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A silver 2022 Honda HR-V is shown driving along a ocean view highway.

2022 Honda HR-V: Affordable Yet Versatile

Who says that SUVs have to cost a lot of money? That’s not the case anymore, and brands such as Honda produce SUVs that are both affordable and versatile. One such example is the 2022 Honda HR-V, an SUV with two purposes: fuel efficiency and cargo space. The past few years have been full of exciting changes for the HR-V, and the 2022 model is the best one that you can buy to date. Drivers who want a vehicle with more space than a sedan without breaking the bank aren’t treated to too many options. However, out of the bunch, the HR-V has always stood out, and the most recent model may not have too many changes from last year’s HR-V, but it’s still slated to become a popular vehicle on the sales floor.

As I mentioned, the 2022 HR-V is a value-oriented vehicle, and for the price, you’re treated to a rather diverse set of features. The starting price of the 2022 HR-V is $21,420 for the LX trim. A majority of the tech features are present on this trim, including a built-in rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio playback. The Sport is the next available trim level, and here we get additions such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel for manual gear switching. Next is the EX, and this trim adds the valuable Honda Sensing safety suite, heated seats, and more. Lastly, the EX-L adds leather seats instead of cloth, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an upgraded speaker system, and more.

The black interior and infotainment screen in a 2022 Honda HR-V are shown.

It’s All About Saving

It’s one thing that the 2022 HR-V is positioned at a lower MSRP, but its fantastic fuel efficiency will also save you more money in the long run. One powertrain is offered in the HR-V, and this is the engine that you’ll get regardless of which trim level you choose. Inside of the 2022 HR-V, there’s a 1.8L four-cylinder engine that creates 141 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque, and this comes with a Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission. You won’t be racing in this vehicle, but that’s not a concern of mine, nor should it be one of yours. You do, however, get enough power to get through the city and along the freeway confidently.

Fewer trips to the gas station mean that you’ll save more money; it’s as simple as that. Although the engine inside of the HR-V is not turbocharged, it manages to be quite the efficient one with EPA-estimated ratings of 28 mpg city and 34 highway on front-wheel drive models. All-wheel drive (yes, that’s an option) HR-V models will get fuel ratings of 27 mpg city and 31 highway, which is worth the decrease to get a more stable and safe ride in the wintertime.

Sensing Safety

If you opt for the top two trims, which are the EX and the EX-L, your HR-V will include Honda Sensing. Honda Sensing is a collection of advanced safety features, many of which are becoming commonplace on a variety of vehicles, and the HR-V is no exception. Fortunately for those who purchase one of the first two trims, which are the LX and the Sport, you’ll still have access to a rearview camera with multiple angles. You’ll be shown this camera feed through your integrated media console when your HR-V is in reverse.

A few of the safety features that you can expect your HR-V to have with Honda Sensing include Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow. When you’re traveling on the highway and you activate this version of cruise control, you won’t have to worry about applying your brakes to slow down as you normally would. Instead, your HR-V will automatically slow down when the vehicle in front of yours is getting too close. Once there’s more distance between yourself and the other driver, your HR-V will get back up to the speed that you set when you activated the Adaptive Cruise Control.

The next feature that you’ll get with the EX or the EX-L trims is Honda LaneWatch. Typically, you check your side mirror before switching lanes, but it can still be a dangerous maneuver. Honda LaneWatch fits a camera under your side mirror, and when you activate your turn signal, the camera will turn on, displaying the feed on your infotainment center display. Visual guides are present too so that you have more awareness of when it’s safe to switch lanes.

Other examples of ways that you can safely travel on the freeway with the HR-V are through the inclusion of a Road Departure Mitigation System and a Lane Keeping Assist System. Simply put, if you’re not staying in your intended lane and begin to drift into another, the first thing to happen is your steering wheel will vibrate to get your attention as soon as possible. This is the Road Departure Mitigation System, and it serves as an alert system to tell the driver that they’re not staying on the road. After this occurs, and if the vehicle has yet to be corrected in its lane, then the Lane Keeping Assist System will apply a slight assist to the steering wheel to correct its pathing. It goes without saying, and Honda agrees, that this feature should act as a last resort – the goal is never to have to use these features in the first place, but we’re glad they’re here.

Although there are a few more safety features worth discussing, there’s one that’s perhaps the most important of the bunch, and that’s the Collision Mitigation Braking System. Long story short, one of the very worst things to occur is a frontal collision, and manufacturers have been actively trying to prevent these as much as possible. While human error remains the primary reason for collisions, vehicles such as the HR-V are becoming smarter at detecting this sort of thing before it occurs. So, with your HR-V, your vehicle will attempt to reach a complete stop if it detects that you’re approaching another vehicle at a fast pace. According to Honda, even if a collision does occur, the severity of it will likely be far less because of the braking force that the vehicle automatically applied.

A blue 2022 Honda H-RV is shown driving down a city street.

One of This Year’s Bests

The Honda HR-V has never ceased to amaze us, and we’re thrilled to say that this year’s model is no exception. Ultimately, if you’re in the market for a brand new SUV this year and you’re on a tight budget, then the HR-V is one that you can’t miss. The chances are that if you spend a similar amount of money on an SUV of a competing brand, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. Although fuel efficiency and safety features are the best indicators of what makes a great vehicle for families or even the daily commuter, that’s only the beginning. Between an array of tech features that come at a reasonable price, a slew of impressive advanced safety features, and the money that you’ll save on fuel, it’s hard not to recommend this vehicle to anyone right now. Visit your local Honda dealership today to see one up close, take it for a test drive, and buy one for yourself to take home with you.