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A blue 2024 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid is shown driving on a highway near mountains.

You Bet Your Bottom Dollar We Love the 2024 Honda CR-V

The first CR-V hit the US market more than twenty-five years ago. Its unique styling and abundance of practical features made it popular with the public, even offering clever options like a pull-out picnic table. It is easy to see why the CR-V has been so popular over the years, especially as we come into the new year with the 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid ahead. Although the CR-V no longer offers a folding table for impromptu sack lunches, it still ranks high on the list of crossovers with practical and convenient features.

Honda chose a rather befitting name for this do-it-all hauler—the “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.” Of course, we all know it as the CR-V, but the origin of the name perfectly defines this crossover. With each passing year, the CR-V becomes even more indicative of its name thanks to improved convenience features, safety functions, and plush comforts. The addition of a hybrid powertrain in 2020 only upped the CR-V’s game, making it even more difficult for rivals to compete with. Three hybrid trims give buyers options to choose the CR-V that is right for them.

The black interior and dash of a 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid is shown.

Practical Technology for Practical People

For a hybrid option, Honda offers the Sport Hybrid, Sport-L Hybrid, and Sport Touring Hybrid. Looking through the trim lineup, each ranges from fairly modest to generously appointed with luxury features. Apple Car Play and Android Auto are standard on all three trims, but the Sport-L Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid shine a bit brighter with wireless options of these features. Cutting cords tends to be the trend of this generation, but if plugging in is acceptable for you, then don’t worry about moving up the ladder; USB and USB-C ports come standard in all trims.

However, if streamlining your life is a priority, check out the same top hybrid trims for a standard Wireless Phone Charger. A discrete cubby tucked away in the front center console provides a space for charging without chasing down your cable. It is thoughtful details like these that put convenience front and center in the Honda CR-V.

Since the Honda CR-V is such a well-rounded vehicle, it can be ideal for anything from commuting to work or escaping for a weekend of fun in the sun. To make these activities even easier, the Sport Touring Hybrid offers the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. With traffic updates, drivers can stay informed and up-to-date with the latest traffic information wherever they go. Voice recognition and touch-screen capabilities make accessing traffic information easy and convenient, letting you direct the navigation hands-free.

The touch-screen feature is available on all hybrid trims, starting with a seven-inch color touch-screen on the Sport Touring Hybrid and increasing in size to a nine-inch color touch-screen on the remaining hybrid trims. Here, you gain access to different applications and smart features such as Bluetooth Streaming Audio and an assortment of safety functions.
Designed with the driver in mind, the touch-screen is easy to reach and even easier to use.

The CR-V has been well-thought-out to create a driver-centric cabin with practical features for everyday use. Since many of us spend more time in our vehicles than even at home, why not choose a vehicle that is designed to make life a joy ride? Even walking away from the CR-V is made easier with the Walk Away Auto Lock that locks the doors upon leaving and will even unlock upon approach with Smart Entry. The Honda CR-V is more than a crossover; it is a solution to some of life’s craziest moments.

An Interior Designed for Peace

With “comfortable” literally in its name, it should come as little surprise that the CR-V offers a laid-back interior with amenities designed for comfort. All three hybrid trims come standard with heated front seats, providing a welcoming and warm embrace. This might sound a bit like a Hallmark greeting card, but if you have ever experienced heated seats, then you know.

The Sport Hybrid is decked out with soft cloth seats that sport a fun pop of color in the form of Orange stitching. This stitching is a theme on all hybrid trims, but the top two options include leather trimming. The main defining seat deference comes in the form of a memory setting for the driver, which is not standard on the initial hybrid trim but is on the remaining two.

Sensible defines all three trims, with power-adjusted seats for the driver across the hybrids. Even if you cannot recall settings on the first hybrid trim, adjustment is still easy and even easier in the higher trims with the addition of the memory settings. Front passengers also receive power seat adjustment in the Sport L and Sport Touring trims, increasing practicality for riding shotgun.

Suitcases are shown in the cargo area of a gray 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid.

Carefully Planned Cargo

Whether you are running errands, packing for a trip, or prepping for a big presentation, the CR-V has the cargo flexibility you need. One of the most desirable features of a crossover or SUV is the generous space and configurable arrangements that make it easier to use your vehicle how you see fit. With up to 76.5 cu.ft. of cargo space, the CR-V gives you the space you need to bring what you need with you.

Each hybrid trim features an adjustable rear seat that can recline for passengers or fold for cargo. The 60/40 split feature of the rear seat lets you choose if you want to use up all of the available cargo space, a little bit of the cargo space, or maximize passenger comfort. Understanding that as a crossover, the CR-V will be used for hauling, designers added seatback protectors for the rear.

This thoughtful detail makes a huge difference, making it easier to haul anything from groceries to building supplies and even pets without fearing for the condition of the seats. Even the simple addition of all-season floor mats plays into the CR-V’s flexibility as a cargo hauler.

Other details come together to simplify daily chores and improve everyday experiences. A cargo cover is one of these details, providing a feature you may not have realized you wanted or needed. This retractable cover pulls out from the rear seat, providing security for your belongings. Shield goods from prying eyes or from the potentially damaging rays of the sun.

With nearly a quarter century’s worth of innovation, the CR-V has developed into the ideal crossover. A harmonious combination of comfort, convenience, and practicaliy, you don’t have to sacrifice anything when you choose the Honda CR-V. Continuously ranking high as a superb crossover option, the 2024 model is sure to continue Honda’s winning legacy.

You Didn’t Need to Tell Us, We Knew

If you had ever told me that the CR-V would continue to be one of the most appreciated and valued crossovers of the last twenty-something years… I would have believed it. Honda is no stranger to success, continuously creating automotive masterpieces that always seem to magically fulfill a need we didn’t know we needed. The CR-V has proven this, offering a practical and reliable crossover that seems to check all the right boxes. From the pull-out picnic table to fatigue-reducing seats, the Honda CR-V’s legacy of practicality and comfort has spanned the decades and provided a solution to the problems of everyday life.