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A black 2019 GMC Terrain stands victorious in 2019 GMC Terrain vs 2019 Ford Escape in a city

2019 GMC Terrain vs 2019 Ford Escape: Which is the Better SUV?

If you’ve been thinking about shopping for a new SUV, then you may have been considering the 2019 GMC Terrain vs 2019 Ford Escape. Both SUVs have similarities, but there are some differences in features. As a savvy consumer, you want to know details like which SUV delivers more horsepower or has better fuel economy. Let’s delve into the specifics to see whether the new GMC Terrain or Ford Escape is the better SUV and more ideally suited to your current lifestyle and driving needs.

Power and Performance

Power is an important word when you think about a vehicle. Does it have a powerful engine? Will I save money on fuel? These are great questions to ask when shopping for a vehicle. You want to find one that is reliable but delivers that great performance so you can take off on the highway or doesn’t lag when you step on the gas pedal at a stoplight.

As far as horsepower the 2019 GMC Terrain delivers 170 HP at 5,600 rpm and 203 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm while the 2019 Ford Escape has 168 HP at 6,000 rpm and 170 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm. The Terrain offers a 15.6 gallon fuel tank compared to the 15.7 gallon tank in the Escape. However, you will get slightly better fuel economy with the Terrain at 26 MPG in city driving and 30 MPG on the highway. When driving the Escape, the average fuel economy is 21 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway.

Both the Terran and the Escape are offered in four-wheel-drive -configurations.

There are 4 trim packages for the Terrain that offer a diesel engine, so that can be advantageous when it comes to saving fuel costs.

Design and Interior Comfort

Design is an important factor when you think about purchasing a vehicle. You want to buy a car, truck, or SUV that suits your sense of style and personality, but also measures up in other areas like performance and reliability. The Ford Escape features bolder lines as compared to the more streamlined and sleeker look of the Terrain.

The EPA classifies the Terrain as a Sport Utility Vehicle and the Escape as a Small Sport Utility Vehicle. Both SUVs have similar interior dimensions. However, there is slightly more front leg room in the Escape and more leg room in the second row in the Terrain. You can fit up to 5 passengers in both vehicles. The Terrain has 4.5 cubic feet of more passenger space than the Escape.

Most of us love convenience; especially since we all live busy lives. If you decide to purchase the Terrain, you will benefit from easier transitioning from passenger space to cargo space with an automatic switch. This convenient feature allows you to automatically lower the rear seats in the SLE, SLT, and Denali trim levels of the Terrain. This feature is not offered in the Escape.

Mechanical Considerations

If you are looking for a smoother ride, you may want to consider buying the Terrain. It has a 1.4 inch longer wheelbase than the Escape, so you will enjoy better quality ride in the Terrain. Motor Trend has a designated “Figure Eight” move that the Terrain Denali AWD can maneuver much more quickly than the Escape SE. Maneuverability is better in the Terrain due to the 17-inch wheels that have a 1.3 foot tighter turning circle than in the Escape.

Keeping your tires well-inflated is important. With the Terrain, you will benefit from a standard easy tire fill system that alerts the driver when the tires need to be filled and how much pressure is needed. This is not offered with the Ford Escape.

A closeup of the push button start on a 2019 GMC Terrain Denali

Ergonomic Features

We don’t always consider the way windows open and close in the vehicle, but the Terrain has more ergonomic windows that add to your convenience and comfort. The front and rear power windows in the Terrain open fully with only one touch and you don’t have to hold the switch down. When you go to the drive-in or are at a toll booth, you’ll love the driver’s side window in the Terrain that automatically closes. A great convenience feature for you when you’re on the go. With the Escape, the driver’s window is the only one that opens fully automatically. You have to hold the power switch down the entire time the other windows open.

Most people don’t like getting into a hot car in warm weather. If you drive the Terrain, you can use the keyless remote to lower all the windows when you’re at a distance. This can let out that hot, stuffy air before you enter the SUV. With the Escape, you can only open and close the windows when you’re in the vehicle with the ignition on. Another win for the 2019 GMC Terrain.

Heated seats are nice in cold weather, but air-conditioned seats are a nice feature too that are offered more often these days in new model vehicles. With the Terrain Denali trim level, there is an optional air-conditioned seat feature for the driver and front passenger. You will not find any air-conditioned seating options in the Ford Escape. We love this feature in the Terrain Denali trim level.

When driving in colder weather, it can sometimes be difficult to see out of the side mirrors. A nice feature that comes standard in the GMC Terrain are heated outside mirrors to enhance visibility. These are not available in the Escape as standard features but come at an extra cost. The Escape S trim level does not offer the added feature of heated outside mirrors.

We all want to be comfortable when driving or riding in a vehicle. This is especially true in colder winter weather. Heated front seats are available in both the GMC Terrain and The Ford Escape. The Terrain Denali trim level offers optional heated rear seats so your passengers can ride in comfort as well. However, none of the Escape trim levels offer heated rear seats. This is another win for the GMC Terrain.

Driving when someone behind your vehicle has their high beams on is often annoying and distracting. With the Terrain SLT and Denali trim levels, automatic dimming rear and side view mirrors come standard. This automatic darkening feature when headlights shine on them is great and can help you drive more safely. An automatic rearview mirror is offered on the Escape in certain trim levels, but not the side mirrors.

A Clear Winner

So, after hearing all the facts about which SUV performs better, has better fuel economy, and offers more technology and safety features—you need to decide which one is better for you. Both vehicles are great and offer drivers excellent features. However, it seems like the 2019 GMC Terrain is slightly better than the 2019 Ford Escape. Now, it’s up to you to choose.