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A white 2022 Chevy Blazer is shown from the side parked in front of a brick building.

2022 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Nissan Murano: The Ultimate Family SUV

The midsize SUV segment is incredibly competitive and loved even more by SUV fanatics. Some people choose a midsize SUV for its design and others for its family-friendly features; however, you can actually have both when you buy a sporty SUV like the Chevy Blazer and Nissan Murano. From the perspective of comfort, convenience, size, and features, which sporty midsize SUV is the best for families? Let’s put them to the test and see which is better when you look at the 2022 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Nissan Murano.

Room to Move and Grow

Even though both the 2022 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Nissan Murano only seat five passengers, the interior room and cargo volume are functional and comfortable for families. The rear seats have plenty of legroom for the tiniest legs and even for adults too. Both the 2022 Blazer and 2021 Murano make comfort feel luxurious, too, with available heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats. Let’s be honest, when the kids are comfortable and happy in the back seats, everyone enjoys the ride.

One of the great components of midsize SUVs is you get spacious passenger volume and ample cargo storage. Both the 2022 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Nissan Murano have great cargo volume, with the Blazer giving you a maximum of 64.2 cubic feet and the Murano a maximum of 67 cubic feet. Most of the time, though, you’ll need cargo space while also using the rear seats. You can still easily pack the endless amount of gear you need on a daily basis. So whether you’re packing tight for a family beach vacation or heading home with your double stroller and shopping bags, the 2022 Blazer and 2021 Murano works with you.

Depending on the model you choose, you can experience premium materials throughout the interior. From leather seating to a heated steering wheel to a hands-free power liftgate, these SUVs rival their luxury competition. For the 2022 Chevy Blazer, the Premier model got an upgraded convenience package, making the already high-end model of the 2022 Blazer a step above the rest. If you’re already paying for the most premium model of the 2022 Blazer, you might as well have more features available!

So which mid-size SUV wins the comfort and convenience category? Honestly, they are about even in their available convenience features and the passenger and cargo space. The 2022 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Nissan Murano set the standard for the highest quality family SUVs in its segment. Digging deeper into these two SUVs might show one rise above the other.

A red 2021 Nissan Murano is shown from the side driving at night.

More for the Money

When you’re investing in a family vehicle that you plan to use for many years, it’s vital to get your money’s worth. How does the 2022 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Nissan Murano shake out when it comes to standard and available features? The good news, you can vary from budget-friendly to all decked out when it comes to these sporty SUVs.

The 2022 Chevy Blazer has four different trim and model options. The Blazer 2LT and Blazer 3LT trim levels are the two baser options. The Blazer RS is the mid-level trim, and the Blazer Premier is the most premium trim of the 2022 Chevy Blazer. The 2022 Chevy Blazer RS is the sportiest model of the Blazer featuring a standard 3.6L V6 engine and an available twin-clutch advanced AWD system. While the 2021 Murano does have some high-performance qualities, the 2022 Blazer wins with its higher horsepower and 9-speed automatic transmission.

The 2021 Nissan Murano has four trim levels as well, including S, SV, SL, and Platinum. All models come with the standard 3.5L V6 engine. In contrast, the 2022 Chevy Blazer offers two engine options on the 3LT and Premier trim levels, either the standard 2.0L turbo engine or the 3.6L V6 engine. If you plan to use this family SUV for some weekend hobbies as well, you might consider the options available on the 2022 Blazer. The 2021 Murano also offers an available intelligent AWD system like the 2022 Blazer.

Both the 2022 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Nissan Murano offer standard features that give you a sense of luxury right from the beginning. They offer a standard 8-inch touchscreen for all trim levels that becomes more advanced, like voice navigation, the higher in models you go. The most notable standard features on both SUVs are the safety features.

The Chevy Safety Assist and Nissan Safety Shield 360 offer a variety of standard safety and driver assist features for the 2022 Blazer and 2021 Murano. Each SUV generally offers the same features as standard, except the Blazer has a standard Following Distance Indicator, and the Murano has a standard Rear Cross Traffic Alert. You can’t go wrong with either safety package, but combining that with the other overall options, there’s a slight edge to the 2022 Chevy Blazer.

Keep the Family Entertained

What matters most when you’re on the road with your family is keeping the kids happy and entertained. That’s a hard task when everyone is confined together in a vehicle. The 2022 Chevy Blazer makes that easier with the built-in WiFi hotspot and the available 4G LTE WiFi hotspot. Now everyone can use their device without hogging all of the data. The 2021 Nissan Murano doesn’t offer a WiFi hotspot, which makes the 2022 Blazer more appealing to the tech-friendly family.

Both the 2022 Chevy Blazer and 2021 Nissan Murano have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. This is ideal to have as an extension of your smartphone on your 8-inch touchscreen. Now you can easily access your favorite playlists and podcasts, or your kids’ favorites, stored in your phone. For added convenience and sometimes entertainment, there’s built-in Amazon Alexa capability in the 2022 Chevy Blazer. The 2021 Murano has the ability to use Amazon Alexa through Nissan Connected Services.

Keeping those smartphone devices charged at all times is the other ingredient to a happy family car ride. The 2022 Chevy Blazer has available wireless charging for your smartphone, plus two USB ports in the front and the back for simple charging. The 2021 Nissan Murano has USB ports for the front and rear seats but no wireless charging. While it may not be a deal-breaker, it’s a small detail that goes a long way in your everyday life.

Technology is improving every year to help us all stay entertained and connected on the road. The 2022 Chevy Blazer’s built-in WiFi hotspot is definitely a game-changer for families who find themselves in the car a lot. That’s why we say the 2022 Chevy Blazer might be better equipped to keep your back seat passengers busy on long or short car rides. It doesn’t hurt to have a built-in Alexa along for the ride too.

A red 2022 Chevy Blazer RS is shown driving from behind after winning a 2022 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Nissan Murano comparison.

Who Comes Out on Top? 2022 Chevy Blazer vs 2021 Nissan Murano

Both of these midsize SUVs work seamlessly as a family SUV. You have a spacious interior for passengers and cargo, convenience features every passenger can enjoy, and technology to keep the whole family entertained. However, the 2022 Chevy Blazer offers more options in engines, trim levels, and family-friendly technology. Overall, the 2022 Blazer is more performance-driven than the 2021 Murano. For the drivers who want to look and drive extra cool with their kids in tow and have all the top features, the 2022 Chevy Blazer is the right fit for you.