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A black 2024 GMC Canyon is shown driving from a dealer with a GMC Canyon for sale.

Buyer’s Guide to the 2024 GMC Canyon

Without a doubt, 2024 is the best year in a while for the GMC Canyon. Last year, it underwent a redesign, debuting its third generation. This year, the Canyon perfects the innovations that arrived with the 2023 model. For instance, the optional 11-inch touchscreen was popular on certain trims for the 2023 GMC Canyon redesign. It is now standard on all trims for 2024. The 2024 GMC Canyon is the idealized version of this third-generation pickup truck, making it the smartest truck purchase you can make this year.

When you see a GMC Canyon for sale, you’ll no doubt be won over by its impressive stature and imposing front grille design. With its massive wheels, this pickup truck looks ready to drive straight through mountains. As awe-inspiring as its looks are, much of what makes this pickup thrive is either under the hood or inside the cabin. The Canyon often gets compared to the Chevy Colorado, which it admittedly is quite similar to. However, it’s a bit bigger than the Colorado, which means if you’re looking at this class of pickup truck, you might as well go with the best: the 2024 GMC Canyon. We’re going to talk about what’s under the hood and the top trims that can turn this fantastic truck into a phenomenal one.

Towing and Payload Come First

Far too many pickup trucks have a nice design, perhaps a flashy front end or some infotainment features that they can brag about, but end up being a letdown when it comes to the true purpose of a pickup: capability. Cutting back on towing capacity should be a dealbreaker for any pickup truck buyer. That’s why you should consider the Canyon’s towing capability before anything else.

The Canyon can tow up to 7,700 lbs. That’s far more than the Canyon itself weighs. Its truck bed can handle quite a load, too, up to 1,640 pounds. The truck bed has a MultiStow tailgate, meaning you can store items inside the tailgate itself. This is perfect if you have small items you don’t want rolling around the bed, and your tie-downs are already keeping other luggage secure. This smart addition is just one of many reasons the GMC Canyon is such a smart buy.

Engine Power for Towing and Acceleration

What grants the GMC Canyon these excellent towing and payload capabilities? It’s under the hood. The Canyon is equipped with a powerful 2.7L I-4 turbocharged engine, cranking out 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. The Canyon takes off quickly despite its size, and you won’t feel any tugging or coughing as it continues to pick up speed as it barrels forwards. Once you’re cruising, you will experience a firm, steady riding experience that will keep your passengers both comfortable and impressed.

Even though this is a gasoline engine, its superior performance mimics trucks that rely on diesel, which is why the Canyon beats out so many in its class when it comes to capability. Its entry trim, the Elevation, can already outdo others because all trims come standard with the 2.7L engine. If you want even more control, opt for the Canyon’s optional four-wheel drive, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Starting With the Elevation

The Elevation is the entry-level trim of the Canyon. This standard version comes with the superior engine and the looks that have long defined the GMC Canyon. While other trims add plenty more, the Elevation does come with quite enviable aspects. One does not need to spend a lot to have some cool features. This base trim already supplies you with a keyless start and best-in-class torque. LED headlights will slice right through any evening fog, and the all-terrain tires mean you’ll be more than ready to handle the roads and off-roads. But moving up to the higher trims is where the fun really gets started.

A close-up on the front grille of a black 2024 GMC Canyon is shown.

Commanding Your Off-Road Thrills with the AT4 and the AT4X Trims

After towing and payload capabilities, being able to handle off-roading adventures should be a top priority for any truck. The 2024 GMC Canyon, however, doesn’t just perform well on the dirt. It thrives on it.

The standard Canyon already has a suspension designed to leave the pavement, providing 9.6 inches of ground clearance in stock form. If you want a higher lift, go for the AT4X or the AT4X AEV trim. These trims are geared specifically for those who like to blast across sand, dirt, or gravel. The AT4X AEV trim offers best-in-class ground clearance at 12.2 inches. This helps keep the truck’s underbody safe and sound, even on unpleasant surfaces.

The selectable drive modes will give you an additional sense of command. A pickup truck should always make you feel like you’re in complete control no matter the circumstances, and having multiple driving modes goes a long way to making this a reality. The available modes are Terrain, Normal, Tow/Haul, and Off-Road. The AT4X includes an additional Baja mode to master the dirt even more. This is another reason the AT4X trim excites those who embrace adventure.

Thanks to the Off-Road Performance Display, you can also stay alert on how your truck is performing while driving through more treacherous conditions. On the AT4X, this display can keep you updated on a wide variety of useful information while you’re off the beaten path. It can present a 3D image that shows your pitch and roll. If you have the Baja mode engaged on the higher trims, you can keep an eye on the steering angle and have a wheel slip indication to let you know if it’s getting a little too slick where you’re driving.

Classing It Up With the Denali

The Canyon already offers a lot of class and luxury. Whether you’re in the Elevation or one of the higher trims, you will be more than happy with its looks and comforts. But if you want to take luxury to the next level, it’s time for the Denali trim.

Denali is a name with a lot of power in the automotive world. It promises not just luxury but also a unique, modern look that outdoes everything else. The Denali trim merges the utilitarian nature of a pickup truck with the flair of luxury and sports vehicles. The Canyon Denali will make your passengers feel like they’re sitting in a truck of the future with its jet-black interior and teak accents. This vibe is assisted by the best in its class 11-inch Diagonal Digital Driver Information Display. This doesn’t just keep you up to date on your truck’s status but also adds a futuristic element to your truck’s inside.

To take it up yet another notch, your Denali gives you a multi-color 6.3-inch Diagonal Head-Up Display. In addition to looking cool, it provides information like speed and navigation projected right onto the windshield, meaning you never need to glance away from the road.

The small but important craftsmanship touches inside the Denali trim cannot be beaten. The perforated leather-appointed seating lets everyone know you take your sense of style seriously, and the laser-etched, open-pore wood trim adds a tasteful contrast to the Denali’s teak accents and overall modern feel.

Lest you think the fun is only on the inside, you’ll want to glance at the Denali’s wheels. You’ll be roaring down the highway with 20-inch Diamond Cut Aluminum Wheels that onlookers will find unforgettable. If you want to merge style with work, then the Denali trim is the one you need for your pickup truck.

A black 2024 GMC Canyon Denali is shown parked.

Finishing Touches

The interior of the GMC Canyon features stellar infotainment that will keep you and your passengers more than occupied during long trips. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will allow you to easily connect your devices wirelessly to your crystal clear touchscreen. A Wi-Fi hotspot is also available, keeping you in touch even when you’re in a more remote location. These are small touches, but they can make your travels much more enjoyable and enable you to remain an effective worker. The camera views and safety programs will allow you to travel with firm peace of mind, making the Canyon not just a powerful pickup but a safe and reliable one.

All these factors combine to make the Canyon the best midsize pickup truck purchase. From technology to capability and from design to value, the Canyon beats all other models. Take advantage of its new generation’s perfection and take a GMC Canyon for a test drive.