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A grey 2023 Honda Passport Trailsport is shown driving on a dusty trail.

Answering Your Top Questions About Honda SUVs

Driving down the highway, you’re bound to come across some Honda SUVs. As you pay more attention, you may discover that there are more models than you realize, transporting their occupants everywhere they need to go with confidence. Honda is one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry, and if you’ve got your eye on a Honda SUV, you’re certainly not alone. With all the options out there, however, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right one that will deliver the experience you’re looking for on the road. It’s understandable that you may have some questions regarding these popular SUVs, so let’s answer some of the most popular questions on the internet.

What Kinds of SUVs Does Honda Make?

SUVs appeal to a diverse range of drivers, which is why you’ll find many types of SUVs in the Honda lineup. From commuter-friendly companions to versatile everyday drivers, adventurous trail mates to family-sized transporters, you’ll find a whole slew of Honda SUVs ready to move you forward with confidence. Currently, the Honda SUV inventory consists of the HR-V, CR-V, Pilot, and Passport, which all range in size and capabilities to help drivers enjoy the experience they desire behind the wheel. This brings us to the next frequently asked question.

What Are the Different Sizes of Honda SUVs?

Now that you know the names of the various options in the Honda lineup, let’s talk about size. SUVs come in many sizes, from subcompact options to three-row haulers and everything in between. Fortunately, the Honda lineup includes a little bit of everything in its mix. Its subcompact HR-V is ideal for commuters and daily drivers who need to zip through traffic-laden streets with agility. Its small size and peppy engine make it easy to see why drivers are drawn to this petite traveler.

When you need more room but also want an SUV that’s easy to handle, the compact CR-V is a winner, with a spacious cabin and refined ride quality that allows it to stand out from the competition. This crowd favorite is also available as a hybrid model to appeal to those who prioritize efficiency during their drive, able to get up to 43 MPG in the city.

Some drivers are interested in SUVs that can transport their families around town, which is where the three-row Pilot excels. Plenty of room for up to eight, plus configurable seating, make this skilled SUV ideal for many families who need space and convenience features designed for any travel scenario. More adventurous families may gravitate toward the midsize Passport, which showcases two rows of seating and plenty of ruggedness to allow it to traverse challenging terrain with finesse like no other.

What Is Honda’s Best SUV?

Although all of Honda’s SUVs are exceptional, the compact CR-V is the brand’s best-selling SUV. Its versatility and ability to appeal to any driver make it one of the most popular in the industry. From its sporty feel behind the wheel to its small size, everyone from families to commuters, road trippers, and others can benefit from having a CR-V in their driveway. A frequent Car and Driver best seller and an IIHS Top Safety Pick, the CR-V showcases immense value on the road, marked by safety, efficiency, and an all-around great ride.

Is the Pilot or Passport Bigger?

Although both SUVs are geared toward family life on the road and both SUVs are considered to be in the midsize segment, the Honda Pilot is larger than the Passport. With three rows of space to the Passport’s two rows, the Pilot is able to transport up to eight comfortably. It also showcases more cargo volume than the Passport, able to handle up to 111.8 cu.ft. of cargo in 2023 models, compared to 100.7 cu.ft. in the rugged Passport.

What Is Honda’s Cheapest SUV?

As the smallest member in the lineup of Honda SUVs, the subcompact HR-V is also the cheapest out of the bunch. Don’t let its size and budget-friendly price tag fool you, though. This subcompact superstar is ready to influence your drive, with spunky handling, a well-laid-out cabin space, and legendary Honda reliability coursing through it. Reported to drive like a much more expensive SUV, the small-size HR-V can definitely wow you on the road.

The dash and interior is shown in a 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid Sport Touring.

Does Honda Have a Hybrid SUV?

The best-selling CR-V can also be enjoyed as a hybrid, which can really add some efficiency to your travels. Its 2.0L four-cylinder engine is paired up with two electric motors, which deliver a lively ride, with 204 horsepower pushing it forward. Perhaps what drivers are most interested in is its fuel efficiency, as this compact travel companion is able to get an estimated 43 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway. The CR-V Hybrid appeals to everyday drivers, especially those who frequently find themselves stuck in stop-and-go traffic, as this can really wreak havoc on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Is Honda Making an All-Electric SUV?

You’ll find that the all-electric Honda Prologue will be making its grand debut in 2024, armed with a modern yet rugged design and intense capabilities to propel your drive to new levels of excitement. Its stylish appearance and contemporary elements emanate futuristic vibes. With Honda engineering coursing through it, we can only expect that it will make quite a splash in the growing EV industry.

Are Honda SUVs Reliable?

If you want to ensure that your journey will be safe and comfortable in a vehicle that’s reliable and catered to your needs, Honda SUVs will deliver this experience. Honda SUVs have earned their fair share of awards and recognition, including five-star safety scores by the NHTSA, IIHS Top Safety Picks, and more. They carry some of the highest resale values in the industry due to this level of dependability paired with the strong reputation that the Honda brand has in the industry.

One of the most popular Honda SUVs, a blue 2022 Honda HR-V, is shown driving through a city intersection.

Why Buy a Honda SUV?

Whether you’re looking for a city-dwelling commuter, daring off-road explorer, family-friendly hauler, or anything in between, there’s a Honda SUV designed for your needs. It’s this level of versatility and these options that help propel Honda to the head of the pack when it comes to its selection of popular SUVs. Add to this the fact that Honda is one of the most respected names in the auto industry, marked by exceptional engineering and top-notch safety, and you’ve got some of the most trusted transporters on the road in the Honda lineup.

So, if a Honda SUV has captured your attention, we recommend checking one out at your local Honda dealer. If you’re in the mood for an affordable subcompact traveler that’s well-versed in navigating traffic, the HR-V may be right for you; however, if you’re looking for a compact option that’s comfortable, spacious, and easy to drive, the CR-V might be the one to go with. For families, the Pilot offers all the space you need to accommodate more people and gear, while the Passport and its bold athleticism make it easy to traverse any type of terrain with agility. No matter what size or which set of capabilities you’re looking for, the Honda lineup of SUVs is ready to take you to your destination with absolute excellence in every mile.