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A used Cadillac SUV 2014 Escalade in a driveway at night

Considering Cadillac for Your New Used SUV

Are you in the market for a “new” vehicle? Well, what about a Cadillac SUV? We know what you’re thinking: “these expensive vehicles definitely don’t fit into my budget.” Sure, that may be the case if you’re solely focused on new SUVs. However, by shifting your focus to a used Cadillac SUV, you may find that your financial limitations have disappeared.

Beyond the obvious financial advantages that a used Cadillac SUV provides (when compared to its newer counterpart), there are a number of additional benefits that customers can capitalize on. For instance, a certified pre-owned vehicle should eliminate any of the worries you have about a used vehicle, while the wealth of vehicle information should be a helpful guide during your search.

We’ve detailed many of these incentives below. Take a look at everything a used Cadillac SUV can provide to customers, and you’ll start to understand that you should be expanding your impending car search…

Advantage #1: Financial

There are obvious financial incentives that accompany the purchase of a used car, but these will be especially obvious if you opt for a pre-owned Cadillac SUV.

For starters, there’s no denying that Cadillac’s range of vehicles (including their stylish SUVs) are generally more expensive than rival vehicles. This may force many car buyers to completely ignore the brand, as these offerings prove to be too expensive for most customers’ budgets. However, by opting for a used version of a Cadillac SUV, you’ll be able to enjoy significant savings. Sure, a used Cadillac SUV will still be pricier than your standard used vehicle, but at least you can save some money when compared to the newer counterpart.

Furthermore, because of these savings, you may be able to get your hands on some special amenities that are generally unaffordable. For instance, when shopping for a new vehicle, you probably won’t be as willing to spend on, say, a sunroof. However, since you’re opting for a used vehicle, this amenity may fall into your lap!

Of course, there are a number of additional financial advantages that will vicariously be impacted due to your pursuit for a used vehicle. For instance, the down payment and monthly payments will surely be less pricey than those of a new vehicle. Insurance costs should also be lower, as will any other monthly fees.

Finally, beyond the obvious incentive of a lower price tag, opting for a used Cadillac SUV will also provide financial advantages that will come in handy in the future. Specifically, assuming your target used vehicle has already been on the road for several years, you won’t be responsible for tolerating most of the vehicle’s depreciation. Generally, cars tend to lose around half of their value after only three years on the road.

If you opt for a vehicle that’s even one-year-old, you’ve avoided the worst of these depreciation marks. This isn’t especially important if you’re planning on running your used Cadillac SUV into the ground. However, if you plan on eventually swapping this used ride out for a replacement, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t be eating as much money as usual.

It obviously isn’t any profound thought that used vehicles are less expensive than their newer counterparts. However, it goes beyond the monthly payments; as we’ve detailed above, opting for a used Cadillac SUV provides a long list of financial advantages that you may have been ignoring.

Advantage #2: Option of Certified Pre-Owned

We understand that buyers are a bit wary of used vehicles. After all, there’s no guarantee that the previous owner took care of the vehicle, and it can be difficult to identify any mechanical issue. These concerns are seemingly doubled when you’re dishing out good money on a used Cadillac SUV.

Fortunately, depending on where you purchase that vehicle, there’s no need to worry. Many dealerships tend to sell certified pre-owned vehicles, which are essentially used vehicles with much more credibility. Certified pre-owned vehicles are generally required to go through extensive inspection processes, assuring that they’re worthy of hitting dealership lots. Once the brand or dealership is confident that the used vehicle is good to go, only then will it be available to customers.

Furthermore, to emphasize how reliable and trustworthy these certified pre-owned vehicles are, many brands and dealerships accompany these rides with warranties. That way, in the unlikely event that you do come across any issues with your used Cadillac SUV, you can rest easy knowing that the impending repairs or maintenance won’t break the bank.

If a dealership doesn’t offer certified pre-owned vehicles, there’s no need to worry; dealerships are generally plenty reputable and trustworthy in today’s day and age. However, if you can’t get over the perceived “unreliability” of used vehicles, these certified pre-owned vehicles may ease your anxiety.

A used Cadillac SUV, maroon 2017 XT5 under a bridge

Advantage #3: Available Information

As we previously mentioned, many customers are somewhat skeptical when it comes to used vehicles. How can you be completely sure that your targeted used Cadillac SUV will actually last for several years on the road?

Fortunately, customers now have access to a wealth of information, and these details should calm many of your nerves. For instance, many used vehicles are now accompanied by vehicle history reports, allowing customers to monitor their targets rides maintenance and accident history. That way, if your targeted vehicle has come across any issues, you’ll know about it before opting for a purchase. Of course, considering Cadillac’s reliability, this shouldn’t be anything to be alarmed by… but we don’t blame you for preferring to be safe than sorry.

Furthermore, since a used Cadillac SUV has presumably been on the road for several years, you can better pick the model that fits your specific needs. For instance, if you find that one particular nameplate sees reduced performance after several years on the road, it may be better off to avoid this model. On the flip side, if another nameplate has been touted for its dependability and longevity, then that vehicle should earn a spot atop your list of targets!

Advantage #4: Variety

Even if you’re focusing in on a used Cadillac SUV, you should be prepared to keep your options open when shopping around for your “new ride.”

Presumably, you’re opting for a used vehicle because you’re motivated by your budget. Therefore, your final decision should come down to financials. This requires a bit of flexibility on the part of the buyer; a customer will have to be patient if they’re hoping to secure the best-possible financial deal.

On the flip side, if your used-car hunt is motivated by money, then you should be more willing to keep your options open. There are surely a number of used Cadillac SUV models that you could end up opting for, but you might not recognize the benefits of each nameplate until you realize the accompaning price tag.

In other words, keep an open mind as you’re shopping around for a used Cadillac SUV. While you may have ordinarily ignored a particular nameplate, the financial benefits of this model may be too good to ignore!

A Cadillac SUV may simple be an unrealistic choice for car buyers. However, by shifting your focused to used Cadillac SUVs, you may find that it’s easier to fit these particular vehicles into your budget.