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A black 2024 Cadillac Escalade is shown driving.

Your Guide to the 2024 Cadillac Escalade

Do you crave more luxury in your daily life? Whether you are new, old, or coming into a prestigious lifestyle, you have probably been deciding on your next car to lift your status and provide comfort and convenience on the road. Just imagine fine interiors, advanced technology, and reliability you can trust. Meet the 2024 Cadillac Escalade. For years, it has been one of those cars with a diverse market of buyers ranging from celebrities to athletes and drivers like you who want an elevated driving experience. You’ve seen them, right? When you pass by an Escalade on the road, you can’t help but wonder who’s behind the wheel. Whoever they are, they are sure to be taking their driving experience seriously.

Intro to the 2024 Cadillac Escalade

Do you know the saying, “the finer things in life?” Well, that is the definition of the Cadillac Escalade. Of course, a quality SUV in its own league comes with a price tag reflecting its powerful class. You can find that it ranges between trims and starts with an MSRP of $81,895. It runs with 420 hp and has a roaring 6.2L V8 engine. There is no shortage of mighty force either, with a max towing capacity of up to 8,200 lbs when properly equipped. This is only the surface of the Escalade, so let’s find out what special highlights and what can be done to ensure the right trim is yours.

Special Features

Some of the special features that are changing for the 2024 year model are the new dual-mode exhaust that will allow for higher performance and a better powertrain for powerful torque. Plus, there are some interior alterations and an exceptional curved touchscreen display, reaching across 38 inches. I personally could not do without my touchscreen as it keeps me connected, informed, and entertained, and mine is only six inches across. With technology features like this and leather or premium fabric seats that are heated and ventilated, plus wood accents to enhance the design, you can reward yourself just by sitting inside.

Now, the coolest features this vehicle has to offer are things you may not expect if you have never driven an Escalade before. The console holds an available refrigerator with freezer mode that can store up to six 24 oz beverages to add extra magic to any drive. Not to mention the ambient lighting that has over 20 color options. If you are like me, this next feature will impress you: the Ultra View Sunroof with sunshade control. I’ve always been a fan of sunroofs because they enhance the interior design and offer a bigger feel to the overall space (as if the Escalade needs it).

Safety and Infotainment Technology

To start, I have already told you about the 38-inch display that offers navigation and live street views with helpful instructional guides. Plus, there is an available head-up display, so you are never tempted to take your eyes off what matters while driving. However, as impressive as it is, you may find these next few safety and technology features to be even more so.

The AKG Studio 19-speaker or 36-speaker system provides an immersive experience. That is listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or phone calls with crisp audio like you have never heard in a car before – and if you take long drives like I do, then you will know the importance of a great speaker system, not to mention the entertainment for those sitting in the second and third-row seats, courtesy of the rear seat entertainment touchscreens that are mounted to the back of the front seats.

One of the greatest technological features of the Escalade is the Super Cruise. This allows for hands-free driving with cameras and sensors to handle the hard work on long commutes. It can even change lanes when prompted and keep you protected while simultaneously using the blind spot safety feature to check for other cars. Of course, this vehicle is also suited with other safety features like emergency braking, collision alerts, parking assist, and more, like night vision assist.

The black interior of a 2024 Cadillac Escalade is shown with a person seated in the drivers seat.

Available Trims and How to Enhance Your Escalade

There are many features to look forward to, and some of those amazing features come with the trim you choose. The six trim options for the 2024 year model are the Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sport, Premium Luxury Platinum, Sport Platinum, and V-Series. In this case, the V-Series would be the option with all those beautiful bells and whistles. It has an MSRP of $152,295, but it is certainly worth the experience of owning and driving if this fits your budget.

Since the Luxury is the base model, we will skip to the Premium Luxury edition. This trim offers similar features to the base model, like the 22-inch alloy wheels and touchscreen display. However, some key features are the panoramic sunroof, full-color heads-up display, Super Cruise, rear-view camera mirror, and safety features like lane change alert and rear cross-traffic alert.

Some key features in the Sport are a mesh grille, roof rack, and gloss-black liftgate trim. The wheels, though the same height, come with a Dark Android finish. Plus, magnetic ride control which provides better suspension. Not to mention the Trailering Integration Package, and you can drive over rough terrain with the Electronic Limited-Slip Differential.

The Premium Luxury Platinum is a favorite and a good middle ground for those looking for the 2024 Escalade. This trim option gives you a leather-wrapped interior with heated and ventilated seats with lumbar and massage functions. Also, the audio-lovers 36-speaker AKG system allows you to communicate easily with second- and third-row seat passengers. You can also receive the Touring Package with this trim.

Sport Platinum is just under the V-Series with features like full semi-aniline leather seats, instrument cluster, refrigerator console, rear-seat entertainment system, and more that compare to the Premium Luxury Platinum.

Now, the V-Series is the best trim option because it has everything. It is fitted with exquisite style, a versatile interior, and so much more that is exclusive to the V-Series, like V mode and 20th Anniversary V-Series Package. Not to mention, you can also have the Touring Package and the Magnetic Ride Control. It is the crowning achievement of the 2024 Cadillac Escalade.

A black 2024 Cadillac Escalade is shown driving down a road.

An Investment in Comfort and Luxury

So, what else can this Escalade do for you as a potential buyer? The answer is simple. This is not just a purchase; it is an investment. Not only can this benefit the future, but it can also provide a sense of security. Investing in the Cadillac Escalade will ensure the extra reliability that comes with powerful, luxury models and a long life span where it will last well beyond the average expectancies, as well as fewer trips to maintain or fix parts for this exceptional SUV.

How long can a Cadillac hold its value? Well, some of that depends on how well you can take care of it and keep it as close to “new” as you can. However, since this is a popular vehicle with a lot of demand, that also affects its value, but that does not mean it will depreciate like the average vehicles many people unknowingly purchase every day. Overall, the value of the 2024 Cadillac Escalade is priceless when you are searching for a car that’s luxurious, powerful, and versatile.