time Has Never Been This Good on the Road

Do you need a new family car? If you’re looking for an SUV that provides plenty of tech, interior comfort, and can also boast plenty of safety features, then look no further than the 2022 Ford Edge. With standard all-wheel drive and loads of cargo space, the Edge is an SUV both capable and roomy without being too large for city parking duty. Ride height is high for excellent driver sightlines, and fuel efficiency will keep your family bank account on budget. Ford knows how to make a vehicle that straddles interior luxury with a toughness that means the Edge can handle harsh driving conditions as easily as it takes on your kids adding their own wear and tear.

For 2022, the Ford Edge gets a new Adventure Package that will add both spunk and style to family vacation time with 18-inch all-terrain tires, a faux leather interior in the Navy Pier color scheme of light blue and gray with pops of orange, and sporty black exterior details from the grille and roof rails. A new black appearance package is available for entry-level trims to add a sporty look to the exterior with glossy black wheels, grille, and other exterior details. Perhaps the best news about the 2022 Edge is that Ford has made all-wheel drive standard on every trim, so if you live in a snowy climate or live on a back road, you will have all the capability you need to get wherever you need to go.

The black and silver accented interior of a 2022 Ford Edge ST shows the steering wheel and center console.

Technology for the Road

Ford’s SYNC 4A system is the most intelligent infotainment system Ford has ever created, with the capability to learn from the way you interact with your Edge. The SYNC 4A system will remember things like your regular commute or places you frequently go so it can recommend options to avoid heavy traffic. It keeps track of the apps you use most often so it can offer to make a shortcut on the touchscreen, and it can keep track of numerous profiles for different drivers. For instance, if you have a preferred cabin temperature, music playlist, and settings for other conveniences, the SYNC 4A system will remember them and make sure they are set for you every time you drive.

Such a convenience as the incredible SYNC 4A system amazingly comes standard for all 2022 Ford Edge trims, and it includes a large 12-inch touchscreen. When you’re in the car running errands or traveling on long trips, the kids can stay busy with their devices if you equip the 4G hotspot that can support up to ten devices at once and at a distance of up to 50 feet from the Edge. Every trim also comes with four charging ports so everyone can stay connected in both the front and back seats. Even the entry-level SE can be optioned with the rear-seat entertainment system so parents can put on movies or streamed content for the kids while they drive.

Even with the long list of standard tech already mentioned, Ford includes more. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow users to share certain apps from their smartphones to the infotainment system so content can be streamed or shared. SiriusXM comes standard as a three-month trial, and of course, you can link your smartphone via Bluetooth for hands-free calling and texting. Thanks to the upgraded SYNC 4A system, voice recognition is better than ever. Ford has done a great job with offering incredible tech for the family in the 2022 Edge, and everything included from the most affordable to the poshest trim is generous with features for entertainment and connectivity, not to mention the ultimate convenience.

Ample Convenience Features

Though Ford is often most well-known for the capability of its trucks, Ford also knows how to deliver on luxuries. The 2022 Edge has plentiful convenience features that make it feel like a comforting space where you want to spend time. Even at the entry-level, comforts like dual-zone climate control and a particulate air filter for the cabin are little things that make a big difference. Conveniences like a capless fuel filler, LED headlights, and a laminated windshield to reduce highway noise are all part of what you get for any trim level. Because Ford is so tuned into performance for adverse terrain, the standard all-wheel drive is a boon.

When ranging into the upper trims, conveniences verge on luxury with available features like adaptive headlights that light the way around corners, rain-sensing wipers, and wiper-activated headlights that will change everything about how you drive when visibility is reduced. Winter won’t hold a candle to the Edge with your trusty camera washer to keep visibility clear for the rearview camera, and the whole family can get toasty with front and rear heated seats. The driver gets treated to a smorgasbord of conveniences like available adaptive cruise control, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and driver’s seat memory that can be tied into the SYNC 4A system to remember your preferences.

If you’re wondering whether or not the 2022 Edge can drive itself yet, the answer is: almost. For the uppermost trims, an available semi-autonomous parking system can help you handle parking duty in both parallel and perpendicular spaces. The Edge will handle the steering while you manage the brakes, and with the hardest part being the steering, parking should be a snap no matter what kind of space you find. Of course, the Edge has those delightful extras like available wireless charging, a hands-free liftgate, and a panoramic sunroof if you wish to add them to your SUV. Then the leather upholstery and Bang and Olufsen audio system are just cherries on the sundae.

A 2022 Ford Edge Titanium Elite is shown from the side on a city street.

Safety for Your Family

This year, Ford gives the 2022 Edge a full suite of driver-assist safety features with Ford CoPilot 360. Auto manufacturers have gotten to the point where they realize these features are becoming the expectation now, so it stands to reason that buyers deserve to have auto emergency braking and forward collision prevention at the very least. Here, Ford does much more than the bare minimum by giving buyers of all trims several tech features to make driving on any road safer.

In fact, while Ford does provide pre-collision features to prevent accidents, it also adds a post-collision braking system that makes sure the Edge halts momentum if an accident can’t be entirely prevented. Sometimes, all the system can do is mitigate the damage to lessen the impact, and then a vehicle will keep moving to then potentially have a second or third impact after the first. Post-Collision Braking helps reduce the potential for a chain of impacts that can take place. Ford also takes a step other manufacturers don’t always offer with its SOS Post Crash Alert System that will flash the vehicle’s lights and activate the horn so the vehicle will be visible to other motorists who might not otherwise know you’re there.

Ford makes sure systems like the Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert and the Lane-Keeping System are on board, as well as Auto High-Beam Headlamps, which are all standard equipment. Behind the scenes, safety features that electronically assist without being so noticeable help with a number of driving situations to keep the Edge safer. Most vehicles come with hill start assist to prevent rolling backward on hills as well as traction and stability control, and Ford makes certain those are present in the 2022 Edge. Again, Ford goes above and beyond by adding torque vectoring control and roll stability control to help maintain better handling on curves or adverse terrain. You can feel the difference between an Edge and other SUVs that don’t employ these features, as you can take corners without feeling so much roll.

Give Your Family Travel Time an Edge

The 2022 Ford Edge has lots of conveniences for family time on the road, and its interior offers roomy rear seats that even adults will find comfortable and plenty of cargo space in the rear. From the handy cargo management system to the adaptive headlights, Ford has an Edge on its SUV competition, and the Ford Edge deserves a look if you plan to buy a new 2022 model.