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A silver Buick Wildcat EV concept is shown at a Buick dealer.

Will Your Next Car Be a Buick EV?

If there’s one thing we know about Buick, it is that this brand has stood the test of time, transforming itself to fit the needs of buyers throughout generations. Whether you’re currently on the hunt for a new car or you’re just beginning to consider the idea, you’ll find that Buick has big plans for the upcoming years, with a slew of new electric models to hit the streets. Passing by your local Buick dealer, it’s easy to see why Buick models have been so popular throughout the years, with sweeping curves, elegant details, and an air of sophistication radiating around them. Many drivers are becoming interested in electric vehicles due to the unmatched efficiency and positive influence they have on our environment, and if you are one of the many who seek to be a part of the solution, an EV may be in your future. Buick plans to make the switch entirely to EVs by the year 2030, allowing the brand to continue to evolve with the changing times, and here’s what to expect sooner rather than later.

Wildcat Inspiration

If you’ve visited the Buick website lately, you’ll find an ultra-cool, ultra-modern rendition of an EV cascading past you right at the top of the home page. It’s eye-catching, sleek, and definitely grabs your attention. It’s the Wildcat concept EV designed by the brand, and it’s used solely as a means of inspiration for what’s to come from the automaker. Although we probably won’t see an actual Wildcat EV rolling off the Buick assembly line any time soon (or ever), we will see many of its styling cues emanating from the electric vehicle arsenal that Buick plans to unveil within the next several years. Its contemporary styling is breathtaking, while its coupe design is a far cry from the lineup of SUVs that are currently found in the Buick inventory, indicating a potential shift in the brand’s direction.

Sporty styling, futuristic vibes, and timeless Buick class stop you in your tracks, prompting you to want to know more about the brand’s next generation of vehicles. Intimidating and innovative, you can expect the Buick EV lineup to include some of the most groundbreaking technology in the industry, as well as performance elements that will thrill you. Welcome to the future of Buick.

Buick Electra EV Guide

Buick has definitely captured the attention of many enthusiasts, especially with the news of its Electra line of EVs. Expected to make its grand debut in 2025 with an SUV, you can expect to find an alluring Buick design inside and out, which is in line with the Wildcat concept car that has so many drivers intrigued. To start, the brand will unveil only SUV models, but never say never when it comes to going back to its racing roots, especially since so many drivers are taken aback by the ferocity of the Wildcat’s design.

Much like the Cadillac Lyriq, the first Buick Electra SUV should be based on the GM Ultium platform, which is a revolutionary new way to build electric vehicles. Utilizing pouch cells, which are lightweight and stackable, the battery components take up less space inside the vehicle and contribute to enhanced performance overall. Being able to support all sizes of EVs, this game-changing GM technology can be used in a variety of vehicles, and Buick plans to utilize this innovation in the arsenal of options rolling out onto dealership lots in the next couple of years.

It’s expected that the first Buick Electra model will showcase a 100-kWh battery pack, which should allow it to travel upwards of 300 miles on a single charge. It’s also speculated that all-wheel drive models should be in the lineup as well, offering unmatched capability for drivers everywhere. Buick is also known for its refined trim levels, which we have no doubt will be seen in the Electra models. Its Avenir line is currently the top-of-the-line option, offering intricate detailing throughout, high-end materials, and an ambiance that can’t be replicated by its competition.

While Buick continues to offer a fine lineup of gas-powered options, you can expect to see its EV line being revealed to the public in 2023, with the first model entering production in 2024. So, if you’re looking for a new car and you’re intrigued by EVs, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for the Electra models, as they will surely reinvent the way luxury EVs are designed and built.

Buick’s Plans for the Future

Like many automakers, Buick also has a plan in place to convert to electric within the next few years, except that Buick is going full force. The esteemed automaker has recently revealed that it plans to be solely electric by 2030, with the Electra models ushering in this massive shift. As one of the very first auto manufacturers in existence, Buick has been a pioneer in the industry, setting the tone for major trends embraced by its rivals for decades. Although other automakers also have an EV goal in mind, many brands are still going to offer gas-powered options, gradually making the switch to electric over the years. Buick, on the other hand, isn’t wasting any time.

The brand’s plan is to release its first EV models, which are expected to be electric crossovers, by 2024. Until then, Buick is working diligently, creating subsequent models that will go on to occupy the rest of its lineup, which will be largely based on the Wildcat concept EV. Working alongside GM, Buick plans to combine GM’s innovative electric technology with its own high-end appeal to make for a set of vehicles that are quite unlike anything we’ve yet to see on the road. You’ll still be able to find a number of outstanding gas-powered options in the interim, but if you were holding out for an EV, a Buick EV might be exactly what your ride needs.

This is big news for the brand, which has really scaled down its lineup over the years to only offer a select few SUVs. It has prompted industry professionals to wonder about the future of the Buick brand. After 120 years, will Buick finally throw in the towel? Well, the answer is evident now that we’ve gotten a taste of what’s rolling down the pipeline, and we’re more excited than ever to see the first Buick EV hit the pavement.

Buying a Buick

There’s really no competing with the luxurious appeal found in a Buick, from the upscale features to the extravagance that lies within. When sophistication and performance are on your mind, Buick is one of the most capable automakers in existence, offering a selection of vehicles that have continued to be unmatched for generations. If an EV has captured your attention, you may not be sure which model to choose, especially since virtually every brand is unveiling its new electric offerings as the days go by, but we say, pay attention to Buick. Not only does the brand exhibit some of the most impactful styling elements on the planet, but combined with GM’s exceptional technology, we’re in for a wild ride once the Electra models surface.

The future is undeniably bright for the Buick brand, which has continued to act as a trendsetter in the industry since the early 1900s. When it comes to EVs, you can expect nothing but sheer perfection from the Buick lineup. If ride quality, design, and efficiency are all priorities for you, you’ll find it all in the newest generation of Buick models. Buick proves that in its electric future, anything is possible.