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A maroon 2022 Chevy Traverse High Country is shown parked on the side of a city street.

Why the Chevy Traverse Is a Great Choice for Roadtrippers

Chevrolet’s Traverse, a three-row SUV, is a good vehicle for plenty of different lifestyles. It can be a day-to-day car for families who need to chauffeur little ones to soccer practice, it gives you enough space to accommodate antique shop finds, or it can provide the power and suspension necessary to navigate icy winter roads. But I want to focus on one particular aspect of driving for which the 2022 Chevy Traverse is particularly well-suited: the road trip.

America has a plethora of natural and human-made wonders that are waiting to be checked off your bucket list. Driving the right car can help you explore them all in comfort and style.

Plenty of Space

One of the great things about taking a road trip instead of traveling by plane or train is that you don’t have to pack light. There’s no need to worry about baggage limits and you won’t be forced to haul all of your things around with you when you switch hotels or head home. Plus, you can pick up whatever souvenirs catch your eye along the way—without having to pay to ship them.

For one or two people who don’t need any special equipment, the trunk and back seat of a sedan may suffice. But there are plenty of situations where a small car just won’t cut it. Campers need enough room to bring tents, coolers, and other essentials; families bringing kids along for the ride need to be able to fit more people or even pets—along with their luggage. The Traverse seats up to eight when all rows of seating are in action, but the second- and third-row seats can also fold flat to provide up to 98.2 cu.ft. of cargo space.

The third row has a 60/40 split, meaning you can fold the whole thing flat, leave one window seat up, or leave a window seat and the middle seat up. This arrangement lets you customize how much space you use for cargo and how much you use for people—so you can arrange the cabin just right. During a road trip, you may need to re-arrange on the fly because you’re renting extra equipment or offering a ride to a friend you’re visiting. The Traverse’s handy seating and cargo systems will definitely come in handy.

There are also plenty of different compartments throughout the interior that can help you keep things organized. In the front seats, you have access to a large center compartment, a tray where you can store your smartphone while it charges, and generous door pockets that have umbrella holders (in case someone needs to make a snack run in the rain). There’s also a hidden storage bin in the back that’s concealed under the floor—so you can keep your valuable items out of sight during stops.

A blue 2022 Chevy Traverse is shown from the rear driving down an open highway.

High-Tech Safety Features Come Standard

Navigating an unfamiliar place can be difficult, even for the most experienced drivers. Whether it’s tight city streets with confusing signage or country backroads where you never know when a deer is going to cross in front of you, there are distractions and obstacles everywhere. Luckily, the 2022 model of the Traverse offers several driver-assistance features across all trims, so even those with a tighter budget can take advantage of them.

Rear-ending another car can be both dangerous and an insurance nightmare, but sometimes traffic patterns on unfamiliar roads can be tough to predict. Thankfully, forward collision alerts and automatic emergency braking can help reduce the severity of these collisions—or prevent them altogether. The system uses radar and cameras to monitor vehicles in front of you and either brake automatically or enhance the driver’s hard braking when necessary.

It’s important to always stay alert when driving, especially on a freeway, but after long hours on the road, it can be difficult to realize when you start losing focus. Lane keep assist can help ensure that you don’t unintentionally drift right or left. Lane departure warning alerts can make you aware that it might be time to switch drivers—or pull over for a break and a cup of coffee. To keep the system from being too trigger-happy, the alerts won’t sound when you’re using your turn signal.

Finding a good following distance is important on long road trips, but some people need a little help gauging how far back they should be. The following distance indicator takes guesswork out of the equation. It uses the infotainment screen to show you the time gap (measured in seconds) between your vehicle and the one in front of you, so you can clearly see whether or not you have enough time to brake in case of an unexpected slow-down.

As we’ve mentioned already, driving in an unfamiliar place can be tricky—and that’s especially true when it’s dark out. It can be tempting to keep your high beams on so that you can see any obstacles, critters, or sharp turns coming. But as any experienced driver knows, getting blinded by the high beams of oncoming traffic is dangerous for everyone involved.

That’s where automatic high-beam assist comes in. If you have your brights on, the built-in IntelliBeam system will automatically turn them off if it detects the headlights of an approaching vehicle, the taillights of another vehicle in front of you, or bright street lights that render the high-beam headlights unnecessary. That way, you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off as you drive—and can focus on the road ahead of you.

Built-In Navigation

When you’re driving off into sparsely populated rural areas, it’s nice to have as many navigation tools at your disposal as possible. Smartphone apps are great, but they can glitch out or lose their signal, so it’s best to be prepared with a backup plan. Some trims of the Traverse come with a built-in GPS navigation system that maps in 2D and 3D, so you can get a great visual of your surroundings. There’s also an 8-point digital compass that comes standard—so even if you’re deep off the grid, you can still get a sense of where you’re going.

A close up of two people in the front seats of a 2022 Chevy Traverse are shown.

Luxurious Interior

Having enough room for everyone and their luggage is essential, but a good road trip vehicle goes beyond that. If you’re going to be spending hours at a time on the road, you’ll want to know that you can keep everyone comfortable and happy at all times. The Chevy Traverse is up to the task, with an interior that’s easy to relax in.

There are ten total cupholders, so everyone can have a beverage on-hand and stay hydrated throughout the trip. Meanwhile, sensors keep track of the temperature and humidity in real time and automatically adjust the climate control accordingly. Tri-zone automatic climate control is standard across all trims, so the driver, front passenger, and backseat passengers can each set their own preferred temperature. There are also auxiliary controls for the rear-seat passengers. Each of the three rows has two USB ports, so even with a full house, everyone can keep their devices charged and ready-to-go.

Traverse the Open Road

Hit the road in the Traverse for plenty of room to bring family, friends, and luggage along for the ride. The customizable cargo space makes organization easy and allows you to mix it up if circumstances change along the way. The high-tech safety features help you to drive with confidence, while the comfortable interior gives every passenger the space they need to sit back and relax as you cruise down the highway. Overall, this SUV is a fine choice for anyone who wants to explore the US in style.