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A black 2024 GMC Terrain is shown driving on a highway after visiting a GMC dealer.

Choosing the Right GMC SUV

Nestled between the power and performance of Chevy and the unique sophistication of Cadillac, GMC is one of the most unique brands in the automotive industry. Bridging the gap between these two worlds might seem like a difficult challenge, but all it takes is one brief look to understand that it’s not only a possible feat but also one where GMC excels. In a world where the SUV continues to gain traction each year as the most popular vehicle class, choosing one from the vast array of makes and models can sometimes seem difficult. With their penchant for style that matches performance, GMC produces a lineup of SUVs that can deliver the goods on the job site while cradling you in the lap of luxury. Whether you’re planning that trip to your local GMC dealer or in the market for a new vehicle, we think you’ll enjoy the information we’re presenting today.

GMC Terrain

The crossover SUV is the most popular choice among drivers, so much so that manufacturers are churning out new versions at an alarming rate. Finding anything that stands out in the crowd almost seems like an impossibility, but not for the GMC Terrain. Competing against the likes of the Honda CR-V and Kia Sportage, GMC brings its own take on the crossover model to the forefront. Sharing the same powertrain as its sibling, the Chevy Equinox, the Terrain is powered by a 1.5L Turbo I-4 engine that pairs with a nine-speed automatic transmission. While you might not qualify for the Indy 500 with the Terrain, its city MPG of 24 and 29 highway make it effective at going farther for less.

When it comes to being comfortable while traveling long distances, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot are all standard. Like the other offerings from GMC, the top-tier Denali trim features a leather interior and a heads-up display. The AT4 trim is more than capable of enabling you to indulge in your off-roading passions. Like the Chevy Equinox, the Terrain has an impeccable reputation for safety and can be equipped with adaptive cruise control to reduce driver fatigue over long stretches of highway driving.

A blue 2024 GMC Acadia is shown parked off-road.

GMC Acadia

Despite the rise in popularity that the crossover has achieved in recent years, there still exists a need for three rows of seating and storage that allows for more passengers and larger cargo loads to be transported efficiently. Those who require both of these capabilities in a mid-size SUV will be more than pleased with what the GMC Acadia offers. Three rows of seating is just the beginning of its lengthy list of positive attributes. Despite its larger size, it still has a reasonable emphasis on practicality, which begins with its 2.5L Turbo I-4 engine. Abandoning the V6 that was offered in recent years, the new engine has some power to bestow in the form of 328 horsepower. For those who fancy towing and trailering, a capacity of 5,000 lbs is more than enough to compete with the likes of the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot.

Despite these workhorse qualities, the Acadia is gifted with plenty of luxuries to make the commute more pristine and comfortable. A new infotainment screen that spans 15 inches and a standard 12-speaker stereo system from Bose are both items that are worth screaming and shouting about. With the available 16-speaker system, you can scream as loudly as you want. The music will still be quite audible. Standard adaptive cruise control certainly sweetens the deal, and available captain’s chairs can heighten the stylistic aesthetic that many luxury-minded drivers gravitate towards.


Back in the days when SUVs came in two sizes, large and larger, few vehicles had a commanding presence quite like the Hummer. The Hummer was the ultimate status symbol inspired by the prevalent military vehicles during Operation Desert Storm. You can’t keep a good thing down for too long, and GMC has resurrected the vehicle once more. But there’s been a slight change—the revived Hummer is an EV. That’s right, the Hummer has gone electric, much to the delight of those who are looking to bypass the pump altogether, not to mention environmentalists for whom the original Hummer was Public Enemy Number One. There are two powertrain setups for GMC’s electrified warrior, one that propels the vehicle forward with 625 horsepower and the other with a whopping 1,000 horsepower.

For those who crave adventure, the Hummer EV has plenty of attributes such as four-wheel steering and crab walking for conquering any terrain. With upwards of 300 miles on a full charge, you’ll have much less downtime in between excursions. True to form, the interior of the Hummer has been decked out with various trappings from GMC, including navigation and an infotainment screen that spans 13 inches. Adaptive cruise control is standard, but GM’s hands-free driving mode, known as SuperCruise, is available to reduce driver fatigue and make any adventure easier.

A red 2023 GMC Yukon Denali is shown parked on the side of a dirt road.

GMC Yukon and Yukon XL

While the average size of the SUV has changed drastically in the past several years, the remnants of the old design thought of “bigger is better” still exist among us in the modern era. The siblings of the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL are the high ends of the heavy-duty, full-size SUV. If you need over 100 available cubic feet of storage space, superior towing capacity, and seating for up to eight passengers, but also have a taste for some of the finer things in life, look no further. GMC’s titans of the road come with three available engines that break the mold. These consist of a 5.3L V8 that boosts 355 horsepower and a 6.2L that raises this level to 420. A 3.0L Duramax turbocharged diesel engine that generates 277 horsepower and an impressive 460 lb-ft of torque is available if you’re looking for more. All of these are paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission for performance that pushes things to the limit and then just a little bit farther. A maximum towing capacity of 8,400 lbs makes the Yukon adept at carrying larger-than-average loads in one trip.

An SUV for Every Need Within Your Reach

Any manufacturer can produce a line of vehicles that can cater to the needs of a select clientele. As we’ve seen today, the offerings from GMC cater to any driver’s needs, no matter what they might be looking for in a vehicle. From the Terrain with its economical engine and simplified handling to the Acadia’s four cylinders and three rows, GMC offers an SUV to facilitate any driver’s desires. The recent resurrection of the Hummer with its electrified powertrain proves just how far the EV has come in terms of performance, and the boisterous Yukon and Yukon XL are both fine examples of taking performance and capability to the furthest limits of expectation and exceeding them successfully. With the development of the AT4 trim, GMC proves that refined off-roading can be given to the masses, and the Denali trim is there for those with lofty expectations of sophistication and luxury. No matter what you might be looking for, GMC makes an SUV perfectly suited for any situation.