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2018 Chevy Colorado

10 Cool Ways to Customize This Year’s Chevy Colorado

Pickup trucks are a blast. Not only are they fun to drive, but they’re convenient as heck, for both work and play. If you already drive a pickup truck then I don’t have to tell you how useful they can be, but if you’re one of the many people out there convinced that a truck just isn’t for them, the customization options for the 2018 Chevy Colorado might convince you otherwise.


Wireless Hotspot

The 2018 Chevy Colorado is among many vehicles being brought into the modern era by offering features to complement our connected lifestyle. An available Wi-Fi hotspot is just one of these features, turning your parked truck into a mobile workspace and giving passengers a good deal more to do on longer rides. Up to seven devices can be connected at once, so everyone in the truck can connect with room to spare.


Tablet Holder

It may seem like a simple accessory, but Chevy’s Universal Tablet Holder is far too convenient to dismiss. Coupled with the available wireless hotspot mentioned above, your rear passengers will be treated to a wide variety of entertainment options— a wider variety than pretty much any built-in screens are going to offer. They’ll, of course, have access to their personal array of tablet apps, but with a 4G LTE connection and convenient placement, anyone in your rear seats can stream content as if they were sitting in first class.


Bed Liner

Another seemingly simple add-on are truck bed liners. There is a good deal of different styles, but they all serve the same basic purpose, protecting the bed of the truck. While this may not seem to add any actual function, depending on the liner you choose you could end up with more than a few handy compartments or cup holders that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. There are also carpet style options, in case your cargo is more delicate or you want to use your truck bed for picnics (which is actually a really good time).


Bed Cover

Some people might look at a truck bed cover and think, “hey neat, that will keep my things dry as I transport them from place to place!” While that is completely accurate, true innovators will see that not only are they perfect for protecting cargo from the elements, but if your bed liner is comfortable enough they can also double as mobile blanket forts. Most people probably value cargo care over a good fort, and that’s completely valid, but a comfortable and spacious place to lay down that’s also free from the whims of local weathermen is nothing to stick your nose up at.


Bed Divider

Bed dividers are a popular addition for truck beds, and for good reason. It’s not often that most people fill their truck beds to the brim, so it only makes sense to have an area for when you aren’t transporting quite as much. Bringing a cooler in your truck bed would be a disaster if it slid around the back the entire time, and having a divider does much more than a bungee cord ever could.


Bed Extender

Bed extenders are about equal in popularity to dividers, but with a nearly opposite purpose. They extend the bed of the truck (surprise) so that you can fit larger or longer things more safely and securely. If you’ve ever driven behind someone who needed to leave their tailgate down in order to fit something they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, you know how disconcerting it can be. With a bed extender not only is your cargo more secure, but the people driving around you are as well.


Utility Racks

There are a number of uses for cargo racks, and a number of types to reflect those uses. You might need to drive your mountain bike to a popular off-road trail, carry your kayak to a nearby lake, or keep a ladder on hand for work. Any and all of these are options when outfitting your Chevy Colorado with a utility rack. As long as you do, you shouldn’t ever have a problem moving from point A to point B, no matter what kind of cargo you’re carrying.


Sliding Drawers

If you’ve got tools or useful things rattling around on the floor of your vehicle, then maybe a truck bed sliding tray or drawer would be a helpful solution. Organization is key for productivity, so if you value being productive it only makes sense to do what you can to stay organized, even outside of a work setting. With multiple compartments to divide and categorize storage, you can maintain a much more constructive environment.


Assist Steps

So that vertically challenged drivers don’t feel alienated by the imposing nature of the large truck, the Chevy Colorado can be equipped with assist steps. These helpful steps allow the smaller among us to drive larger vehicles with confidence, and even taller people will likely find it much more convenient getting in and out of the cabin. They also look pretty cool, if that counts for anything.


Truck Bed Tents

Even if you’ve never gone camping in your life, it’s impossible to deny how cool the prospect of camping from the bed of a truck is. Sure, it might sound a little luxurious, sleeping on a flat surface without rocks digging into your back, but I don’t believe that camping requires the sacrifice of comfort in its entirety. Some tents you might find incorporate the truck bed as a second level to the tent, expanding your space and allowing you to dedicate more of the tent to things other than sleeping or storage. Others use the walls of the truck bed as a foundation for comfortable seating. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy classic rugged camping or a more comfortable take when it comes to cool truck accessories, there’s no doubt that the truck bed tent is the reigning champion.


2018 Chevy Colorado – Perfect, With The Right Accessories

Everyone knows how useful pickup trucks can be when it comes to hard work, but not enough people recognize how great they can be for recreation. Whether you’re tailgating or camping, pulling up to a party or driving to the beach, a solid pickup truck will always compliment your outdoor activities.