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A popular Honda Odyssey for sale, a gray 2023 Honda Odyssey Elite, is shown driving on a highway.

Looking for a Comfortable Family Vehicle? Consider the Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most comfortable and convenient vehicles on the road. This is not just for the category of minivans but also, in fact, for all models of passenger vehicles available on the market today. This is because Honda has made the goal of the Odyssey to provide comfort and convenience to family drivers across the country. This continues with the newest model, the 2023 Honda Odyssey Sport. As Honda’s Assistant Vice President of National Sales, Mike Kistemaker, points out, “The new Odyssey Sport will help Odyssey continue to set the standard for minivans in family-friendly features, interior space, and sporty driving performance.” This is why if you are looking for the ideal family vehicle, you should make it your quest to find a Honda Odyssey for sale at your local dealer.

Honda introduced the Odyssey in 1995. The concept was to deliver great value in a minivan by maximizing the space while delivering solid performance. This was done by using a unibody design, which improves safety, fuel economy, and overall ride comfort. Since then, Honda has offered the Odyssey over five generations, with the most recent version being introduced for the 2018 model year. While other automakers have abandoned the minivan category, Honda has continued to offer the Odyssey since it represents one of the “Best Cars for the Money,” according to U.S. News & World Report. This is largely due to the great comfort and convenience features you will find in your Odyssey.

Ample Passenger Space for All on Board

The 2023 Honda Odyssey has a 118.1-inch wheelbase, which is roughly the same as most midsize SUVs. However, you will be amazed at how much interior space Honda can include in that frame. In fact, depending on which model of the 2023 Odyssey you choose, you will get up to 158 cu.ft. of space for you and your passengers. This allows you to comfortably seat up to eight passengers in the Honda Odyssey. You will not be able to find a three-row midsize SUV with the same ability as this minivan. In fact, you would have to go up to a much more expensive, three-row full-size SUV to get an interior as roomy as the one on the Odyssey. With a base MSRP of $37,490, the Odyssey represents a much more affordable solution for the family driver.

As with most Honda models, the engineers and designers have done an exceptional job of apportioning space among the three rows of seats. For example, passengers in the first and second rows will get 40.9 inches of legroom, while those in the third row will enjoy 38.1 inches. This is significantly more than on three-row midsize SUVs, making the third row of the Odyssey much more useful. Three full-grown adults can easily sit in the third row of the Odyssey for a long road trip, something that just can’t be done in a midsize SUV.

The Odyssey also gives you the convenience of exceptional cargo space. With all the seats in use, you still get a spacious 38.6 cu.ft. of space in the Odyssey’s trunk. This is plenty of room for everyone’s luggage if you go on a road trip. Simply fold down the third row of seats to free up 92.3 cu.ft. of cargo space. If you need to use your Odyssey as a cargo van for a home improvement project or if you are moving large objects, fold down the second row of seats and get an incredible 158 cu.ft. of room behind the front row. This is more than enough space for furniture, furnishings, and anything else you might need to move.

Packed With an Array of Comfort and Convenience Features

All of the 2023 Honda Odyssey models except for the EX come with a leather-trimmed interior. These not only look great but also are really comfortable and easy to clean. The front seats on the Odyssey are available with a heated feature, with the ones on the top Elite trim also ventilated. The Odyssey features a 12-way power adjustable driver’s seat with a 4-way power lumbar support. This will help you get comfortable for long drives. The front passenger seat is also power adjustable, with all but the EX model featuring lumbar support as well.

Honda has made entering and exiting the Odyssey easier than ever. The third row has a one-motion 60/40 split Magic Seat that can be stowed flat for ease in loading cargo. The second row features the Magic Slide Seats that can be moved with just a touch, making access to the third-row seats easier. These can also be folded flat or removed. Loading the Odyssey is easier than ever, as every model except the EX has a power tailgate with programmable height. This allows you to set the height of the tailgate’s opening, which comes in handy if you have a low roof in your garage. The power tailgate on the Elite model also has a hands-free feature that will open the trunk with a simple kicking motion, making it perfect for when your hands are full of groceries.

Honda has done an amazing job maximizing the convenience features of the Odyssey. This is because Honda understands that family drivers have needs necessitated by their children. As a result, the Odyssey has plenty of wonderfully convenient items throughout its cabin to help you out. For example, there are beverage holders in every row, so your kids will have a place for their water bottles and sippy cups within reach. A front row bag hook and four garment hooks in the second and third row will allow you to carry clothes carefully. Honda has also placed USB charging ports all over the Odyssey’s cabin so your older kids can keep their smartphones charged up. The Odyssey Elite even has an available wireless phone charger, so you can leave the cables at home if you choose this model.

A silver 2023 Honda Odyssey Elite is shown parked near a baseball field.

Entertainment for All on Board

The 2023 Honda Odyssey will help you and your family stay connected wherever you go. This is because every model has the Display Audio system with an 8-inch touchscreen. This feature allows you to connect your smartphones by Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, so you can make hands-free calls and texts while out on the road. This system also has SiriusXM satellite radio available, so you can listen to your favorite music, talk shows, news, and sports no matter where your travels take you.

Each model of the 2023 Odyssey comes equipped with a 160-watt, 7-speaker audio system, except for the Elite, which features a premium 550-watt, 11-speaker audio system. This will let you fill your minivan’s cabin with whatever music your family chooses. However, if you have little ones, you might consider going for the Touring or Elite models. These feature an advanced rear entertainment system. This drops down a 10.2-inch high-resolution screen from the roof of the Odyssey, allowing your kids to watch their favorite programming through built-in streaming or on the Blu-Ray player.

Best of all, there are a pair of wireless headphones, so you can listen to your own programming without being annoyed by the hijinks of SpongeBob Square Pants or Peppa Pigs. Still, you can ensure your kids behave with the CabinWatch rear seat monitor that comes included on the Odyssey Elite and Touring models. And if they are getting a little out of hand, you can use the CabinTalk feature to let them know to behave.

The Touring and Elite models also include the convenience of a built-in navigation system. This is satellite-linked so that you can get real-time traffic updates. It also has a voice recognition feature, so you can search for your destination or a nearby service station or restaurant without taking your hands off the steering wheel. These models are also Wi-Fi hotspot capable, so your older kids can surf the net while you drive.

A dark blue 2022 Honda Odyssey is shown parked beside a building.

A Minivan That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Finding the right vehicle for you and your family is not easy. You want something convenient, comfortable, safe, and affordable. You also want a vehicle that is fun to drive. The 2023 Honda Odyssey is all of these and more. While many drivers have gravitated towards expensive full-size SUVs to haul their large family, the Odyssey has remained a constant option since debuting in the mid-1990s. Driving a minivan doesn’t mean you have to compromise on desirable features. The Odyssey is a fantastic family-orientated vehicle that is complemented by an array of cutting-edge tech and convenience features. If your family’s comfort is crucial to your next vehicle, you owe it to yourself to check out this standout minivan.