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A green 2024 Chevy Trax Activ is shown from the front at an angle.

Chevy Manufactures Vehicles for Busy Lifestyles

Nowadays, there is barely time to grab a bite to eat, let alone stop to unload one vehicle to load another; you need a vehicle that can get you to work, pick up the groceries and the kids, and haul whatever equipment and supplies are needed for after-work activities all rolled into one. In other words, you need a multi-purpose vehicle that helps streamline your often chaotic life.

Luckily, Chevy offers various choices that answer this need. From the newly redesigned Trax to the family-friendly Traverse to the rough-and-tumble Colorado, a Chevy can get you where you need to be with ease—and you can find all three of these at your neighborhood Chevy dealer.

Chevy has a long history of reliability, versatility, and the latest innovations in safety and driver assistance features. They don’t simply design vehicles that look good on the road; they build them with purpose, and this attention to detail can be found throughout their entire lineup, giving you the confidence to choose the Chevy that best fits your needs. Let’s review the Trax, Traverse, and Colorado to see how easily these three could seamlessly fit into your life…

The Chevy Trax

The Chevy Trax is Chevy’s smallest gas-engine subcompact crossover SUV, but don’t be fooled by its diminutive stature. It packs a powerful punch in its 178.60-inch frame. The Trax initially hit the scene in 2013 but wasn’t available in the US until 2015.

At the time, the Trax was meant for drivers who wanted an elevated driving position while sticking to their budget. Its small size made it perfect for navigating city streets and parking in tight spaces, and drivers loved the easy-to-access cargo space via the hatchback opening. And while Chevy shocked the automotive industry by saying goodbye to the Trax in 2022, it had an ace up its sleeve with a clever redesign for the 2024 model year; the all-new Trax is better than ever and ready to take on whatever you throw at it.

With Chevy Safety Assist—Chevy’s dynamic collection of driver assistance features—as standard, the Trax offers ample protection and support whether it’s you behind the wheel or the newest driver in the family. Having a vehicle that anyone in the family can easily drive is only part of helping you tackle your busy life. The Trax also offers a second row that easily folds flat, letting you grab that extra carton of water or stop by the nursery for a few more bags of mulch.

It also offers the latest in technology features with available USB charging ports, an eight-inch or 11.0-inch HD color touchscreen (depending on your trim level), and a seamless connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This connection not only keeps you and your passengers entertained during the drive but also helps you stay connected to last-minute changes in your schedule.

With five trim levels to choose from, you can find the configuration that matches your needs best. Plus, all trim levels offer up to 28 MPG in the city and 32 MPG on the highway, making your trip from point A to point B more efficient with fewer stops along the way.

A red 2024 Chevy Traverse is shown from the rear at an angle after leaving a Chevy dealer.

The Chevy Traverse

If you need a bit more room for passengers and cargo, the 2024 Chevy Traverse is a fantastic, family-friendly choice. It seats up to eight people and has a best-in-class cargo volume of 98 cu.ft.

This midsize SUV fits in quite well, whether waiting in the drive-thru line, gliding through the carpool lane, or taking the family on a weekend camping adventure. It has everything you need packed into one exceptional design and more. Whether you choose the first-ever off-road-ready Z71 trim or the classy new RS trim, you’ll love how the Traverse simply makes life easier.

Speaking of the Z71, this off-road-ready trim gives you precisely tuned suspension, all-wheel drive, 18-inch All-Terrain tires, Hill Descent Control, trailering equipment, and more. It is the perfect choice if you live off the grid or enjoy taking the road less traveled with friends and family. Plus, Chevy’s array of driver assistance features shifts seamlessly from backroads to city streets, so there’s no need to stop and trade vehicles along the way. And we can’t forget to mention the premium cushioned seating and tech features that keep you connected and entertained whether you’re headed down the street or on a long road trip.

No matter which 2024 Traverse you choose, you’ll enjoy the standard 17.7-inch touchscreen, an 11.0-inch Driver Information Center, and the available HD Surround Vision. Under the hood, the Traverse comes to play with an impressive new turbocharged 2.5L engine option that leaves the former V6 engine in the dust—and when adequately equipped, you can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

Whether you choose the base Traverse or the top-of-the-line trim, you gain all the convenience, technology, and comfort needed to make this SUV your everyday vehicle.

A red 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss is shown from the front at an angle.

The Chevy Colorado

You might be surprised to see a truck listed in a lineup that helps streamline your busy life. After all, trucks are typically meant for one purpose—and that’s usually work-related—but they have recently taken on a new life, making them excellent choices for workers and families.

The Chevy Colorado proves this with its user-friendly features and smart design. To start, the Colorado offers a choice between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, making it easy to tackle any terrain you intend to face. Likewise, its 2.7L Turbo engine gives you an option between 237 or 310 hp, depending on your expected capability needs.

When it comes to staying connected and keeping organized, the Colorado offers a standard 11.3-inch Advanced Color LCD display with Google Built-in; this means the tech part of your life flows easily from laptop to phone to vehicle in just a blink of an eye. The Colorado also improves organizational capabilities with a generous center console and an available bedliner with integral storage compartments. Plus, if you need more interior cargo space, you can fold down the back row of seats.

Still, the Colorado is a truck, and with that comes the ability to throw baseball equipment into the bed or supplies needed to revamp the bathroom at home—and you can better access this bed with the available EZ Lift and Lower Tailgate. Furthermore, the Flex Utility Package helps your truck bed work harder for you with cargo tie-down rings, reconfigurable bed rails, a bed protection mat, and a flexible off-road splash guard.

There’s even a rear bumper cornerstep that helps you and your family get into the bed with ease. Also, if you’re accessing the bed in the evening hours, you’ll enjoy the available cargo bed LED lighting and standard cab-mounted cargo area lamps. So, as you can see, the Colorado isn’t simply a truck—it’s a great option for busy families on the go who enjoy the flexibility a truck offers.

Explore the Capabilities of a Chevy for Yourself

Whether you need a vehicle with great fuel efficiency or one that allows you and your passengers to fully enjoy the great outdoors, the Chevy lineup offers several options to tame your busy lifestyle. And what’s not to love when your vehicle works with you rather than against you?