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A blue 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT is shown parked on a farm after visiting a Chevy dealer.

Why the LT Trim Is One of the Best Options on the Chevy Silverado 1500

The Chevy Silverado has been with us since 1999, and one of the best things about it has always been how customizable it is. We’ve seen many trims added to this model over the years, as Chevy has worked tirelessly to ensure there’s a Silverado for every driver. There’s something for the off-road enthusiast in the ZR2, the person who loves the finer things in life in the High Country, the industrial individual looking for a good work truck in the WT, and even others in the well-curated lineup. However, if you visit a Chevy dealer and ask, “Which Silverado 1500 trim delivers the best value?” they might point you to the LT trim.

If you just do some perusing of online forums and enthusiast groups that discuss Chevy vehicles, you’ll find that many drivers agree the LT offers the best value. The reason so many people say this is that the LT gives you access to some of the higher-end features available on the upper trims without making you commit to a high-end price tag. It has the same foundation as the WT and Custom; however, the LT builds upon the WT and Custom by giving you access to many available features that the Custom and WT simply don’t have. It also gets some standard features that the Custom and WT don’t get, either. It’s kind of like Economy Plus on an airplane — it’s much better than the basic but spares you some of the unnecessary expenses of first class.

How the LT Excels in Performance

While the LT, WT, and Custom have standard 8-speed automatic transmissions, the LT differs from the others in that it also has an available 10-speed automatic transmission with Electronic Precision shift. So, it gets you two more gears, which can help you take smaller steps when trailering or going uphill. For those who aren’t familiar with Electronic Precision shift, it lets you change gears by simply pushing buttons rather than manually moving a gear shift. It’s easier on your hands over time, especially for those who alternate between different environments and towing versus not towing on a regular basis.

The LT also has the available 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine, which drivers will not get access to on the WT or Custom. This engine will unlock the maximum towing abilities of the Silverado 1500 — a solid 13,300 lbs — while also delivering excellent fuel economy for this vehicle class. It’s one reason many contractors or similar professionals might find the LT trim so appealing. If you have to travel significant distances between job sites, then you will want good fuel economy. However, you likely still need serious trailering powers once you get to your destination. That’s where the Duramax becomes handy.

It’s also worth mentioning that while the LT is not an off-road trim (look to the ZR2 for that), it does have a standard feature that many drivers associate with off-road vehicles. That would be the standard automatic locking rear differential. When you are in a situation where one rear wheel might not be getting traction, the system automatically sends all torque to the one that is getting traction. Even if you aren’t using your LT for off-roading, drivers who simply work on uneven ground could find this feature useful.

A close-up of a wheel on a black 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown.

The LT Has Several Available Packages That Let You Customize It for Your Needs

One thing that many drivers note about the LT is that it has several available packages that the WT and Custom trims do not have. Within these packages, you’ll find several features that come standard across the higher trims. So, you get a chance to essentially pick and choose just the features you like from the upper trims, without fully committing to those more expensive models. There are packages that improve your trailering experience, boost your infotainment and convenience features, and even make your bed ready for touch work.

The Convenience Package

One great package standard on the LT trim is the Convenience Package. It gains you tons of tech and entertainment-forward features that you would get standard on some of the upper trims and is ideal for someone who spends a good deal of time in their truck. This package gets you a plethora of outlets, including two charge-only USB ports so that rear-seat passengers can power up their smartphones or tablets on the go, as well as a 120-volt power outlet in the cab and in the bed.

The Convenience Package additionally gets you a 10-way power driver seat adjuster to help you get into the ideal position for long drives, along with heated driver and front passenger seats to fend off cold days. Also, on the temperature front, you get a heated steering wheel to warm up your digits and Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control, so you and your co-pilot don’t need to argue over the ideal temperature. Add to that the keyless open and start, and you can even fire up the AC or heat before you get in the truck, so the cabin is all ready for you.

The All Star Edition Plus Package

If you trailer often, definitely consider checking out the All Star Edition Plus Package. This one is filled with goodies that will put you more in command when trailering. For starters, it gets Hitch Guidance with Hitch View. This will show a guideline in the rear vision camera when you are in reverse that helps you line up your hitch to your trailer. You can also check out your hitch when driving with the Hitch View camera angle to ensure your connection is secure.

This package also gets you a Trailer Brake Controller. This allows you to control all your brakes, including the trailer’s brakes, with a simple rotary knob. So you can tell the trailer brakes when to brake and how hard to brake, improving safety when towing. You also get the in-vehicle Trailering App with this package, which is a treasure box of convenient features. It lets you set up pre-departure checklists, get maintenance reminders, monitor trailer tire pressure, run trailer light tests, and so much more. If you need to trailer often for your work or fun, the LT is a great choice because it gives you access to this great trailer-friendly package that you won’t get on the lower trims.

The Protection Package

Drivers who are tough on their trucks might want to add the LT’s available Protection Package. It’s not a huge package, but it does deliver tremendous value. You’ll get the Chevytec spray-on bedliner, which can help protect your bed against dings, scratches, and other cosmetic damage. This can help it look new for years to come, no matter how hard you work it — which can boost your resale value one day. This package also gets rear wheelhouse liners. These offer special protection to your wheels against rocks, mud, and other debris that could go flying up in rugged environments.

A close-up of a chrome grille on a 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown.

The LT Offers the Perfect Balance of Performance and Cutting-Edge Features

Now, you can probably see why so many Silverado 1500 enthusiasts say that the LT delivers the best value. The truth is that you get to choose what value you get out of the LT trim. Some drivers do not need all of the bells and whistles that come with the rather high-priced luxury High Country trim. But, with the LT, they can choose to have some of its features.

Some drivers don’t need the more advanced off-road features of the ZR2 trim; however, the LT gives them access to some features that are ready for rugged environments. If you are looking for a solid work truck but want more features in the ways of performance, convenience, or trailering than the basic WT has to offer, the LT is a great choice. It’s a trim that you can make your own, so you can get all the features you need and nothing you don’t.