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A white 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown from the side driving on a dirt road.

5 Reasons Why We Love the Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is one of the most beloved SUVs on the market today. Recently revamped for 2021, the Rogue is packed full of comfort, safety, and performance features to make every drive unforgettable. Stop by your local Nissan Rogue dealer to experience the Rogue’s eye-catching blend of sleek sophistication and modern performance in person.

When it comes to a little competition, the Rogue has no problem going up against the likes of other driver favourites like the Honda CR-V or Ford Escape. Designed to meet your life’s diverse needs and grow with your family, when compared with competitors, the Rogue offers more standard driver-assist and comfort features––features that often aren’t available or cost extra on competing models.

It’s tough to say what the Rogue’s best feature is, but we’ve managed to pick out a handful of qualities that make the Rogue one of the best compact SUVs on the road today.

#1 – Affordability

The Nissan Rogue looks like it costs more than it does. So for deal hunters or those on a budget looking for a reliable, thrilling, high-performance vehicle, the Rogue is a real goldmine. With prices for a new 2022 Rogue starting under $30,000 CAD and used models going for less than that, the Rogue offers up great features for drivers looking to make their money go further.

Drivers don’t just save big when they buy a Rogue but continue to save down the road because of the crossover’s excellent fuel economy. Thanks to the new high-performance 1.5L VC-Turbo engine, drivers of a 2022 Rogue can take advantage of an improved fuel economy rating of 7.6 L/100km combined.

A grey 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown with the liftgate open.

#2 – Size & Comfort

The Rogue is a great compact vehicle that delivers a well-designed spacious cabin. The interior was designed for comfort and convenience, not just for the driver but for the passengers as well. It not only seats up to five passengers with ample legroom but offers plenty of cargo space to take with you what life requires. The flexible seating lets you take advantage of a generous 2,098L of cargo volume.

Drivers looking to add some convenience to their day can opt for the remote-folding seats. The Rogue also makes it easy to keep prying eyes at bay with the handy Divide-N-Hide storage system that offers up to six different configurations. And the great storage doesn’t stop there, with the Rogue designed to make your drive easy and convenient with Under-Shift Storage that lets you tuck away small items. Constantly digging around in the centre console for tissues or snacks to hand out? Then check out the convenient Butterfly Armrest that opens from the sides instead of the top to make finding things a little easier.

While practicality is great, a few fun little extras don’t hurt either. Take the edge off chilly weather or cool off on hot days with the remote engine start feature that allows drivers to heat or cool their ride from up to 60 metres away. Plus, it’s simple for everyone in both the front and second row to stay comfortable with tri-zone automatic temperature control. If these features aren’t enough to knock the cold out of your early morning commute, then take advantage of the Rogue’s heated front seats and heated steering wheel. It even has the option for heated rear seats as well!

#3 – Family-Friendly

Whether your family is still growing or the kids are about to head off to college, one of the things we love about the Rogue is its flexibility and design, making it easy for families on the go. Gone are the days of narrow doors and squished back seats, with the Rogue offering wider rear doors that open to almost 90 degrees, plus ample legroom for backseat passengers, both big and small.

The wide rear doors make it easy to access the second row to place a child’s seat. With dedicated lower anchors, you can put your child’s seat in any position, rear or forward facing, with no locking clip needed. Then pull down the rear sunshades to shield your child from the glaring sun for a more enjoyable ride for everyone. The standard Rear-Door Alert uses both audible and visual reminders for parents to check the back seat when exiting the vehicle.

The Rogue was designed with both kids and parents in mind. The available Nissan Intelligent Key with four-door keyless entry makes it easy for a parent to lock or unlock any door by simply tapping the handle. Plus, if your hands are full with kids or groceries, the motion-activated liftgate lets you open the rear gate with a foot tap under the bumper.

#4 – More Than Capable

Rogue has all-wheel drive capabilities for when things get tough and two-wheel drive for when it’s smooth sailing. The Rogue’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive is designed to kick in when needed to enhance traction on bumpy trails or slippery roads, offering drivers peace of mind and the confidence they need when tackling tough terrain.

The Rogue is a versatile partner that has your back in any situation. With five drive modes, it doesn’t matter what comes up; you’ll be ready. Easily switch between Sport Mode for sharp throttle response, Off-Road Mode to tackle loose terrain like stone or sand, Snow Mode for slippery winter roads, Auto Mode for a casual everyday drive, or Eco Mode for more efficient travels.

The driver-assist performance features the Rogue delivers are just another reason to love this compact SUV. Hill Start Assist has your back if you find yourself stopped on a hill. The system briefly holds the brake pressure when you switch pedals to keep your vehicle from rolling backwards. Meanwhile, Intelligent Trace Control helps you take corners a little easier and improves handling, keeping your vehicle on the right path.

A red 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown driving on an open road after leaving a Nissan Rogue dealer.

#5 – Safe Travels

The 2022 Rogue offers drivers more standard driver-assist features than any other model in its class. ProPilot Assist with Navi-Link helps relieve some of that fatigue that can crop up during your everyday drive. Whether you’re cruising the highway or stuck in stop-and-go city traffic, this semi-autonomous system helps you smoothly merge with traffic, take curves, or stay centred in your lane.

Ever wish you had a few extra sets of eyes? The Rogue is ready to help with its Standard Safety Shield 360. This driver-assist suite offers drivers six different features to help them see in all directions. Advanced braking systems like Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection and Rear Intelligent Emergency Braking are there to keep an eye out and help prevent or lessen possible collisions by applying the brakes when action is required. Blind Spot Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert keep you informed of vehicles riding beside you. Or, if you’re backing out of a tight parking space, you will be alerted to oncoming vehicles approaching from the sides.

One of the most stressful things about night driving? Managing the high beams. Turning them on, turning them off, turning them on again. High Beam Assist takes care of that for you by automatically dimming your lights when an oncoming vehicle is detected. After the car passes, your high beams will once again turn on to help guide you home.

Take a look from all sides with the Rogue’s Intelligent Around View Monitor. The four exterior cameras give you a 360-degree view of your surroundings, so you know what’s going on and where. Select your view mode with split-screen close-ups of the front, back, or curbside to help you wiggle into a tight parking space or back out of a hidden driveway.

Go Rogue!

The Rogue is an impressive machine that blends a driver-centered ergonomic design with family-friendly features for a practical, dependable, and intuitive vehicle that takes on your active lifestyle without hesitation. Face it, most SUVs just play it safe and hope for the best. But the Rogue? It goes all out tackling your everyday needs and taking the stress out of driving. Offering more standard driver-assist features, comfort, and convenience than any other model in its class, the Rogue is ready to take your family from Point A to Point B in comfort and style. When it comes to the Rogue, what’s not to love? As far as we can see, nothing.