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A red 2022 Ford Mustang GT500 and a grey GT500 Heritage Edition are shown angled toward each other.

COVID & Car Buying: Why It Pays to Pre-Order

The world as we know it began to change not even two years ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept headlines near and far, and among the industries drastically impacted by these changes was the automotive industry. Forced to redefine its operating procedures, dealerships across the nation began to offer even more ways to buy a vehicle, while automakers made it simpler to order online with the click of a mouse. As more and more drivers remained home, with many working remotely, the need for certain vehicles dissipated, while other vehicles skyrocketed to the top of the list, which caused many shifts regarding which vehicles dominated the industry, as well as how buyers were choosing to shop for these vehicles. It also caused many automakers, including Ford, Chevy, and others, to re-establish a better, quicker, more streamlined way of ordering a vehicle. When it comes to shopping for a car now, you may want to turn to pre-ordering your vehicle, and for the sake of research, we’re evaluating the Ford pre-order process and how this particular automaker makes it easy to get the car you really want for your travels.

How the Car Industry Has Shifted

The pandemic brought with it a lot of uncertainty, as well as a lot of unique challenges. Along with labor shortages came material shortages, which dramatically affected many industries across the world. The automotive industry was hit hard with chip shortages and rising costs of goods, which meant that something had to change in how the entire industry was structured. The good thing is that people are resilient, and when there’s a will to find a solution, we’ll work hard to find a way to get what we want.

This will to find a solution resulted in a pivot in how we purchase vehicles. Since there are now less vehicles rolling off assembly lines, due to material and labor shortages, this means that dealerships aren’t as stocked up on the vast inventory that they once had; however, this gives dealerships the chance to evaluate their buyers and find out what they really want to buy. Instead of just any model being packed onto the lot, the consumer is able to have more of a say when it comes to what they want in a vehicle. This practice not only benefits the shopper, who has the right options in front of them, it also benefits the dealerships, which aren’t loaded up with dozens of cars that may not sell. The pre-order process is a win-win for both consumers and dealerships, and if you’re wondering what pre-ordering entails, read on to learn more.

A white 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium is shown from the front on a sunny day.

What Is the Ford Pre-Order Process?

Like we mentioned above, for purposes of research, we’re evaluating the Ford pre-order process due to the fact that it’s not only filled with vehicles that meet the demands of many buyers everywhere, it’s also extremely streamlined and easy to navigate. By working with area dealerships, buyers are able to design the vehicle that works for their travel needs and custom order it on their time. This process means that there’s no need to traipse through a dealership’s lot being overwhelmed with options, only to finally settle on a model that’s just okay, because you’re downright exhausted. Pre-ordering means that you’re able to choose all of your vehicle’s specs, find the financing that works with your budget, and place your order. It’s really that simple.

Ford makes the entire process a breeze. By visiting its custom order website, you’ll be able to shop from the models available for pre-order, and it only takes a few seconds to get started with the process. All you need to do is enter your location and choose the dealership that you want to work with, and from there, the dealership will get in touch with you about your order. A professional team member will then help you build the ideal vehicle, assisting you with customizing it top to bottom, inside and out, from the engine to the trim level, wheel size to exterior color. You’re in charge of the process with a little help from the pros, and once you place your order, it only takes a few weeks to get your vehicle delivered.

Benefits of Pre-Ordering a Vehicle

The most obvious benefit of the pre-order process is that you’re able to customize your vehicle to really get the model you want. You’re not limited to just what resides on a dealership’s lot, which places you more in control of the entire process. Remember, many dealerships don’t have the inventory that they once had pre-pandemic, which means that the vehicle you really want may not be on the lot for you to buy. This makes pre-ordering a sure thing because you know you’re buying the vehicle that ultimately checks all of the boxes on your must-have list. From the model you want to all the bells and whistles you desire inside, if you’re looking to get your dream car, you’ll need to pre-order it.

The fun part about pre-ordering is that many brand-new models are now available to order, and with no guarantee of when they’re going to be on your local dealership’s lot, placing your order is a good idea. You’ll have access to some of the newest and most impressive models available, and what’s most appealing is that you’ll be able to get a jumpstart on making a new model yours when you choose to pre-order. With Ford’s pre-order process, it’s also nice to know that you’re able to make changes to your vehicle before you submit your final request, so if you do end up changing your mind on a feature or two, you’ll have plenty of time to revise your order.

Another benefit of choosing to pre-order your vehicle is being able to complete the process on your own time instead of having to carve out time to visit a dealership. Choosing the model you want online and getting in touch with a professional from your local dealership can all be done right from the comfort of home whenever you have the time to do so, which is very appealing to those who are finding it hard to make time to shop for a car. Speaking of your local dealership, it’s helpful to have a professional, who knows the ins and outs of the industry to assist you along the way. This way, you’re not completing the process on your own, which may cause you to have doubts. It’s also nice to know that help is just around the corner because you’re paired with a dealership in your area through Ford’s pre-order process.

A grey 2022 Ford Bronco Sport is shown kicking up snow after being purchased through a Ford pre-order process.

Pre-Ordering Your Next Vehicle

It may seem a little different, especially if you’re used to making time in your schedule to visit a dealership; however, pre-ordering is worth it. Now more than ever, we’re forced to settle for items that can be purchased now, with wait times for materials spanning months, and you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to your everyday vehicle. That’s why automakers, like Ford, paired with your area dealerships to make it so easy to find the car you want with the features you need, all for a price that works for you. Plus, being able to shop from home, perfecting your order with the help of a professional means being happier and more content with your purchase. So, the next time you’re shopping for a new car, try pre-ordering it and see just how streamlined, convenient, and better the entire process is from start to finish.