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A silver and red 2024 Street Triple R is shown driving near a building.

A Tale of Two Triumphs: The Trident 660 vs the Street Triple

Are you excited to shop for a new bike but less than thrilled to pay the new bike sticker price? We understand the dilemma firsthand, but there are many amazing pre-owned bikes out there that provide incredible performance at a more affordable price. Triumph is renowned for its rich history in the motorcycle industry, and used Triumph motorcycles for sale is renowned for its rich history in the motorcycle industry, and used Triumph motorcycles for sale like the Trident 660 and Street Triple continue that legacy. These middleweight naked bikes offer exceptional value, world-class handling, and the iconic style expected of the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Britain. But how can you decide between these two models? That’s what we’re here for as we dive into these best sellers to help you choose the perfect naked bike for your next ride.

A blue and red 2024 Triumph Street Triple R is shown parked on a street.

They’re Both Naked

While it may seem obvious, it’s still important to note that the Street Triple and Trident 660 are both naked bikes. But what does this mean? These bikes don’t have the fairings found on many touring and sport bikes. While fairings can help improve your experience in the saddle by reducing buffeting and minimizing rider fatigue, they can also work against you. Fairings add extra cost, make working on your bike more difficult, and are prone to damage. With a naked bike, you also don’t have the additional weight of the fairing impacting every turn, adding to the appeal and agility of the Street Triple and Trident 660.

One Is a Newb; One Is a Vet

Why does it matter that the Street Triple has a longer history in the Triumph lineup than the Trident 660? The Street Triple debuted in 2007, while the Trident 660 arrived in 2020. This tenure means several things. First, it’s easier to find used Street Triple models that run the entire spectrum of needs, from various price points to features. The Street Triple’s longevity in the fleet also means it’s easier to find more feedback on the model, which can be an advantage if you like to read through forums and research rider experiences with various motorcycles. That isn’t to say you won’t find information on the Trident 660, but with only three years in the lineup, it’s still carving its niche and building a following.

A popular used Triumph for sale, a 2024 Triumph Street Triple R is shown driving on a highway.

They Offer Two Distinct Levels of Power

Think of the Trident 660 as an entry-level roadster with a simple design and the heart of the Street Triple. Triumph strikes this balance by outfitting the Trident 660 with a liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine that produces 81 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque. Although this output gets lost in translation on the spec sheet, it’s best experienced in the saddle of the 417 lb bike. The bike’s lightweight design and ample power output make it agile, responsive, and easy to maneuver at any speed. Triumph ensures the Trident 660 is incredibly forgiving, outfitting it with antilock brakes, traction control, and two ride modes. The rider is positioned on a 31.7-inch seat that offers ample control over the bike. It’s a combination that makes the Trident 660 a joy to ride.

The Street Triple differentiates itself as the more powerful sibling. Triumph has done an excellent job of updating the Street Triple since its debut in 2007, with each new generation introducing more power and features. Models built since 2018 are among the most popular because Triumph exchanged the original 675 cc engine for a 765 cc three-cylinder for the fourth generation of the bike. As a result, models like the Street Triple Moto2 Edition offer up to 128 hp and feature upgraded brakes, a quick shifter, and shorter gearing for heightened performance.

The Difference in Dimensions and Weights

While power output is an important consideration when shopping for a motorcycle, it’s also critical to look at the bike’s size and weight. The Street Triple and Trident 660 are middleweight naked bikes, meaning their simplified designs aren’t solely for looks and also make them lightweight. However, this design is impacted by power output and your position in the saddle.

The 2020 Street Triple is praised as one of the best middleweight street bikes. Despite its extra power, it weighs only 417 lbs in running order, making it the same weight as the Trident 660. Triumph gives you more control over this power by outfitting the bike with a standard 32.5-inch seat or a lower 30.1-inch seat and modified suspension. As a result, the Street Triple’s lightweight design and potent engine make it incredibly agile and responsive compared to the more affordable Trident 660.

A 2024 Triumph Trident 660 is shown driving on a road.

Exceptional Stopping Power

Triumph motorcycles like the Street Triple and Trident 660 put plenty of power at your fingertips. However, stopping power is also critical. Fortunately, Triumph delivers by ensuring you have optimal control over your bike in urgent situations. Triumph equips the newer Trident 660 with a Nissin braking system that features two-piston sliding calipers with twin discs at the front and a single caliper and disc at the rear. However, the more performance-oriented Street Triple models are outfitted with upgraded Brembo brakes for heightened stopping power and responsiveness.

Plenty of Tech-Savvy Tools

Triumph’s naked bikes are known for their classic, simplified designs, but that isn’t to say you won’t find plenty of tech-savvy features on these models. The Street Triple and Trident 660 offer a broad range of features, depending on the model year. However, the Trident 660 has a significant advantage because of its recent entry into the Triumph lineup in 2020. When Triumph debuted the new model, the manufacturer ensured it offered all the bells and whistles, like optional Bluetooth connectivity via the My Triumph smartphone app. This system is a great perk because it gives you access to your smartphone, music playlists, GoPro, navigation system, and more.

You can enjoy similar features on newer Street Triple models, particularly the Street Triple RS. Triumph is quick to upgrade its performance-focused bikes with modern tech features, like an enhanced digital display with My Triumph connectivity. Likewise, you’ll enjoy Bluetooth capability that integrates with your phone, features navigational tools, and is compatible with your GoPro. Again, however, these tools require looking at newer, higher-end models that can impact your budget.

With Triumph, There’s No Wrong Choice

You gain a significant advantage by investing in a used Triumph motorcycle. Triumph’s incredible history in the global motorcycle industry is undeniable, with models like the Street Triple and Trident 660 paying homage to that legacy. These naked bikes embody everything Triumph has done well over the years, building lightweight bikes that provide distinct styling and are incredibly engaging to ride.

While the Trident 660 is a newer addition to the Triumph lineup, you may be drawn to the more potent Street Triple that offers outstanding agility and responsiveness. Plus, buying an older used bike will generally let you save even more money. Then again, you may find the Trident 660 is a better value because of its high-tech features and appeals to your needs as a new rider honing your skills in the saddle. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed a thrilling experience and a worthwhile investment because you’re joining the Triumph family. It makes shopping for a used Triumph like the Street Triple and Trident 660 exciting and rewarding mile after mile.