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A close-up on the badge of a yellow 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage is shown.

Examining the 2024 Ford Bronco’s Array of Trim Options

I think most of us have a dream car list stowed away in the back of our minds. You know the list I am talking about – the one that is made up of a few drool-worthy vehicles we will probably never own for one reason or another. I definitely have a list, and the Ford Bronco has been on that list for some time now. Unfortunately, the introduction of the 2024 Ford Bronco hasn’t helped narrow my list down one bit.

Exuding that trademarked confidence and rugged appeal, the 2024 model is everything you could want in the Ford Bronco and then some. An array of trim options, each one loaded with its own greatness, might make it a bit difficult to choose just one. One look at the latest addition, and it will come as little surprise that the Bronco has amassed an almost cult-like following over the fifty-plus years it has been around.

What’s Around the Big Bend

This year, we are treated to nine distinct trims, starting with the entry-level Big Bend. In times like these, I am tempted to say “entry-level, schmemptry-level” to show my serious lack of support in calling the Big Bend “entry,” but I suppose one of the trims has to be it. Sliding in right under 40k, the Big Bend is available as either a soft-top four-door or a hard-top two-door. Alternative tops are available for anyone looking for a wider range of options.

The Big Bend sports a unique grille in Carbonized Gray, which matches when choosing the hard-top version. The grille also features White “BRONCO” lettering so you can proudly show your Bronco love. 32-inch all-terrain tires and tow hooks add to both convenience and looks. Inside, is an 8-inch display, leather-wrapped shifter and steering wheel, push-button start, and your average tech features round everything out. All Bronco models come with a Terrain Management System sporting specialized G.O.A.T. modes. The Big Bend offers six modes and is an ideal companion for light off-roading. Making memories is a given in the Bronco; you just have to decide which trim is right for you.

Shine Off-Road in the Black Diamond

The next trim in the line-up is the Black Diamond, stepping up the capabilities found on the Big Bend. With seven G.O.A.T. modes rather than six, the Black Diamond is better prepared for whatever comes its way. If rough off-road adventures are in mind, the second trim in the bunch is the one to consider. This Diamond can hit the road rough and comes with full-underbody bash plates, as well as front-end bash plates to protect the sensitive components on the Bronco when going over rocky or bumpy terrain.

Offering Trail One-Pedal Drive, navigating diverse terrain is made simpler and safer. For improved traction control, the Electronic-Locking Rear Axle helps get the Bronco out of slippery situations and makes off-roading even more exciting. Even the exterior reflects the Black Diamond’s intentions, with a steel bumper, rock rails, and a modified grille in black.

Like the Big Bend, the Black Diamond is decked out with Marine-Grade Vinyl for easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus, both trims come standard with a seven-speed manual transmission for driver control. If having a connection between you and your vehicle is important, then both the Black Diamond and the Big Bend are fantastic options.

Step Into the Outer Banks for Posh Comfort

Removing some of the off-road centric features and replacing them with upgraded amenities and comforts makes the Outer Banks trim a ride in luxury without sacrificing its off-road capabilities. Where our first two trims keep it a bit simple, using a Single Zone Manual Climate Control with Air Conditioning, our third trim steps it up with a Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control. Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start is carried through to this trim but also gains a Remote Start System for extra ease.

Since convenience is a theme with this trim, the manual is swapped out for a ten-speed automatic, and the Outer Banks even gains Trail Control and Trail Turn Assist, so you can still enjoy the great outdoors but skip the whole roughin’ it part. A sophisticated Connected Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System is standard and even includes Pinch-to-Zoom Capability, so navigating your next family vacation, or solo road trip is a breeze. To keep you comfortable during said road trip, the Outer Banks throws in heated front seats and replaces the vinyl with cloth for that extra cozy vibe.

The Badlands Is Bad to the Bone

If you are serious about off-roading and want a vehicle that is just as serious, then the Badlands trim is for you. Swapping gears, somewhat literally, the Badlands is equipped with a seven-speed manual like the first several trim options. The manual has the benefit of an Advanced 4×4 with Automatic On-Demand Engagement for an off-road experience you will love.

For added control and capabilities, the Badlands is equipped with an Electronic-Locking Front and Rear Axle to give you traction when you need it and when you want it. Delivering torque at just the right time is what separates sporty vehicles from off-road vehicles. Another added bonus of the Badlands is the addition of the Front Stabilizer Bar Disconnect. If you are familiar with off-roading, then you are aware of the benefits of such a feature, but if you aren’t, the tool essentially keeps you from rolling over on challenging terrain.

The ideal off-roader seamlessly combines comfort and capabilities, addressing the complaints of off-road enthusiasts. Using specialized suspension components, like the HOSS 2.0 System with Bilstein Position Sensitive Dampers, drivers get more control and a smoother ride. The Badlands is what off-road dreams are made of.

Get Wild in the WildTrak

The WildTrak is for those who have the need for speed off the pavement. Starting with a different grille design, the WildTrak comes out of the gate as a unique beast. The grille is painted Carbonized Gray like several other trim options are, but this grill is decked out with Black “BRONCO” lettering for a bold statement. Other components are pulled from previous trims, like front-end bash plates and a hearty steel bumper with tow hooks.

Equipped with all the greatest features, the WildTrak is a wild ride in the best way. An upgraded HOSS package, which includes FOX Internal Bypass Dampers and Ford Performance severe-duty steering rack and tie rod ends, gives you the support you need for intense off-roading action. The WildTrak even features a high clearance ride height to keep things intact when taking on the most challenging terrain. This is on top of the standards, like the included G.O.A.T. modes on all trims and the included off-roading extras found on some of the previously mentioned trims.

Along with an assortment of off-road features, the WildTrak also comes stacked with amenities that elevate this trim. Like the Outer Banks, which considers comfort and convenience, so does the WildTrak. Heated front seats, the advanced navigation system, and a slew of other goodies will probably have you finding excuses to go for a drive.

Moving Up to the Everglades and Beyond

Looking at the Everglades, it seems similar to the Badlands or perhaps the Black Diamond trim, but it is its own trim, just like the rest. It features bash plates and rock rails like previous trims, but it also throws in a Winch Kit for a helping hand in the harsh wilderness. The Everglades includes heavy-duty bumpers, a Snorkel System, and even Roof Rails so you can load up for uninterrupted adventure.

Beyond the Everglades trim is the viciously fantastic off-road beast – the Raptor. The Raptor is the only trim that claims possession of Unique Heavy Duty Full-Vehicle Steel Bash Plates, the ultimate protection for ultimate off-roading. Rock Rails are another first for the 2024 model trim line, but because of removable running boards. Even more impressive is that the Raptor is the only trim with a Heavy-Duty Modular Front Bumper that is decked out with Removable End Caps, a Rigid brand LED Fog Lamp, Off-Road Lamps, and a Front Bumperette to really make the Raptor stick out from the rest of its Bronco counterparts.

Tow hooks in the front and rear add a burly vibe but also increase practicality for getting out of a jam. An Upgraded Tow Package lets the Raptor meet its true towing potential, and a series of other Raptor exclusives set this trim as the king of the off-road. Oh, and if you want to make sure everyone knows how awesome your ride is, the Raptor comes with plenty of Raptor decals to show your pride.

Enjoy Vintage Style in the Heritage and Heritage Limited Edition

Since the sixties, the Bronco has been making the general population swoon. The simple fact is that the Bronco is a hit, and it will most likely continue to stun us with its design, capabilities, and more. With that being said, Ford offering two Heritage Editions comes as little surprise. Why not celebrate everything that contributed to your success?

The 2024 model offers the Heritage Edition trim and the Heritage Limited Edition trim. Hitting the retro button with nods to past Broncos, these blasts from the past are an exciting option. Outside, you can enjoy details like vintage white wheels or “dog-dish” style wheels paired with white walls. A unique grille with red stamped “FORD” emblazoned across the front, a hard-top in white, and bolt-on fenders are also a treat to the eye.

Inside, the vintage-inspired Broncos “see” plaid, either in cloth or leather – a fun and cool twist on the sophisticated yet daring interior of the Bronco. Bronco badging and heritage logos adorn select interior compartments to spread the retro aesthetic. Inside and out, the heritage trims are a pleasing trip to the past with the modern amenities we have come to depend on.

A grey 2024 Ford Bronco Big Bend is shown parked near a lake.

Which Bronco Are You?

The 2024 Ford Bronco line-up is filled with spectacular options for anyone who is looking to put a little excitement back into their lives. Nine trim options almost seem unfair, forcing us to choose from nine distinct and awesome trims. Of course, the positive of this is that whichever one you choose, you are sure to be happy with because there is really no wrong choice. From the Big Bend to the Heritage Limited Edition, the Bronco is your go-to companion for exploring the road less traveled.