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A red 2020 Honda Odyssey is shown parked next to a family that are on their way to a used Honda dealership.

3 Best Hondas to Buy Used for Commuters With Growing Families

When you visit a used Honda dealership, you’re bound to find several vehicles that meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you prioritize value or fuel economy: the robust Honda lineup ensures your search will begin and end at a Honda dealership. That’s no coincidence, as Honda is known for designing vehicles for those who have concerns about safety, reliability, and affordability. Honda’s commitment to these core values will especially benefit those who particularly need a family-friendly vehicle.

Finding a vehicle that can go from a weekday commute to a weekend people-mover takes a little research. Considerations go beyond affordability and venture into areas like spaciousness, cargo capacity, and even towing capability. The more diverse your wish list, the harder it is to find a vehicle with the features and equipment you need. Luckily, Honda stacks its lineup with diverse, configurable models designed for multiple uses, so you won’t be stuck in a tiny four-door sedan that offers negligible hauling or a gas-guzzling three-row SUV that adds cost to your commute.

Before you spin your wheels looking for the best possible vehicle for your unique needs, consider a trip to your Honda dealer. The lineup favors drivers with conflicting needs (like fuel efficiency and seating for eight passengers) without asking buyers to pay a premium. It’s tough to compromise when your lifestyle demands certain features and capabilities. As a used vehicle buyer, price matters, which is why these three Honda vehicles should be at the top of your list…

#1) The Honda Odyssey

Long live the minivan! That’s Honda’s mantra, anyway, since the iconic Odyssey has remained in its lineup for decades despite dwindling interest. Honda recognizes that a subset of buyers value the minivan’s unique selling points: easy entry for little ones, spacious accommodations that grow as your family does, and great visibility for the driver. Add to that a smattering of family-friendly convenience features, and it’s hard to say no to the legendary Honda Odyssey.

The Odyssey first hit Honda dealerships in 1984, nearly forty years ago—back when Ronald Reagan was President, Prince dominated the Billboard charts, and women’s business suits came with massive shoulder pads. Newer Honda Odyssey model years earned accolades from auto journalists, offering fuel economy ratings in the range of 30 MPG. Whether you’re heading to work on a Monday morning or preparing for a day of shuttling the kids to activities and events, the Odyssey does double-duty, offering a quiet cabin, available upgraded audio systems that include an eleven-speaker premium stereo, and tons of safety systems designed to stave off driver fatigue and decrease the potential for an accident.

The Odyssey takes a classic body style and transforms it on the outside, making it less stogy and more SUV-like without sacrificing cabin space or utility. Fun, family-friendly features include an in-cabin PA system that uses the audio system’s speakers as an intercom. Mom and Dad can speak to third-row occupants without raising their voice, and available cabin cameras allow parents to check on a rear-facing baby while the vehicle is in motion.

A blue 2017 Honda Accord is shown driving on a highway.

#2) The Honda Accord

Many buyers aren’t interested in bulky SUVs or minivans, instead sticking with the classic four-door sedan. It makes sense, especially if you’re commuting long distances five days every week. The Accord comes in multiple trims and configurations, including a hybrid version that gets 46 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway. Ever since the 2018 model year, Car and Driver has bestowed a perfect ten-out-of-ten rating on the Honda Accord, citing its practicality and fun-to-drive ride handling.

The 2018 Honda Accord offers a unique value proposition for buyers. Completely redesigned for the 2018 model year, it earned a spot on the Car and Driver “10Best Cars” list as the “best midsize family sedan” with its six trims and three available engines. In the cabin, drivers will find an ergonomic dashboard and a laundry list of upgraded features, depending on the trim selected. There’s an available moonroof, leather seating, heated rear seats, and a massive trunk that will hold tons of gear.

Honda leans into connected services technology, offering upgraded infotainment touchscreens and advanced operating systems that easily interact with your smartphone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Hit the road on Monday morning and press play on your favorite podcast or Spotify playlist while relaxing in a heated or ventilated driver’s seat. You can also set the Adaptive Cruise Control to automatically monitor your highway speed to match traffic conditions and arrive at work less fatigued and less stressed.

#3) The Honda CR-V

Perhaps the most practical SUV on the market, the Honda CR-V has helped families keep their vehicle budgets low for years. Designed for affordability and ideal for practical-minded households that split their time between commuting and family activities, the CR-V packs a punch for safety and fuel economy, and it’s another favorite of automotive journalists. For used buyers, the CR-V adds another layer of reliability via proven powertrains that stand up to high-mileage driving.

The CR-V has seen several generations of changes, including a complete redesign in 2017 that added a turbocharged engine and a plethora of driver assistance features. Honda designed the cabin with upscale touches, like faux wood accenting and available premium leather seating surfaces. Comfortable seating for up to five passengers makes the CR-V an ideal SUV for growing families. Nearly all CR-V models received a five-star Overall Safety Rating (the highest possible rating) from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration—an achievement that brings peace of mind to the drive.

If style and aerodynamics matter, the CR-V delivers. Sculpted side panels and a sloping hood give the CR-V a futuristic curb appeal. The popular compact SUV also comes in multiple exterior colors and trims, giving buyers the freedom to dial in everything they need without sacrificing good looks and style. In a world where many SUVs look alike, it’s nice to know that Honda builds vehicles like the CR-V that stand out. Newer model years saw the addition of hybrid versions that make up to 40 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway.

a red 2017 Honda CR-V is shown driving in a tunnel.

Family-Friendly Commuter Cars Are Still Here

Check out the Honda lineup if your lifestyle demands a vehicle that can go from the highway to the soccer field. Honda builds cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans that do double-duty, so you won’t have to compromise on what matters most. From the iconic Odyssey minivan to a lineup of traditional sedans that are anything but, Honda understands what matters to busy families: affordability, value, and reliability. Not only that, but each Honda vehicle is designed with rigorous safety requirements.

Choosing a vehicle like the CR-V means investing in a model that will grow with your family. For long-range commuters, it’s all about fuel economy, which is why Honda builds in options for hybrid powertrains that achieve unheard-of fuel efficiency. Once Friday comes, your Honda is ready for family duty, offering comfortable seating for the kids and in-cabin conveniences—like USB charging ports and upgraded audio systems—that will keep everyone connected and happy.

There aren’t too many sure things in this world, but when it comes to choosing a vehicle for your family, Honda hopes to come close. With class-leading fuel economy ratings and an unparalleled reputation for quality and reliability, Honda Motor Company delivers on a family-friendly promise that will save you time and money and ensure that your investment pays off for years, as evidenced by the iconic Odyssey, the exemplary Accord, and the best-selling CR-V.